Chapter 4:

A Kind Confess

Love Talks

After a while, “By the way, one of the class cleaners took a leave today. Don't let the other one be left alone, if you don't go and help them, I'll tell that you was caught smoking at school over your disrespect," he said.

I replied “Does the teacher slander?” I grumbled without disturbing my calm.

“Who believes you? You already smell like cigarettes because I took it with me.” he replied.


When I entered the classroom door, I saw that Nakahara was putting the finishing touches on the cleaning. That perverted teacher tricked me again. Still, I had to thank him. I cought my crush alone.

She greeted me when she saw me. "Didn't anyone help you?" I asked. She said nobody came for help even though they saw her while cleaning. 

All that remained was to throw out the garbage. Although combustible trash is light, there was a lot of combustible trash in the classroom today as it was a craft practice. Even though I said they were light, she took one of the boxes and accompanied me, and we started walking towards the bakery.

She panicked when the wind blew in the open field. I looked at her, startled by her panic. A few pieces of paper were going to fly out of the boxes in her hand, so I took my own boxes in one hand and held her flying papers. She thanked me with a smile.

When we placed the boxes inside the oven, “Thanks to you, we were able to grow them early. The furnace is not yet lit. If it weren't for you, I would have to tour a few times," she said and thanked again.

When I told her that there wa no problem. "Everybody would help anyone who saw them cleaning with these boxes," I added.

"They wouldn't help." she said right after. Then she added, a little shyly, "So... they didn't help..." She hesitated a little more and bowed her head, “It was as if I was complaining. Sorry." she hummed.

The cold wind, heralding winter, blew lightly, making her hair fly. She smoothed out the hair on her face and said, "Shall we go back?" she was going to say, “Nakahara…” I said.

She looked at me as if asking "What?". First I checked to see if anyone was around. I didn't know how to start. How true was it to say it as it came to my mind? Would you mind if I told her?

After this short faltering, I swallowed once and said, "There is the common Line group in the class..." I was startled as my voice suddenly exploded.

“Yes…” she replied in a panic but curious way.

“Our phone number and email address are there.” I said.

“Y-Yes…,” she said, again in a calmer voice.

"If you don't mind, can we save each other's contact addresses?" I asked. Actually, I had already recorded hers, but she didn't need to know that for now.

“Of course…” she replied. The fact that she took out her phone from her pocket and found me from the list of participants and downloaded my information made me calmer. I couldn't help wondering if she was wondering why I would want such a thing. I couldn't read anything from the expression on her face.

"I'm sorry to say it this way and this time here." When I said that, she looked up from the phone and looked at me curiously. “However, I could never find you alone.” I continued. She was still looking at me and waiting for me to speak.

“I asked you to save my number and address because I heard something.” I said. This time I couldn't see her face. I looked down for a bit and kept talking: “I heard you didn't want to have a boyfriend in high school. When the time comes when you want to have a boyfriend in the future, I'd love to be there and admit it to you and give it a shot."

Once I looked up at her. The confused expression on her face made me lower my head again. “A-Actually, saying that, it seems like I'm admitting it now, but I'm too afraid to offend you. I just wanted to explain why I asked you to save my number.” I said. After a while of silence, I lifted my head again.

She looked at me like she was waiting for me to lift my head and said, "Sure, t-thank you." she said. I shuddered. I had a feeling of rejection from the beginning, and it was this feeling, not the cold air, that made me shiver. Still, I thought to myself, "It's too early."

"It became cold. Shall we turn?" I asked. “Sure.” she said in a calm voice. She turned back to school.

This time I couldn't walk next to her. I walked a few meters behind. I was afraid that if I caught up with her, she would speed up her steps. Even thinking about it was a nightmare. However, she paused and waited for me to catch up with her, and we returned to class together.