Chapter 5:

Give It a Shot - 2

Love Talks

The class was over. Everybody in the amp class was putting their books in their bags or wearing their coats.

The girl was walking between amp desks to leave the class. While the boy was wearing his jacket to leave the class, his jacket hit the girl accidentally.

"My bad!"

"Oh my God! I hope I get pregnant!"

This sentence should have been an inner voice but it wasn't. The whole class fell silent because of what they heard. After a while the boy said by holding to laugh.

"You need to study biology."

"So, would you like to study biology with me?"

Laughter rose in the class.

"Girls shouldn't offer studying biology together to anyone."

"You are not anyone."

"Is that so?" the boy said with a smile and walked out of the classroom.

"So? That means you are going to study with me?" she tried to catch him.