Chapter 6:

Strong But Fragile

Love Talks

While she was walking from the gym to the school building, Hikari heard some voices behind the building. As soon she heard as, she could recognise who one of the voices belonged to very well.

"What happened to your ankle?" recognizable voice asked.

"Don't ever ask, dude! I was about to get involved in a traffic accident in front of the school yesterday! Fortunatelly, Kikuchi-san saved my life with a sudden move," one of the other voices replied. Hikari startled and realized that she was overhearding. But her legs didn't move soon.

"Kikuchi Hikari from you senpaitachi's class?" asked another voice.

"Yeah! She was so strong that she could carry me with her arms to infirmary. That made me embarrassed but I had no choice." the boy said.

After she heard "She is a pro wrestler so she is stronger than most of the guys.", she couldn't stay a little longer and left there, didn't want to listen anymore.

After a while she stopped running. She bent over her knees and sighed. Wiping the sweat from your forehead, "Maybe he thinks that I am like a boy, too," she muttered to herself.

She had been wrestling since she was ten years old. Because she wanted to be just like her father about pro wrestling. So, she was proud of it. But, if her crush would find her manly, she would be hurt.

She straightened up and took another deep breath. She thought she should give up confessing her feelings.

After a few days she was walking to the library with a book box, was told to take them to the library by the teacher.

Since she lost in her thoughts, she couldn't hear the fast foodstep sounds. So, she startled to see long arms coming behind her.

With the arms lifting the box, she looked at her behind. A kind and excited voice was saying "I could catch you."

There he was. He had seen her carrying the box and run for help from behind her. While they were walking to the library, Hikari lifted her head and looked at the box which was been carrying by her crush. But she couldn't lift her head more and look at him.

"You don't have to help me. I would carry those books, too." she said slowly.

"I know you can and that's awesome!" he replied cheerfully. Hikari felt like a knife stabbed her chest in a few seconds.

"I'm a man, you know. I can't let a lady carry heavy things," he added with a kind smile.  This time Hikari could look at him with surprise. Then she smiled and thanked.