Chapter 14:

Things we can't find Part 1

Dreams of Reality

       I woke up later than I expected. It was past noon already. I still don't know how I feel about today. We decided to go out in the evening, mainly because we both didn't want to wake up early. I can't think of anything we will be doing though, because we talked twice since she joined our class.

       Maybe she will talk and I listen? I can imagine her ranting at other classmates and about stuff she is dissatisfied with. But am I the right person? I guess she doesn't have anyone else to talk to about this stuff. Time passed quickly and suddenly it was time to go. 

       I scrolled through our conversation to make sure I remember the location we were supposed to meet up. It was the exact park where I thought I saw her some time ago. Probably just a coincidence. I was freed from all the explaining where I am going because my parents didn't notice me going out. I don't think they even care, and I am happy about it because I am not really in the mood to answer any questions.

       I've heard that some parents always ask their kids where are they going, when will they come back, and stuff like this. I find that a little weird because if you really wanted to know where your kid is, you can just give him a phone and you can see the exact location. It's nothing new. I would never go out if I was questioned about everything every time. Things like this show me that I might not have the worst life out there.

       The park where we were supposed to meet is quite far away, I hope I won't be late. I am not that guy who must be on time everywhere no matter what, but being one hour later is too much even for me. It also depends on the situation. Coming late to school is totally fine, but if you planned to go out with someone at a given time, coming late is just bad behavior. 

       Seems like I arrived earlier than her because I can't see her anywhere. I checked the time on my phone, and I was indeed too soon here. I sat on a bench and waited. I was waiting and waiting... it felt like hours but it was only minutes. I lost my patience and texted her. I got a rather unsatisfying reply that she is on her way. What is taking her so long? Did she get lost or something? Now that I think about it, that might be not so impossible.

       It's been a week since she moved into the town if I remember correctly. I started to feel a little weird about this, but only 15 minutes passed since I got here, so I decided to wait a little longer. Even though I feel like I've been here for ages. I don't know why in situations like this time slows down so much. I know that when you do something that you enjoy and lose yourself in that thing you are doing, time flies like nothing.

       But sometimes I don't get how time works, for example in school, we manage to get a substitute teacher and that almost always means we can do what we want. I listen to some music because that's something I enjoy, but time moves so slowly. I wish I could perceive time the same way no matter what I am doing. My weird thinking was interrupted by a notification.

"I think I got lost."