Chapter 8:

Chapter 2 -- Part 4 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

Looking at her plate, she could see teardrops falling onto her food.

“When was the last time someone treated me like a human?”

It was like a ray of light piercing through the darkness of her world.

Raising her hand to her mouth, she struggled to hold back her happiness.

The way the couple treated her was very much what she experienced throughout the village — treatment she experienced regularly.

They saw her with contempt, an eyesore, probably due to her having no one to help her. She was alone, without family.

While others could afford meat and ingredients from the merchant, all she could eat was what she was able to gather in the forest.

She stared at the plate in front of her. Even the vegetables on her plate felt more full of life than she did and entirely different from what she had eaten in the past.


Watching how she reacted to the food, Han felt his chest warm.

It made him happy to see someone enjoying food to such a degree.

Thinking back to what he had seen, he doubted that her life in this village was easy.

“I am glad that you are enjoying your food. You should also try the fruit juice.” He pointed out — smiling.


Queen felt confused by how the woman was eating.

She clenched a fist silently, ensuring not to allow her frustration to ruin her Master’s moment.

“This cretin is allowed to eat my Master’s food — produced by his divine powers. My Master’s altruism is greater than the sky, the way he cares for these insects.” Queen felt greater love for her Master — her admiration soaring to new heights.

A part of her wanted to summon a legion of skeletons and raze this village for disrespecting her Creator.


Han placed his hand on their thigh, sensing Queen's anger and frustration.

With his other hand, he lay it on Helania’s thigh.

As he caressed them, he noticed their reaction. He enjoyed watching them hold themselves back.

It was as if the two were trying to maintain their dignity in front of a stranger.

“I am terribly sorry, but I forgot to introduce myself and ask for your name.” He said. Placing a hand on his chest, “I am Han.”

Indicating to Queen, “This is Queen.”

Returning his hand on Helania’s thigh, “This is Helania.”

“They are my dear companions.”

Putting down her utensils, the woman bowed her head. “My Lord, I am called Elis. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. Your kindness knows no bound.”


Seeing him motion for her to lift her head and continue eating, she returned to the food on her plate and drank some of the fruit juice.

The drink was beyond refreshing compared to anything she had in her past. It was sweet without being overwhelming, not lingering on her tongue. When looking around, the world appeared brighter.

“Where did these nobles come from? To have such amazing magical abilities and food is beyond my imagination?” Elis thought to herself.

She tried to remember any information related to those who could use magic.

“Are magicians stronger than mages or sorcerers?”

From tales she had heard from merchants, there were some mages in the capital, but the term magician was not one she was familiar with. Being inside a small village didn’t allow for much exposure to the world, so she found it fantastical.


After they had eaten, he had Brittany bring them some tea to help them digest the meal.

“There’s nothing like tea after a large meal,” Han leaned back with a smile.

He slowly breathed in the scent of the leaves and honey.

The tea did a great job of helping him not feel sleepy.

While they drank their tea, Han thought about the world they were in and asked Elis, “Are all settlements in this Kingdom similar to this one?”

“No, my Lord,” Elis shook her head. “This village is short of many resources. In addition to our lack of resources, how we’re so far away from the capital discourages merchants and travelers from coming here.”

“But merchants do come here,” Han remembered Elis mentioning how they would stay outside the walls.

“That’s correct, my Lord. We have a merchant that regularly travels here and the few other remote villages, but compared to the other towns and villages closer to the capital, there’s nothing here to attract wealth.” Elis explained.

Han took another sip of his tea, absorbing the information.

“This probably means the more interesting things are closer or at the capital.” He thought to himself.

Considering it was still ways until nightfall, Han believed they could continue their travels. It wouldn’t be so bad to enjoy the beautiful weather and travel, instead of just appearing in the capital.

He placed the tea on the table and leaned back as he thought about his future actions.

Reaching a decision, he looked at Elis and smiled. “How would you like to travel with us and see the rest of the kingdom?”

“M-my Lord??” Elis raised her eyebrows.

Lazily waving a hand, “From what I’ve seen in this village, there isn’t much here for you. You have no strings keeping you attached to this dreary place. The village doesn’t treat you with respect. You can help us understand local customs. I believe this would be beneficial for both parties.” He reassured her.

While Elis tried to take in what he told her, Han leaned forward.

He touched the teacup and still felt the warmth.

Picking it up, Han cradled it in his hands, enjoying the warmth of the tea.

There was an enjoyable quality — drinking tea while talking about new events. He enjoyed it better than coffee.

Drinking the tea also gave an appearance of being calm and patient.


After getting her cup filled with more tea and lightly added milk and honey, Elis brought the cup to her lips and drank the cleansing beverage.

A part of her felt some pain — thinking about leaving behind the memories of her late husband. At the same time, she knew moving on, instead of staying in an abusive situation, was what he would want her to do.

Elis was curious about what life outside of the village would be like, no longer being verbally abused and getting to experience new and beautiful things.

Looking at Han, she answered, “My Lord, please allow me to travel with you.”