Chapter 9:

Chapter 2 -- Part 5 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

“Fantastic!” Han clapped his hands in approval.


Helania and Queen smiled, enjoying their Master looking so happy.

Though they still had reservations.

“I don’t understand why we need to bring this woman,” Helania and Queen shared the same thought.

But despite their negative opinion about the additional person, both would set aside their thoughts if it meant their Master’s happiness.

Helania looked at Queen, and they nodded, agreeing that they wouldn’t stop the woman from joining them, but if she posed a threat — they’d eliminate her immediately.

It would be the first and last thought the woman would have.


Looking around Elis’s home, “Unless there are any objects of sentimental value, you won’t need to worry about taking anything along with you.” Han turned to Brittany, “I will need you to prepare several outfits for Elis so that she will have something to change into. Make sure they are outfits that showcase her figure. She doesn’t need to look like some typical village woman.”

“Yes, Master. I will have one of the tailors prepare a wide selection for you to approve. They will be ready by the end of the day.” Brittany bowed.

After being dismissed, Brittany motioned for the other waitresses to remove the food items.

Standing up, Han stretched before he said, “If there isn’t anything else, I feel like it is time for us to depart from this dreary place.”

Seeing Elis getting up and not refusing his idea, he nodded.

Both Helania and Queen silently got up, ready.

Snapping his finger, Han made the two sofas disappear.

Elis’s only reaction was to blink in surprise. It was vastly different from when he had materialized the items in front of her the first time.

Seeing that she could adjust so quickly, Han thought Elis would fit in with them well, unlike other humans.

Heading to the door, Queen had opened it for him, already allowing him to walk out of the confining dilapidated home.

When Han looked around the village, he didn’t see cheerful people but spiritless individuals who only cared about themselves. He snorted at them before making his way to the other entrance, which faced the direction of the capital.


Exiting the village and walking for several minutes so that it was barely seen in the distance, he turned around and looked at the other three.

“Though walking sounds fun, in theory, I think it may be better for us to travel on something with wheels.” He grinned.

Twirling a finger, Han created a pitch-black carriage.

Instead of a horse, a large four-footed dragon was in front of the carriage.

Han walked up to the dragon and began scratching it behind its ears, as though it were a pet. The dragon made a purring noise, indicating its enjoyment of affection and attention.

Sitting in the driver’s seat was a mature-looking woman dressed in a steampunk-inspired driver’s outfit.

The woman’s face was expressionless, as though she were annoyed by the world.

For Han, he saw the way the driver looked and thought her impatient facial expression to be attractive. He liked the idea of her treating others with impatience and annoyance, but she would be gentle and affectionate with him.

Looking at her, Han said, “You will be named Andrea, and from now on, you will be my personal chauffeur.”

Andrea bowed her head, acknowledging her Master’s command.

Like all his creations, her combat abilities were nothing to laugh at. The difference between her and his other creations is how she preferred hand-to-hand combat.

Han made sure to give her gloves that she could wear to fit with her outfit and be useful as a weapon.

Andrea reminded Han of the monk class in online games, where she’d rely on her hands and feet to defeat opponents.

“I imagine they’ll have a surprise when going up against such a petite woman — only to discover how deadly she is even without weapons,” Han hoped that they would encounter enemies so he could watch her deal with them.

To help her with being a chauffeur, Han made it so she could sense her surroundings — a nearly 500 miles away detection sphere. In addition to detecting oncoming attacks, this ability would allow her to map the surroundings.

If given a destination, she can quickly determine an optimal navigational route.

He also designed her to take in the ambient mana in the world as nourishment. This way, Andrea wouldn’t need to rest or eat, though she could if she wanted to. This made her the most overpowered professional driver if all her abilities were included.

Helania moved to open up the door into the carriage so that they could enter.

Like the Stronghold, the carriage’s interior revealed itself to be significantly larger than what it appeared on the outside.

Han nodded approvingly at the leather sofas, leather chairs, coffee tables, and a mini dining area to help with hosting guests.

From the outside, the size of the vehicle looked like a common carriage you would expect on Earth. But the inside was the size of a pool house.

There were plenty of windows so that you could view the outside of the carriage. Since the interior was like a separate dimension, there was no feeling of motion. Looking through the windows would feel similar to viewing the world on a TV screen.

Glancing over, he curiously watched Elis’s expression. He couldn’t help but smile at her widened eyes and open mouth — captivated by the wonder.

“Brittany, bring some refreshments and fruit here.” Han pointed at the coffee table in the middle of the sitting area.

Sitting on one of the leather seats, Han enjoyed how the leather cushions embraced him. It gave him a full view of the carriage’s interior.

“Andrea, head towards the capital of the Helios Kingdom immediately,” He ordered.

He soon sensed the carriage moving as Andrea commanded the dragon forward.

When he looked out the window and watched the landscape pass by, Han couldn’t help but feel like he was going backward.

Helania and Queen sat on the sofa to his left, opposite the entrance.

Elis sat by herself on the couch to his right.

The interior looked similar to those large, expensive RVs that politicians used as they crossed the United States for national elections — but much wider.

Though it was large, the carriage didn’t have beds and a kitchen, just a lounge and dining area. A kitchen wouldn’t make sense since food was carried from The Stronghold’s dining area.

Part of him felt he should materialize a cigar. The feel of the interior reminded him of those upscale cigar lounges he and his friends would frequent during college. They would pretend to be wealthy CEOs as they checked out the serving girls, who wore skimpy outfits — enjoyed by the older rich men.

After some time, Brittany returned carrying a tray with a large bowl, four smaller empty plates of fruits, and four glasses filled with some kind of beverage. She gently placed the tray on the coffee table and proceeded to serve each of them a drink.

Han noticed that his chair didn’t have a glass holder. With a thought, he modified the leather seat to have one.

Brittany put the beverage into the newly created cup holder.

Taking the glass out of the cup holder, Han tasted the liquid and thought it was similar to a traditional sweet tea.

While enjoying the tea, he watched as maids came out of a portal to begin helping the others.

He saw Brittany begin to dish out various fruits in the empty bowls. She walked over and placed the plate on the small seat table on his left side. In the bowl were sliced strawberries, honeydew, pineapple, and apples. There were also grapes, which were still on the vine.

“Master, if you like, I can feed you the fruits for convenience?” Brittany shyly asked him, while attempting to look professional.