Chapter 10:

Chapter 2 -- Part 6 (Book 1 - Fantasy World)

Creation: The Path of a God

Even though she didn’t need to feed him directly, it was a nice feeling that she wanted to spoil him. Han wondered if Roman Emperors felt the same way, having people feed them.

Han looked at Brittany and enjoyed the sight of her smooth legs.

Grinning, Han slid a hand up her skirt — groping her butt.

“Get me a grape.” He leaned back into the seat while enjoying how springy it felt each time he lightly squeezed it.

From the way she quivered, Han could tell that she was happy to personally serve him.

Han opened his mouth.

Brittany gently placed a single grape into his mouth.

Closing his mouth, he broke the grape's skin and drank the abundant juices overflowing out of it.

A soft napkin soon touched his lips as Brittany cleaned the juices that leaked out from between his lips.

When Han was ready, he opened his mouth again while enjoying Brittany’s ass which felt like fresh chapssaltteok.

He enjoyed the juicy and sweet flavor when she placed another grape into his mouth.

“Instead of my fingers getting sticky from the sugary juices, I get to enjoy Brittany’s ass,” Han smiled as Brittany cleaned his mouth again.

Han lazily turned his head to look at the world outside as he enjoyed the food.

Turning his attention to his guest, Han asked, “Elis, are you enjoying yourself?”

Elis was blissfully enjoying the fruit and was caught off guard.

She blushed from the attention.

“My Lord, I have never eaten such sweet fruits in my entire life! Even this carriage looks magical.” Elis looked around at the interior of the carriage. “It is so large inside compared to how it looks from the outside!”

Her innocent wonder was endearing to watch. Han was glad that he could show someone in this world such happiness.

It would be good to show off his wealth and power to at least a few humans or non-humans. Just having power and hogging it for only himself and his creations didn’t seem right.

“Didn’t everyone enjoy showing off now and then?” Han chuckled.

Han brushed off Elis’s words. “It’s a simple ability of mine. I’m happy that you are enjoying it.”

Han motioned for her to continue eating, “Don’t hold back. If you feel thirsty or hungry, plenty more can be brought to you. Let one of the maids know if you desire something to eat or drink.”

Thinking about it for a second, Han said, “Brittany, have two maids come here to look after Elis.”

Though the maids were coming in and out, Han liked having dedicated maids to look after Elis while she was his guest.

“As my Master commands.”

Brittany’s expression looked distant for a moment. She was clearly speaking telepathically to someone just as two cute, near-identical maids suddenly appeared.

The maid on the left had ruby red hair, and the second one had jet black hair.

The two maids faced Han and curtsied.

“Master, we are here to serve.” They said in unison.

“You two are adorable. Have you chosen your names?” He laughed at their blushing faces.

“My name is Cindy, Master,” said the red-haired maid.

“My name is Mindy, Master,” said the black-haired maid.

“I have summoned the two of you to look after Elis and fulfill her various requests while she is my guest,” Han commanded the two young maids.

Standing up. “My lord, you don’t need to go so far for me!” Elis protested.

Han dismissed Elis’s concerns.

“Nonsense! Just let them know if there are any foods that you’re interested in eating. They will also help you bring your clothes — after they’re made.” He explained to her.

Though he could’ve had Brittany bring Elis various foods and items, he didn’t feel like sharing Brittany with Elis.

While moving his hand around the different parts of her ass, he felt liquid dripping down her leg.

It took him a moment to realize that Brittany was wet.

“Such a naughty maid,” Han chuckled at Brittany as he squeezed one of her cheeks.

Brittany squirmed in embarrassment, “But Master, your hand feels good. “Her face reddened. “I’m sorry for being such a dirty maid.”

Lightly slapping her ass affectionately.

“Now. Now. I’m glad that my beautiful little Brittany is feeling so aroused. I admit to enjoying your body.”

Helania and Queen jealously stared at Brittany, wishing they could trade places with her.

Seeing their thirsty expressions, how could Han not feel loved and appreciated?

“Master, up ahead, many people are fast heading towards a relatively large caravan.” Andrea's voice interrupted Han’s thoughts. “It appears that the group chasing after the caravan is hostile.”

“How far away are they?” He asked in response.

“The two groups are about thirty miles in front of us,” Andrea informed him. “What are your orders?”

Han thought about what he wanted to do. The question was whether they should help the strangers or not.

It wasn’t a question about whether they could assist them. It was whether supporting them would be beneficial to his enjoyment.

Though they were making their way to the capital, Han thought about whether they should visit a larger nearby village.

“If we help out these people, I suspect we could have them escort us,” Han guessed.

He hoped that the village was better than the one Elis was from.

Shrugging his shoulders, “Speed up and catch up to them.” Han added, “If something happens before we can get there, then it’s none of my concern.”

Immediately, Han sensed the carriage speeding up. Inside, there was no change.

None of the others knew that they were racing toward a fight.

“I imagine the ones attacking the other group don’t expect they’ll soon be part of a slaughter,” Han grinned.