Chapter 5:

Cause an Effect pt.1


---Kita Lylze---Bookmark here

"Hey wake up!"Bookmark here

My left leg was dislocated and the rest of my body was pinned underneath metal and a bunch of fallen palm trees. I started to feel light headed, until I saw the two people yelled at lying on the ground. They slowly walked together toward me while holding hands.Bookmark here

Both Girls about the same height but one short hair the other long haired, both with a soft looking face as if an angels came to save me, and looked like they were wheezing while coughing blood. At the same time I felt even more light headed and turned to look at the rest of my body.Bookmark here

I screamed in horror as I was drenched in red, yelling help me and I began to lose my voice and started to have less control of my outer self. After walking over to where I was they both tried to move the tree, than the metal pieces from the bus. Finding no luck they pulled me out by force and I asked them their names.Bookmark here

"Sylk n' Porslyn" they replied in sink. I started to laugh in my own hysteria and panic at how much more I'm bleeding because they pulled me out wrong. One of them though took off and ripped part of her clothes to use as a bandage around my stomach.Bookmark here

One of them threw up on seeing me bleed and the other on her self was coughing cause all this smoke. Then after a short time of an eternity some people in red coats injected us with something and the other two as well. I started to feel tired and as the darkness seeps into view darknessBookmark here

"Here we go again"Bookmark here


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