Chapter 4:

Just a small problem.


---kita Lylze----Bookmark here

There wasn't even a struggle, to easy, this guy is as about as smart at catching on as a rock trying to float in the ocean. I'm just having fun and no one can ever have enough fun before they die.Bookmark here

I look out the window from my seat and so far all I've seen is just construction site after construction site also a whole lot foliage surprisingly. I wonder how much of this place is gonna be developed and the rest left to being tropical scenery. Bookmark here

As a backer of this whole project for this animation company building an amusement park it seems like nothing's going to waste I guess. It's a shame I don't know what they're building at all besides this whole Dere-Land thing ment to cater toward a bunch anime fans and eventually use their profits to create shows based off demand. Bookmark here

I sighed and thought about how this is nothing more then a big marketing stunt that I just got into then turned around and peeked over the back of my chair.Bookmark here

"hey, wake up"Bookmark here

He looked at me tired and still a bit pissed and gave me the classic phrase of what do you want. After that I heard a loud bang and then blacked out.Bookmark here

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