Chapter 3:

Volume 1: Useless child


I watched from a distance, as the blood-soaked male was confronted by the group of noxious boys.

One of the fellows thrusts the victim onto the ground.

"Maki... how dare you think you could talk back to me!" he flung a punch toward the boy below him.

"I'm... Sorry, please... forgive me... Ketoguri" he began to grieve.

"Forgive?! Hey... You do know who I am right?" ketoguri looked him in the eye "I am your greatest enemy, your superior, your God... And you are a bug who I wanted to dispose off for a long time now, and you think I would forgive a pest!? What a comedian you are!" ketoguri's eyes were enveloped in darkness, he had a vexed expression, blinded by his superior power over others.

"Just as I thought ketoguri is the short-tempered type... And Maki is completely useless..." I thought to myself while strolling away.

The useless boy stood up from the depths of hell and stood on equal footing as ketoguri. "i-i have h-had enough of y-you... Ketoguri..." he said.

Ketoguri and his 3 man group were stunned by the words which came out of Maki's mouth.

"hey... You should be on the ground right now!" his dreadful gaze focused on Maki.

"It seems like you haven't learned your place yet..." said ketoguri.

Maki threw a punch directed at ketoguri's face, but the punch was rendered useless against a person whom has had experience in combat, ketoguri dexterously dodges the feeble punch.

"This brings back memories."

Ketoguri grabbed Maki's flimsy arm, while pulling Maki towards him ketoguri kicked Maki's abdomen and blood spilled out from Maki's mouth. Ketoguru pinned Maki against the wall in front of him.

"Why don't you say that one last time Maki?" the other two boys were standing, watching as Maki gets pulverized.

He was weak, yet he tried to fend himself against a formidable foe. Maki clenched his fists.

"I'm not scared of you..." he said with no remorse.

"I see... Boys let's teach him a lesson..."

The two fellows behind ketoguri ganged up on Maki beating him till he got closer to nighttime.

The 3 boys walked off, leaving an abolished Maki on the ground. Maki's face had nothing but blood, his arms had bruises as well as his face.

"hey... God, why... do I have to live... this cursed life?" he said as he felt his life being drained away.


The crowd uplifted a little blondie, they cheered and cheered throwing him and throwing him up into the blue sky as he holds on tight to his trophy.

"well done Maki, well done!"


As Maki's eyes began to sleep a figure walks up to him with his hands in his pockets and a Haru school uniform.

"W-who are you..." his voice faded away joining the silence.