Chapter 2:

Volume 1: Haru High School


“Observe 'what is' with undivided awareness” -Bruce Lee

The classroom's attention drew to the two students who began to plead for a seat.

"I told you to get lost! Mika!" he stood up and raised his voice.

"B-But you c-can't use 2 chairs..." he said while being stared down by the infamous ketoguri.

"What are y' gonna do abou' it little Maki, try throwing a punch like last time" he laughed "These two seats are mine" ketoguri's intimidating hazel eyes dragged Maki down into a state of loss.

While these two we're arguing about nonsensical things. I quickly estimated the type of people they were.

"The red-headed hazel-eyed freak is short-tempered... The short blondie clearly is the insecure, shy type of person, he's completely useless..."

The staff member who wore a red shirt, black skirt, black high heels, and black stranded hair began to cat-walk towards the two boys.

"Ketoguri, remove your legs off the chair at this instant" she glared down at him 

"Or else what" he glared back with no remorse.

At that point, Ketoguri knew he made an immense blunder. The pressure the staff member gave off was unbearable.

"Don't you dare test my power" she glared down at Ketoguri as if he were a dog.

"O-okay uh I apologize" ketoguri removed his legs from the table beside him.

"Any more from you ketoguri, I will put you on class cleaning duty, do I make myself clear?" she drew her head close to his face. His shoulders Shud in fear "y-yes ma'am!"

Maki sat in his unoccupied seat, but that didn't mean everything was solved. The mistress began to cat-walk to the front of the class.

"Hello, students it's a pleasure to meet you all, you may address me as Ms.Yuno, I'm your homeroom teacher, let's start with the school rules" she folded her arms.

Ms.Yuno effortlessly explained a summarized version of the Haru school rules.

"Alright, first I'll start by explaining the school system and how it operates" she took out a medium-sized box from the classroom storage room "but first I would like to give you all these wrist watches"

With no hesitation, everyone wore the watches around their wrists. "If you wave your opposite hand over the wristwatch you will notice that you all currently have a certain amount of money, this money is indeed real and of course, you could buy anything you want with this even outside the school. The main way to earn more money is to do extremely well in exams which are held every 2 months, depending on your test scores, money will be added after every test because you all have just joined the school 5,000yen has been added to your account, use it reasonably" The students watched as her red lips opened and shut.

The student's eyes were sparkling, knowing that they have their own money. What they didn't know was the reason we have a money system.

"I see... It's for gaining self-discipline." I thought to myself.

"The exams will be physical and written so be prepared, especially for the physical test as they are the most worrying. The written tests will be extremely difficult so don't expect anything easy from one of the best schools in Tokyo" The students glared at each other, moving their heads in different directions, while 5 listened with no reaction.

"That is all I have to say, any questions?"

A student with brown hair, blue eyes, and a firm body raised his dominant hand seeking attention.

"yes, you may speak" he placed his dominant hand on his desk.

"Greetings Ms.Yuno, I'm kei, I would like to know how to join the student council?"

"Ah! Joining the student council is a difficult job it isn't as easy as eating a piece of cake. To join the student council one must first gain the trust of his comrades, secondly one must have impressive leadership skills, and lastly one must have at least an average test score of 90+ those are the requirements for joining the student council."

"Kei already seems like the leader type to me..." I pondered to myself.

"Anymore questions?" 

The class remained silent and motionless. The bell rang marking the 1st period "Okay that's it for homeroom it's time to start some Maths. See you soon my students" she smiled.

1 hour, and 30 minutes later 

The bell rang once again informing us all that it was the end of the 1st period, meaning it was our break time.

Every 1st-year student scattered across the school and began to make new friends, while others were being bullied.

While on my way to check out the school gym I stumbled upon a group of boys who have surround a blood-covered male with blonde hair.