Chapter 13:

Chapter 13: Justice is Served

Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story

When Mr. Valmont's eyes remained staring at Emuna and Zaboulon, pretending to be confused with his mouth opened, he asked, "Whoa, what the hell is this?!"

"So you got Yudia pregnant and plan on ruinin' her reputation for not goin' along with your plans, huh?" Emuna questioned back, glaring at Mr. Valmont.

"Yea!" Zaboulon agreed, also glaring at Mr. Valmont.

"What?!" Mr. Valmont requested, glaring back at Emuna and Zaboulon. "I don't know what the hell are you kids talkin' 'bout. I would never do such a thing to my own daughter. Not ever."

"Don't ya play dumb with us!" Emuna snapped. "You literally abused my best friend sexually, liar!"

"Yea! Yudia doesn't deserve to be your daughter, and you don't deserve to be her father after what you did to her," Zaboulon roared, pointing his finger at Mr. Valmont.

"Now look here, you!" Mr. Valmont said, pointing his finger back at Zaboulon while Yudia frowned and leaned back against the wall. "You don't have the right to accuse someone of somethin' that the person didn't do, especially without proof! Do you understand me, son?!"

-Looks like we already got the evidence. As soon as the police get here, you'll be goin' to jail big time. Let's jus' hope to Elohim Zaboulon doesn't mess this up.

Luckily for Emuna, Zaboulon was smart enough not to tell Mr. Valmont of his evidence. "I don't need to obey a man like you," Zaboulon snapped as he closed his eyes and crossed his arms, turning his head left. "I bet if you weren't so abusive towards her, Yudia wouldn't even run away from ya and be safe 'round ya in the freakin' first place."

"Alright, that's it, you! I'm goin' to take your punk ass down!" Mr. Valmont roared, getting ready to strangle Zaboulon.

-Oh, no, he doesn't! I won't allow him to hurt Zaboulon! I jus' can't allow that to happen. Dear Lord, help me fight against this wicked man!

Yudia turned to Mr. Valmont and put her hands on him. "Don't! Don't fight Zaboulon! It's jus' not worth it!"

"Move out the way, Yudia!" Mr. Valmont commanded without even paying attention to Yudia.

"Please don't fight him! It's not worth it! It's jus' not!" Yudia cried, holding onto Mr. Valmont tightly.

"I said, 'Move out of the way,' dammit!" Mr. Valmont said, shoving Yudia against the wall.

"Ow!" Yudia cried with her mouth open, placing her hand on her arm.

-Oh, that does it! You wanna get your ass beat, Mr. Valmont? So be it!

As soon as Mr. Valmont violently put his hands on Zaboulon's neck, Emuna slammed her fist against his eye.

"Ow!" Mr. Valmont cried, placing one of his hands on his injured eye.

"Get your freakin' hands off of him, you jackass!" Emuna pushed him away from Zaboulon and he took a couple steps back.

Zaboulon turned to Emuna. "Thanks, Emuna."

Emuna shook her head. "Mhn," she responded, looking Zaboulon in the eye. "You're welcome, Zaboulon."

After he glared at Emuna for a few seconds, he stood up straight with his black eye closed. "You!" Mr. Valmont snapped, pointing his finger at Emuna. "I'm gonna kick you and your friends' asses before Yudia and I leave here without saying goodbye to Lazarus. I can't wait to report your parents and grandparents of what you two did to me. You guys should've been ashamed of yourselves."

"Oh, you're not goin' anywhere with Yudia!" Emuna snapped back at Mr. Valmont. "Not on mine and my friends' watch! You can try to report us to our caregivers all you want, but you still won't get away from justice. Elohim will punish you for what you've done."

"Plus, you were goin' to strangle me earlier despite Yudia warnin' ya not to anyway!" Zaboulon yelled, glaring at Mr. Valmont.

"Oh, what the hell ever, man!" Mr. Valmont said, smiling viciously at Emuna and Zaboulon. "I can't wait to take you guys down physically so bad that you guys will be hospitalized." Then he widened his shocked eye. "What the hell?!"

Lazarus pointed his finger at Mr. Valmont with two policemen behind him. "There's the abuser."

The policemen ran towards Mr. Valmont as he turned around and tried to run away from them. One of them however managed to catch him. Once he slammed Mr. Valmont against the ground, another officer handcuffed Mr. Valmont.

"Thanks, Lazarus!" Emuna exclaimed when she turned to Lazarus.

Lazarus winked at Emuna. "Oh, no problem."

Emuna smiled after she and her friends watched Mr. Valmont got arrested out of satisfaction. She excitedly turned to her friends and high fived them, even with Yudia. "Elohim did it, guys! He helped us provide justice for Yudia! He's amazing, isn't He?"

"He sure, did!" Emuna's friends agreed as they and Emuna grinned at one another for a while and continued watching Mr. Valmont and two policemen a bit far away from them.

Once Mr. Valmont was placed in custody within the police car, Yudia reunited with her mother and her mother chatted with the police for a while. Zaboulon gave the evidence to the police of what he recorded earlier. The police left them as well as Emuna and her friends alone, Yudia's mother walked towards Emuna and her friends with a smile.

"Oh, thank Elohim, you guys saved my daughter from that horrible man," Mrs. Valmont said out of relief. "I used to believe in him until he did this wicked thing to my own daughter. I'll never forget what he did to her and I'll divorce him and change my surname for this."

"Oh, you're welcome, Mrs. Valmont," Emuna responded. "We're sorry you had to go through that. And…" Emuna looked down below with a frown.

"And?" Mrs. Valmont asked, raising her eyebrow at Emuna.

"We're sorry we lied to you about losing Yudia last week," Emuna said, guiltily looking back up at Mrs. Valmont.

"It's alright, Emuna," Mrs. Valmont said, shaking her head. "You have to worry about that now." She then looked down at her daughter, then back at Emuna and her friends. "Welp, it looks like Yudia and I will go home today."

"Good-bye, Mrs. Valmont, Yudia!" Emuna, Lazarus and Zaboulon said, waving at Mrs. Valmont and Yudia.

"Bye now!" Mrs. Valmont and Yudia said, waving back at Emuna and her friends.

Once Mrs. Valmont and Yudia left Emuna and her friends alone, Emuna turned to her friends as soon as her, Lazarus and Zaboulon's stomach growled. "Alright, who's hungry?"

"Me!" Lazarus and Zaboulon said.

"Alright! Let's go get something to eat!" Emuna exclaimed. "We all deserved it!"

"Yeah, totally, bro!" Lazarus and Zaboulon agreed as they walked with Emuna to get something to eat.


When Saturday morning arrived, Emuna, Lazarus, Zaboulon and Yudia came to their usual area to work on their individual tasks of the same exact Art project, this time on John 3. Her mother grounded her for a month for running away except for ministry work, summer job and Harashim. Her mother even gave Yudia birth control to prevent her from giving birth to her incestuous baby.

Despite being grounded, Yudia was happy to get back to normal, especially reuniting with her friends on her art project. Emuna and her friends smiled at one another while they worked on their project.

"Ah, it's good to be back to normal…." Emuna said out of relief. "I mean, my aunt's finally healed enough to be discharged from the hospital, Yudia was found and Mr. Valmont was delivered to justice…it was all Elohim's doing and we thank Him for it."

"Amen, Emuna!" Emuna's friends agreed in excitement.

Then Emuna placed her hand on Yudia's shoulder while Yudia was constantly working on her task. "It's good to have y'all back, Yudia."

"Yeah," Yudia agreed. "I'm glad to be back here with you guys again, doin' stuff like this."

"Did you get a good night's sleep last night?" Emuna asked.

"Yea, of course I did," Yudia replied. "Did y'all?"

"Yep, we sure did," Emuna, Lazarus and Zaboulon answered.

"Oh, that's good," Yudia said.

"So are ya goin' to work soon?" Lazarus curiously asked.

"Yep," Yudia answered, shaking her head.

"Oh, really?!" Zaboulon excitedly asked. "That's cool, Yudia. So where will you be workin' at?"

"Oh, I'll be workin' at the animal shelter, and my mom's contactin' them about gettin' me my job back," Yudia answered.

"That's great, Yudia!" Lazarus exclaimed. "So when will ya be workin'?"

"I should be workin' on Monday, I think," Yudia replied, looking up at the ceiling.

"Well, that's good," Emuna answered.

"And what about you guys? Do y'all have jobs this summer? If so, when and where did y'all work?" Yudia questioned.

After Emuna, Lazarus and Zaboulon answered Yudia's questions individually, Yudia said, "Ah, that's cool. I'm glad you guys are able to make some money this summer."

"Yea, tell me 'bout it," Emuna said while she and her friends continued finishing up their project. Once they got done with their projects, they said and waved their good-byes at one another and called it a day. While Yudia's mother picked her up from the usual spot, Emuna, Lazarus and Zaboulon immediately went to get something to eat without Yudia around them. They wish to have Yudia eat with them, yet they understand there's nothing they can do about it while Yudia's under punishment.