Chapter 2:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World, Vol. 14


Another long moment of silence. The festive lights were dimmed to match the music, and some magicians cast sparkling lights to add to the atmosphere.

“…” My eyes slowly turned at my teacher, who was engrossed at the show. Honestly, after that talk about my feelings and his promises, the air around us got a little awkward. I didn’t know what to do next, or how to come back from my embarrassment; nevertheless, I decided to be brave and go on the offensive.

I will not let this precious moment with the Lord Greg go to waste.

I looked for his hand, which was supporting him as he leaned to watch the lights show. I could feel my heart race; deep inside, I wanted to take that hand and feel his gentle warmth with mine. However, there’s this side of me who’s afraid and shy he might refuse me again.


The Lord Greg only sees me as his student, not as a proper lady who loves him.


Oh, what am I thinking? The Lord Greg is mine, and I’ll make him fall for me!

Taking a deep breath, I grabbed his hand. I kept repeating in my head that I won’t let go of him whatever happens. By then, the Lord Greg also turned to me; his eyes saying that he was surprised at my gesture.

I already crossed the line! There’s no turning back now!


Please don’t refuse me!


Please don’t refuse me Sir!

“Noir, would you like to dance?”

“Eh?” I couldn’t believe what I just heard.


The dim lights and sparkles fit the romantic mood of the Helfan city plaza. The Lord Greg said nothing as he gently escorted me by the hand towards the middle, joining the other couples in their dance.

“Do you know how to dance, Sir?” I asked, doubtful that he could, for he was a human and everyone else was dancing the demon ball dance.

“What? You think I can’t?” he returned my question, chuckling.

“No, b-but—”

Err…well, I guess I’m not knowledgeable of demon dances, but I got one in mind.” We stepped in a relatively hidden spot on the other side of the plaza. I was lost as to what the Lord Greg intended to do, but he never let me fully realize what was happening until too late. He stopped, kneeled, took my hand, and asked, “Milady, can I have this dance?”

“E-Eh?” Wha-Wha-What’s g-going on? Am I d-d-d-dreaming?

The Lord Greg winked at me, “Come on, leave your worries behind milady and just enjoy this dance!”

Of course, I wouldn’t let this chance pass by! A dance with the man I love was all I could ask at this moment. So, I took his hand, and he led me to the dance floor.

“W-What are we dancing, S-Sir?”

“Hold my hand like this,” he explained, carefully guiding my hand to his. “And put your other hand on my shoulder. Relax. Look only at my eyes, alright? Never mind everyone else.”

I could only nod as he put his free hand on my waist.


“Follow my footsteps, and the music,” the Lord Greg winked.

E-Eh? B-B-But this is…”

“No worries. Just enjoy yourself and dance with me,” he smiled, oblivious to the eyes of everyone on us.

Well, I couldn’t blame the other couples. I got no issues with them looking at us; it’s just that, I knew these steps well more than the other demon ball dances. I…I just couldn’t tell him that this was Lady Cassandra’s courtship dance from her world. And for us demons, if someone did that to you, it meant that he’d be willing to be with you until the end of days.

Yes, I’m aware he may not know its significance in our culture, but still…


Oh well, I guess I should just keep silent about it.



I was awakened by the demon chamberlain, Shevaun, who was in-charge of rousing me up for breakfast.

Err…do we still have something on the schedule?” I asked, still sleepy after the what we did yesterday.

“Don’t be absurd milord,” she laughed, “even those problematic nobles want to rest too.”

“Then why did you wake me up? Can I have the whole day sleeping?”

“Well, for one reason, breakfast,” Shevaun’s smile reached her ears. “And second, it’s already midday.”

I stared at her as her words slowly sank into my head. Then, when I realized I overslept, I looked at the clock. Indeed, almost a half day was already wasted. I quickly jumped from my bed and grabbed some clothes from my wardrobe.

Hmm…Her Highness woke up happy earlier,” she commented. “Tell me, milord, did something happen between you two?”

I stopped from what I was currently doing, “Nothing of the sort comes to mind. And please, refrain from such thoughts. I won’t do anything to her; it’s how high my respect to her is. If anything, we only danced at the celebrations.”

“Danced, eh?

“Yep, anything weird with that?”

The demon chamberlain shook her head and cleaned her eyeglasses. Then, she fetched my breakfast, and set it on my bed.

“Err…” I could only stare at the fare I was given. “Don’t you think this is way too extravagant, even for me?”

“Well, milord,” Shevaun cleared her throat, “you’ll have to get used to this every day, you know?”

“Wh-What do you mean?”

“Are you sure you’re not aware of the dance you did with Her Highness yesterday?”

“Uh…” I took Shevaun and showed to her how Princess Noir and I danced, “…what’s so special about this?”

The demon chamberlain’s face was as red as beet, “M-M-Milord, I wanted to connect with you, as well…but please, my mistress comes first.”

“What are you talking about?” I was confused; what’s happening with my dancing? There’s nothing special about it!

“Oh my…” there was a hint of disappointment and amusement on Shevaun’s face. “You surely didn’t know the significance of what you did to me and my mistress, Lord Greg!” Then, she explained to me about that dance being a ‘sacred’ ritual dance of courtship introduce by the Lady Cassandra David to the demon people. I was dumbfounded, really, for if they only knew that it was just a random, mindless dance step popular in every JS Prom in our high schools back on Earth, I’m sure they’d change their minds!

Damn…it looks like I did something unnecessary.


Alexa…we really need to talk about your pranks.