Chapter 11:

Modern Monster

Ruler Of Sovereignty

Varniant type getting hard to fight back their combination with sharp close ranged attack by front line Herrschers that tear up hardened skin and barrage of high-speed bullets from back line Herrschers.

“Look! The hardened skin is removed!” said the ENV-class.

Varniant type expanding the wings.

“It’s going to run away!” said the RTH-class.

“Let’s take the wings!” said the PRD-class.

The PRD-class step on the RTH-class’s axe then launched to Varniant type.

“Take this!” said the PRD-class.

He attacked the Varniant’s head with his sword, but the skull was too hard and broke his sword while successfully makes Varniant flight lower.

“It’s our chance!” said the SLT-class.

“Oh yeah!” said the ENV-class.

Both of them jump to the air and cut off the Varniant’s wings.

“Are you ok, capt?” said the RTH-class.

“Yeah, I just broke my weapon.” Said the PRD-class.

His hand a bit trembling because of the impact, but he still can release new PRD-class Encoded Weapon but without enhancement from Toner.

“Who’s hungry? Cuz we have two big wings for diner!” said the ENV-class.

“You eat Fluxter meat?!” said the SLT-class.

Varniant is fall down, the back line used this chance to attack with their high-speed projectile.

What are you doing?! Keep attacking!” said Cornelio.

“Right away, sir.” Said the SLT-class.

“Let’s go!” said the ENV-class.

“Stay here and watch the progress, your weapon can’t do anything right now.” Said the RTH-class.

“Alright.” Said the PRD-class.

It was too embarrassing for the PRD-class that feels like forced to leave the battlefield while other Herrscher still fighting.

"And take your time to calm down your hand." said the RTH-class.

Varniant skin color changed from silver to regular color.

“It’s our chance! Let’s finish it!” said the ENV-class.

“Yes!” said the SLT and RTH-class.

But Varniant type created many quills on the body.

“Wait!” said the PRD-class.

Varniant type launch plenty of quill to the air.

“Oh, shit …!” said the ENV-class.

“The attack range is too wide.” Said the SLT-class.

“Get the wings!” said the PRD-class.

He figured out how to survive from the Varniant attack.

“Ah, right! The hardened wings can protect us!” said the RTH-class.

“Let’s go!” said the ENV-class.

Front line Herrscher collect the Varniant wings to take cover from the quill shower, even a bit burdened by the falling quills but they are survived from the attack.

“You guys alright?” ask Cornelio.

He shot the Varniant type with his cannon.

Yeah, the wings really work. But very heavy!” Said the RTH-class.

Aww! My shoulder is hurt!” said the SLT-class.

My back is hurt.” Said the ENV-class.

That mean you still alive.” Said the PRD-class.

“Hmph, then nothing to worry –”

Suddenly a silver projectile stab on Cornelio’s cannon, then he throws it away before explode.

It was Varniant’s attack, when Cornelio release the projectile it just like tell his position.

Cornelio, are you alright?” said the GLT-class.

“…! Yeah … damn it, I only have one cannon left!” said Cornelio.

Varniant thought if there is another Herrscher behind the broken turret.

Let’s take a perfect time to shot, now it's my – Aaargh!!” said the GRD-class.

Varniant launch silver projectile to broken turret 3 and successfully hit the GRD-class.

GRD, what happened?!” ask Cornelio.

“Ack …! It stabs my right hand …!” said the GRD-class.

Varniant grow some quills on the tail and swing it to broken turret 4.

“Kyaaah!! My position is marked!” said the GLT-class.

GLT-class, how is your status?” ask Cornelio.

“I ... I’ve managed to use the shield before attack.” Said the GLT-class.

The GLT-class makes a correct decision to survive from Varniant’s attack.

Alright, go help your GRD-class while I distract it!” said Cornelio.

“Yes, sir! Hold on for a moment! Your back up is coming.” said the GLT-class.

Cornelio aim for best shot to distract Varniant type while it doesn’t know if Cornelio still survive.

“The skin is not hardened!” said the SLT-class.

“Let’s finish this!” said the ENV-class.

Front line Herrschers using this chance to kill Varniant type, but it won’t let that just happened. The ground is trembling, Varniant type created silver branch from the ground.

“Damn it! Freaking branch!” said Cornelio.

“…! Oh no!” said the GLT-class.

She knew something bad will happened.

“Is it look familiar …?” said the SLT-class.

That's look like branch that used Seraph type used to prisoning the Fluxter to be eaten inside Cocoon of Evolution.

“Let’s get out of here!” said the PRD-class.

Front line Herrschers trying to cut off the branch, but the branch growth too fast and strong because of the hardening ability.

“Damn it!” said the PRD-class.

“Too much branch to cut!” said the SLT-class.

Catalyst Toner has been used up and their weapon throwed out the empty Cartridge.

“No more catalyst left … we can’t cut off the hardened branch.” Said the RTH-class.

Even silver projectile can’t pierce the branch!” said the GLT-class that trying to help the front line Herrscher.

Varniant slowly walk to the front line Herrscher, front line Herrscher are out of hope.

“NOOO!! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!!” said the ENV-class.

But something has descended inside the cocoon when the branch almost covering them up.

“A spear …?” said the PRD-class.

That spear releasing an electric spark, then Cornelio arrived.

“Cornelio!” said the front line Herrschers.

Cornelio change his core then shoot the Varniant’s back leg with silver projectile that makes it can’t move easily.

He changed the core again with ENV-class’s core.

“Appsylon, release 50% core limiter!” said Cornelio.

"[Warning: changing your core limiter will causing internal damage to your body, proceed to release the higher core limit?]" said Appsylon.

"Yeah!" Cornelio answer it without hesitate.

"[Roger that, Herrscher.]" said Appsylon.

After changed the limiter, his core and the Encoded Weapon emitted with red light instead of blue.

Cornelio rushing to Varniant and attack the front leg then finish it by stab his spear that dealing lot of damage in a blink of eyes.

Varniant grow plenty of thorns on the tail and wipe it to attack, but Cornelio can evade it easily even inside that cramped space.

“You have too much move!” said Cornelio.

He changed his core and release scythe of SLT-class Encoded Weapon, then Cornelio cut the tail and attack other leg by stabbing it.

Varniant feels so much pain and screaming loudly.

“Well, I never meet Fluxter that obey me when fight.” Said Cornelio.

He changed his core again then release axe of RTH-class Encoded Weapon to slap Varniant mouth and stabs the last leg.

Every joint of Varniant leg stabbed and it can’t move anymore, then Cornelio jump to Varniant’s head.

“My cannon!” said Cornelio.

“Ah, right …! Take it!” said the PRD-class that throws his cannon.

Cornelio grab the cannon and changed his core to GLT-class’s core.

He shot the Varniant head which is right under his feet to broke the Varniant’s skull.

“Finally …” said Cornelio.

Cornelio changed his core and release sword of PRD-class Encoded Weapon.

“Now I’ll take your core!” said Cornelio.

Cornelio stick his sword into Varniant’s head.

“[Extracting the core.]” said Appsylon.

Varniant type never stop screaming while the core is extracted.

When the core already extracted, his sword thrown a huge Cartridge of harvested core.

Herrscher, how’s your status?! We got no visual from outside of the cocoon!” said the commander.

“He defeated it …” Said the PRD-class.

What?” said the commander.

“Squad 105 LST-class Herrscher, Cornelio Halozy successfully extracted the core of the opponent. Unknown Varniant path has been defeated!” Said the PRD-class.

All Herrscher and the staffs shout out when the battle ended with their victory.

“We won!” said the ENV-class.

Thank god …!” said the GLT-class.

Hmph, let’s get them out there.” Said the GRD-class.

Ah, right.” Said the GLT-class.

“We’ll wait for you here!” said the RTH-class.

“As the expected, now I understand why Dorm 80 council sent you to help us!” said the SLT-class.

“Thank you for safe us, Cornelio. We owe you one life!” Said the PRD-class.

But Cornelio just silent with no words.

“Cornelio?” ask the PRD-class.

“Come on, cheer up! Let’s celebrate this victory together after reporting!” said the ENV-class.

While other people rejoice their victory, Cornelio has fallen down.

Ruler Of Sovereignty (cover)

Ruler Of Sovereignty