Chapter 10:

Piercing The Truth

Ruler Of Sovereignty

Cornelio touch the right then left PRD-class’s shoulder just like coronation ceremony for a knight, but he uses his plasma blade.

“Eh …?” the PRD-class has no idea about what just happened.

“After accept your mistake and stand up against your pride, now you have become a true PRD-class Herrscher. Now, rise up.” Said Cornelio.

The PRD-class stand up and feels better after Cornelio say that.

“What? Do you think I’ll cut off his head?” ask Cornelio.

“W-well …”

“You can say that.”

Squad 44 got misunderstanding.

“This is how I trust him as a Herrscher.” said Cornelio.

Squad 44 really surprised with unpredictable Cornelio.

“Alright, I’m not going to ask ‘are you ready to kill Varniant’ because you don’t have time to regret your choice.” Said Cornelio.

“Yeah! Of course, we are ready for this.” Said the PRD-class.

“Now listen up! All close ranged weapon Herrscher will distract the Varniant while our main force, long ranged weapon is preparing the silver projectile!” said Cornelio.

“What if the Varniant shoot the projectile to the unprotected back line?” ask the RTH-class.

“Is the GLT-Shield can handle it?” Cornelio asking to the GLT-class.

“Yes, I’ve use it to take cover from the projectile storm before.” Said the GLT-class.

“Ah, right! GRD-class, can you shoot the projectile? I guess your regular bow isn’t fit for it.” Said Cornelio.

“I’ll turn it into bow gun or mini ballista, but I’m not sure it'll be effective as good as GLT-class cannon.” said the GRD-class.

“That's enough. Now Squad 44 PRD-class, RTH-class, SLT-class, and ENV-class, I’ll leave the close ranged battle to you.” Said Cornelio.

“Yes, Sir!!” said them.

“…! As you know, I’m younger than you guys.” Said Cornelio.

“I can’t believe if younger Herrscher than me is better my self.” Said the PRD-class.

“No matter how is your age, we are here under your command.” Said the RTH-class.

“We trust you.” Said the SLT-class.

“That’s right.” Said the ENV-class.

“Whatever.” Said Cornelio.

Cornelio feels relieved after knew if Squad 44 front line Herrscher are sincerely accept him.

“Next! GLT-class will go to Rail-Turret number 4, that’s the nearest spot. GRD-class go to the number 3, and I’m going to the farthest spot, turret number 1. Just start to prepare anything after arrived, we’ll shoot the projectile alternately.” Said Cornelio.

“Yes, sir!” said both of them.

“…! I really don’t like used to it …!” said Cornelio slowly.

Squad 44 believe if this plan will lead them to the end of the battle.

“Ah, right. Here is something to help you in front line.” Said Cornelio.

Cornelio call up one of his Aero-drone and gave them a useful item to each front line Herrscher.

“This is …” said the SLT-class.

“Yes, that’s SLT-Toner.” Said Cornelio.



Squad 44 don’t believe Cornelio giving that.

“Of course.” Said Cornelio easily.

SLT-Toner is one of precious catalyst Toner because of hard to find the ingredient, catalyst Toner is used to boost up Encoded Weapon’s ability.

“It doesn’t last long so use it well.” Said Cornelio.

“Y-yes, sir! Thank you very much!” said them.

“Alright! Front line preparation is completed, for the back line we just need to stay sharp with Varniant movements. If we were lucky, we wouldn’t get any incoming attack. But if something happened, use your imagination.” said Cornelio.

“Yes, sir!!” said them.

“Let’s go!” said Cornelio.

Combined squad begin the battle as the planned, Cornelio going to Rail-Turret 1 that located behind the Varniant type.

He come through together with front line Herrscher.

“Don’t let Varniant land single hit on Cornelio!” said the PRD-class.

“Yes!” said the other front line Herrscher.

“Oh, wait! Let me attack it!” said Cornelio.

“What …?” said the PRD-class.

He doesn’t understand why Cornelio say that.

“It should pay back after releasing barrage of projectile in front of me!” said Cornelio.

“U-uhh, ok then. We got your back.” Said the PRD-class.

“Thanks!” said Cornelio.

He run faster to get his revenge, but Varniant type wouldn't let that happened and ready to attack.

“W-wait!” said the PRD-class.

Cornelio change his core on his collar and activate his ENV-class Encoded Weapon, then he sticks his spear on the ground as a pole to jump and kick Varniant head then knock it with the flattened side of his spear.

“…! Impressive …!” said the ENV-class.

“Instead of using sharp part, he using the blunt side to hit the Varniant.” Said the SLT-class.

“Hmm … I see.” Said the RTH-class.

Cornelio step on Varniant’s head and Varniant launches him to the air.

It was according to Cornelio’s plan, then he can thrown his spear to the broken Rail-Turret 1.

“I’ll leave this to you! Adios!” said Cornelio.

He activated the ability of ENV-class Encoded Weapon and teleport to the marked spot by his spear.

“Alright, let’s do this!” said the PRD-class.

“Yes!” said the other Herrschers.

Front line Herrschers use the SLT-Toner to fight against Varniant.

Cornelio instantly arrived to broken turret 1 and begin to prepare his bullet.

“Oh, out of energy.” Said Cornelio.

His spear turned back to plasma blade because of the core’s energy is already runs out.

He put out the empty core and throw it away, then he call up his drones.

“Let’s begin!” said Cornelio.

He activated PRD-class Encoded Weapon using different core from his drone then cut half the quill.

Cornelio changed his core again then activated GLT-class Encoded Weapon and load up the half quill.

“[Projectile loaded.]” Said Appsylon.

Incoming!” said Cornelio.

“Get out of here!” said the PRD-class.

Front line Herrscher stay away from Varniant.

“First try, fire!” said Cornelio.

He pulled the trigger and shoot the high-speed projectile to Varniant type.

Just like the plan, silver projectile successfully penetrated the Varniant’s hardened skin.

“He did it …!” said the SLT-class.

“It really works!” said the ENV-class.

The other back line Herrscher realize if the quill is effective against Varniant’s hardened skin.

“How fast …! He already reached that broken turret.” Said the GRD-class that still in elevator to the top of the wall.

“Cornelio Halozy … what a strong Herrscher.” Said the GRD-class.

Cornelio’s cannon turned into cool down state after firing the projectile.

“Everyone, cut the quill into two pieces when you arrived. The cool down state is 1 minute 30 seconds, go hide as soon as possible after shoot your projectile or Varniant will know your position.” Said Cornelio.

Yes, sir!” said the other back line Herrschers.

Both Squad 44 GLT-class and GRD-class already reach the top of the wall.

“Alright, this is the quill. Appsylon!” said the GLT-class.

“[Understood, Herrscher.]” said Appsylon.

Her drone using laser to cut the quill into two pieces then load it into her cannon.

This is GLT-class Herrscher, I’m ready to shoot. And my drone is continued to collecting the ammo from the quill. Over!” said the GLT-class.

“Copy that, GLT-class. You are free to shoot." said Cornelio.

"Yes, sir!" said the GLT-class.

She aim for Varniant type body before unleashing her silver projectile.

"How is your status GRD-class?” ask Cornelio.

There is a bit problem about configuration with the bullet, I’ll report the progress as soon as possible when i'm ready to shoot.” Said the GRD-class.

“Copy that, GRD-class. Now, just both of us. We’ll shoot alternately in every 45 seconds until GRD-class finish the preparation.” Said Cornelio.

Yes, sir!” Said the GLT-class.

“My turn! Everyone, stay away from Varniant!” said Cornelio.

Yes, sir!” said the front line Herrschers.

Cornelio shoot the Varniant with high-speed projectile again, then GLT-class shoot the projectile after 45 seconds as ordered.

Sorry to make you wait, GRD-class Herrscher is already!” said the GRD-class.

“Copy that, GRD-class. Now we’ll make it 30 seconds rotation, start from me then GRD-class and GLT-class.” Said Cornelio.

Yes, sir!” said both of Herrscher.

Combined squad turning back the battlefield into their wining track.