Chapter 10:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World, Vol. 14


Just about two hours after the hour for long sleep, we were down to evacuating the army of Princess Noir. Her household servants, including Angelli and Leiver, had already crossed into Chersea. Shevaun and the princess refused to be evacuated first, preferring to leave Cherflammen last, if possible. However, Maddie, Ruro, Seirna and Natasha…I mean, Alexa, insisted that they’d be the ones to close the portal, and so common sense dictated that they’d be the last to leave.

As for me, I can’t possibly save my own ass while the saints—especially Maddie—are still in danger.

So, as the demon soldiers left their positions and queued up at the portals, Seirna and Natasha manned the abandoned defenses of Helfan themselves, while Maddie and Ruro took charge of powering the last magic circles. It was a near-impossible feat, but we didn’t want to leave anyone behind at the mercy of Gaius.


Since I got nothing else to do, I joined the patrol of the two saints at the wall.


Looking towards the direction where Gaius and his monsters appeared, I couldn’t help but be frightened. While the celestial dragon ate up Cherflammen’s ‘sun’, it was replaced by an unearthly crimson light that caused the desert of the Sea of Sand to look like an ocean of blood. There were also flashes of lightning and peals of thunder heard from where I was, and I couldn’t help but imagine that those dark lines from the distance seemed to move closer to our positions.


Wait, those are moving to our direction, indeed.

I looked at my companions, who kept watch atop two towers on my each of my sides. They were similarly concerned.

“Shadow children,” Seirna called out to Natasha.

The Saint of Darkness nodded and prepared a magic spell to defend our positions. Likewise, I readied my bolt-heater and took aim at the incoming monsters, their glowing red eyes reminiscent of the zombies I fought in the town of Huirot during the Great Rising of the Undead. But then, just like what happened in the earlier battle, the ‘shadow children’ stopped at a certain distance, creating a clear limit between them and the walls of the city of Helfan.

Natasha didn’t waste any moment; she hurled her magic spell towards our enemies. But, much to our surprise, it quickly dissipated midair, as the ‘shadow children’ made way for their master, the former god, Gaius, approaching our positions.

“You think I’m not aware of your illegal ‘portals’?” was his greeting to us.

“Someone who allied himself with the accursed creature of the Void has no right to lecture us!” Natasha answered. “We may be violating the heaven’s decree, but at least, it’s because we’re working to save everyone.”

“Right…” Gaius chuckled. “How kind of you. But in any case, don’t you think I can always close your pathetic portals?”

“I’d like to see you try!”

At once, the former god snapped his fingers, and the portals opened by Maddie and Ruro immediately closed. By then, Princess Noir had just crossed, having been persuaded to do so by her chamberlain, and Lily on the other side. The only people left in Cherflammen were me, Maddie, Ruro, Seirna, and Natasha.

Oh look! The four saints and a useless, spineless human remained,” Gaius mocked us. “What a lovely, heartwarming, reunion.”

All of us were silent, as we all knew that the last magic circles were already used up, and we had no paper or ink left to draw one more. However, we’re aware that it was not our end just yet, for while we couldn’t create on paper, we could always draw a circle on the ground, using blood as ink.

The only problem is, one has to distract that fucker outside the walls of Helfan, so Maddie can work on the circle.

“Alright, listen up, you lot! As I am a merciful god, I told myself that I won’t kill you all,” Gaius called out to us from his spot. “If you surrender to me, I might even spare your lives! But you have to give me your god-powers!”


Gaius kept on taunting us from where he stood, all the while Maddie secretly worked on a portal for us to escape. Ruro provided her blood to complete the circle, while Natasha and Seirna dueled with the former god and his ‘shadow children’. I took charge of killing those who went past the saints’ defenses, for if those ‘children’ reached the Human Saint, our efforts would be discovered and foiled.

“Give it up, you fools!” Gaius easily parried or evaded Natasha’s attacks, and Seirna…while she was attacking the former god, it’s as if her strikes were ‘half-hearted’. There were moments where she could hit our enemy with a fatal blow, but for some reason, she didn’t do it.

As for me, I tried to take potshots at Gaius. There was one instance where I shot him on the head, only to be frustrated when the bullet only grazed his forehead. In turn, he called down a lightning strike on my position.


Good thing my reflexes were still working well. But in any case, I moved away from an exposed place, and into a more hidden spot to take shots at the former god.

I know it won’t work. Nevertheless, we’ll distract Gaius long enough for Maddie to finish her circle.

The exchange of magic spells and bullets continued for a few moments until…

“Guys! It’s finished!” Ruro bellowed and gestured for us to pull back. “Let’s go!”

Seirna and Natasha immediately disengaged Gaius and his ilk. As I couldn’t teleport or fly, I ran back to the palace grounds with all haste. Fortunately, the Saint of the Flame saw me and grabbed me by my uniform. Then, when we came to the magic circle drawn by Maddie, the Human Saint wasted no time in pouring her magic to it, which was augmented by Natasha as well.


It created a portal large enough for one person to pass through. But then, the first wave of the ‘shadow children’ appeared by the palace courtyard. I immediately got my bolt-heater and fought them off.

“Hurry!” I screamed at the saints, as they hesitated to go ahead of me. Damn it, of course, I want to live. However, I couldn’t save myself while my companions were in danger of getting trapped.

The portal was getting smaller, and the ‘shadow children’ were threatening to overwhelm me. When I saw that Ruro was shouting and gesturing for me to come in, I pulled back, and ran towards the portal, intending to jump the ‘last distance’.


“Kuroooo!” Just as I was about to reach the portal, it closed. I fell—face flat—on the courtyard floor.


When I realized that I got trapped, I dropped my gun and slowly stood up. It’s no use to fight off the ‘shadow children’ anyway, I’m dead, no matter how much I looked at my situation.

But then…



Maddie appeared out of nowhere and embraced me. Then, without delay, she uttered a teleportation spell, and we disappeared just as the ‘shadow children’ converged on us.


When my senses returned, we’re still at the same dreary landscape of Cherflammen. However, from the palace grounds of Helfan, I noticed that we were in a more familiar place—the border crossing of Chersea and Cherflammen…only, the portal was missing. Maddie, still in her paladin armor, sat nearby a bonfire she created, while I was opposite her, lying on the sandy floor.

“I’m glad I can still save you,” she said to me.

“You…” I sat up. “Maddie, you already crossed to Chersea. I know you wanted to save me, but you shouldn’t have returned.”

“Kuro…I can’t imagine a future without you. If you’re going to die and be forgotten, then I might as well join you.”

I said nothing to her. I just stood up, went to her side, and gave her a light hit on the head.


I sat beside her, and asked, “Maddie, you know what’s painful for me?”

She didn’t reply. I could tell she was peeking in my mind, so I gave her the answer, “I always think that seeing the girl I love suffering for me is painful. I still think it is; but for some reason, I feel a little happy that you are with me in my last minutes.”

Maddie looked at me and smiled. “I know my decision is right to follow you. I mean, everyone back in Chersea is good to me. But you know, Kuro…you’re the only one who treated me as a human, and not as a holy lady that nobody can reach.”

“I did that?”

She chuckled, “Many times! But it’s not like I hated it. Looking back at those moments, I can say that those are the ones where I felt I’m human…”

“You mean, you’re feeling like you are not human, even before?”

“No silly! In retrospect, it is what I mean. See, I’m not ‘technically’ a human, that my birth is not the way humans give birth to their children. And my ‘mother’ is also an ancient villain from the Void, so…”

Heh, I don’t care about it,” I gave her a head pat. “When you first summoned me, well…I admit I thought I was looking eye-to-eye with a goddess. You are so beautiful, even back then, see? I’m dumbfounded. But then, as I saw your many facets, I told myself, Lady Madelaine is still an ordinary girl, who wants to love and be loved…though she is a saint.”


We continued sharing stories for a while, exchanging our first impressions with each other, or telling our dreams for the future. Maddie laughed her heart out at my stories—mixed with a good amount of sarcasm and jokes, and I had fun spending time with her, after the many days, or weeks, that we’d been apart. She was my bright ‘sun’ amidst the darkness of Cherflammen, and my ‘life’ amidst the dreariness and hopelessness of my situation.

And she doesn’t deserve to die here.


“Kuro?” Maddie asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you suddenly quiet?”

I pulled the scroll Natasha gave to me earlier. “We may still got an opportunity to escape, Maddie. Look!” I opened it and showed the magic circle, “Lady Natasha says we can return to Chersea with this.”

“Oh!” the Human Saint’s eyes brightened, “That’s great! Then, let me cast magic on—”

“Excuse me, milady,” I pulled away the scroll. “As I am the gentleman, allow me to cast the magic for you.”

Oh…how polite of you, sir!”

“Thank you, Mademoiselle,” I replied as I laid out the scroll on the desert floor. Then I took Maddie’s hand and guided her over it. When I was sure she was standing within the circle, I began channeling my mana to my hands, activating my god-power of healing. Just as my hands glowed faint white, however…


“M-Maddie…what are you—”

The Human Saint moved from the magic circle and went beside me as I focused on casting my spell. Then, without warning, she took a dagger and stabbed me in my side.

“Kuro…” Maddie’s eyes were tearing up, “…you can’t…you won’t fool me, for I always read your mind. And I know what you’ll do; that circle is meant for me to return to Chersea, alone. I’m sorry for this…”


Gaius had returned. At the end, in his quest to return as the god of this world, he let himself be possessed by the enemy he tried to fight, the Seductress.


Natasha Bellingsen, or Alexa Cassandra David, was greatly weakened. Likewise, Seirna could do nothing to reverse the situation. And Ruro? She was already safe in Chersea, along with the surviving demons. Cherflammen was now an empty land…well, almost. Maddie and I were still on the borders of this realm…

Before I got trapped here, Natasha had left me an experimental magic circle she had made before. She claimed that the circle could transport its target back to their own worlds—a ‘fail-safe’ that she created in case the need for me and Maddie to go to Earth arose. And now, Maddie and I were at a standstill…

I could feel the paralysis slowly spread from where the knife entered my body, “Maddie, y-you…you stabbed me!”

Maddie still never let go of the dagger, which she enchanted with a paralysis spell, even as she was horrified of what she had done. “Kuro…p-please understand! I…I’m doing this for you!”

“What do you mean?” by that moment, I couldn’t feel my left arm already.

“You’re an ‘otherworlder’ Kuro. You don’t need to fight for this world anymore! Your part has ended!”

“Says who?”

“It’s what I believe!” Maddie countered, “You’re a wonderful man, Kuro. You’re someone who was willing to sacrifice everything that he had just to help everyone around him. And you suffered for it, even if you didn’t deserve those!”

“I wanted to do it!” I told her, “Don’t blame yourself for something I decided!”

However, the Human Saint shook her head, “No…I love you. I love you so much I do not want you to suffer anymore. Kuro, I can still remember the look in your eyes as your spirit departed for the heavens, after you got killed by an assassin’s blade. The memories of your suffering in Cherwind that would always flash through your mind every time I peek unto it. And, your guilt for the death of your student…Kuro, I don’t want to add to those anymore!”


“I love you! And I don’t want to watch you suffer for my selfish whims anymore!” tears were falling down from Maddie’s eyes, “Isn’t it I who brought you here? Isn’t it because of me that you got killed? Isn’t it I who caused all these tragedies happening in this world, and of the others? Please don’t take over my sins! They are mine to pay!”

With the remaining free arm, I wiped her eyes. It’s not that I couldn’t understand where Maddie was coming from. Turns out, after all this time, she was blaming herself for all the terrible events that happened to me in this world. Well, yes, it’s her fault that it ended like this. It’s because of her whims that the world was about to usher in another reign of that evil god, Gaius…

What a selfish saint this girl is!

“Well, alright. If that’s how you want to put it, then I guess I can’t convince you otherwise!”


“I love you as well. Though you’re whimsical, spontaneous, and selfish at times, I really enjoyed the moments I shared with you, Maddie. You’re a beautiful soul, a girl whom I’m willing to spend my life with…if I’m given a chance. But I guess, it won’t come, huh?

“I’m sorry…”

“No, don’t apologize. It’s the last thing I wanted to see before I go.” I smiled at her, “Please, when I disappear, love someone who’s better than me, Maddie. Don’t blame yourself for what happened; you deserved much better than you think.”

“What are you…I’ll be left here!”

“It doesn’t matter. Please smile for me one last time?”

At that moment, though she still had questions, Maddie never shied away from granting my request. Though we both know what would happen next, she gave me the loveliest, most beautiful smile she could offer.

“I love you Madelaine Ann Rubinforth.”

“I love you too, Kuro…”

I closed my eyes as she began chanting the words that would activate the magic circle. I could feel the warmth enveloping me, as Maddie’s voice slowly became muffled.

“Aoph. Teoh. Sheron…oh heavens hear my cry! From my sincere heart, let the love of my life fly!”

I opened my eyes one last time to wave goodbye at the girl who filled the void in my heart. I wanted to imprint her lovely form in my mind; her silver hair, her silvery-blue eyes…those beautiful lips which I’d never touch again…

“Kuro? Kuro, what’s happening?” I could hear her panicked voice on the other side of the barrier that came out along with the activation of the magic circle. Maddie was pounding on it, trying in vain to break through.

“I’m sorry…” A bittersweet smile appeared on my lips. “I know you trusted me, but this time, I’m apologizing for betraying you.”


“As I said, I love you. And for you, I’ll sacrifice everything…including my existence.”

“Please don’t do this!”

“It’s too late, Maddie! That magic circle you used, I rigged it before so that it is the caster of the magic spell is the one who’d return to their world.”

“Then I’ll come back—”

I shook my head. “Please don’t try. I’m sure that by now, the other saints already severed the magic line that would connect Cherflammen to the others. That is a one-way trip; Gaius and I would stay here.”

“But what can you do? He’s someone possessed by a being equal to the gods! You can’t possibly defeat him!”

“Well, as long as I’m here, Gaius would forget about Chersea,” I showed to her my god-powers. “Remember? That former god wanted these from you, the saints. Well, I’ll give him what he wants, though it’ll be over my dead body.”

“Kurooo! Don’t do this!” Maddie continued to thrash and pound on the barrier, but to no avail. Soon, she disappeared, and I was left alone.


I couldn’t believe that the talisman I requested from Seirna worked on a saint like Maddie.


Ever since I got summoned here, she had always peered into my thoughts, and let out my ideas even before I spoke my mind. I had to admit, it’s quite annoying at first, but then, I got used to it. Now, I finally figured out on how to ‘hide’ what I’m thinking, so Maddie couldn’t counter me before I could even move. The trick was, have another saint like Seirna create a talisman, put in some ‘false thoughts’ unto it, then activate it to hide your true thoughts. Rinse, repeat, and profit!

Err…good thing the Saint of the Flame didn’t read my thoughts when I requested her to make me that talisman.


The sad part is, it’s the first, as well as the last, time I’ll use it.


This suck. Just when I figured out the solution to one of the biggest mysteries in my life, I’m about to die. I guess I’ll take my secrets with me, then!

I healed the stab wound Maddie inflicted on me, as well as removed the paralysis caused by it. Then, I pulled out my ‘bolt-heater’ revolver, and started my long walk towards…err…nowhere.

Look, everything’s dark in Cherflammen, and I don’t even have an idea of what direction I’m taking.


My only hope of a quick demise would be Gaius’ ‘discovery’ of myself. As he could literally travel around this place within hours, or even minutes, I surmised that if I create some noise (it was awfully quiet), his ‘shadow children’ would take notice of me. So, I fired the first shot!


The crack of the gun echoed throughout the desert. Then I fired another round.


Still, no one’s coming. So, I pulled my trigger the third time.

“Come on, fuckers! You’re looking for me? Here I am!” Well, since I am here, Gaius would leave Chersea alone. I possessed the god-powers he’s looking for; now leave my loved ones alone.

From afar, I could make out little red lights moving towards my direction. I could tell that those were the ‘shadow children’, and I hoped that Gaius would come with them.

After all, hey, I’m a sitting duck here. A mortal man, given with god-powers, walking across the dark desert ‘owned’ by an asshole former god seeking to kill him and get the god-powers for himself.


Yes, fuck you, Gaius!

I fired another shot to get their attention. As the ‘shadow children’ surrounded me, the former god of Chersea showed himself and said, “It’s a good thing that you know your purpose, Kuro. If you only gave up earlier, then you wouldn’t have to go through much pain. You don’t have to see the girl you love suffer.”

“It’s all good, Jules…or should I say, Gaius? After all, I treated you as a friend, so…here I am, three god-powers in me.”

“How nice of you to deliver those to me without a fight,” the former god then reached out his hands. “Don’t worry, Kuro…I don’t forget those who give their lives for my benefit. I’ll remember you when I’m a god once aga—!!!”

I didn’t let him finish his words. One shot was all it took for Gaius to know that I won’t give the god-powers easily.

“I did say I’d give the god-powers, Gaius,” I told him as I reloaded my revolver. “But, I never said you would get it from me while I’m still alive.”

“Is that so…” the miasma around the former god grew more intense. “Then I shall grant your death wish, Greg Santos!”


Gaius Julius Caesar. As far as I could remember, he was the great Roman dictator and public figure of the late Roman Republic. Building on his military prowess, he eventually eliminated his rivals and ascended as the sole ruler of the state. However, his rise also proved to be his undoing; many senators—afraid of his slow consolidation of power in his hands, conspired to assassinate him…which happened on the Ides of March.

Yes, he is an ambitious man. And nary did that change even when he became the god of this world…


A trained fighter, I was no match for his skills with the sword, especially the gladius. It was a weapon designed for an aggressor, and so he never let up his attacks on me. A thrust to the side, followed by an attack using the pommel of his sword, it was a miracle I evaded those…

Or it’s pure instincts, as I’m fighting for my life.


I tried to fight back using my revolver; however, the seconds I spend on the cocking mechanism was a disadvantage, as Gaius often closed in on me for the final kill.

“I should’ve kill you, Greg Santos,” he muttered as he bashed his shield against me, “you’re a hindrance to my plans!”

“Glad it worked that way!” I replied, nearly avoiding his follow-up gladius attack. “You are out of your mind, Gaius! You’re even willing to let yourself be possessed by the enemy you’re trying to fight!”

“You—an indecisive man all his life—will tell me that?” Gaius chuckled, “How atrocious! You will never understand my goals, Kuro! You will never understand what it means to be god!”

“Of course I don’t! I have no plans to become one!”

“Then give me those god-powers!”

“I told you that you’ll only get it when I’m dead,” I countered. “For a man like you can’t be allowed to become god!”

“Argh!” Dark miasma shot out from his body. I saw it, and moved away from its path. However…

“Fuck—” Shit! It was a feint. The real threat came in from behind me, and I was hit on my shoulder. I tried to balance myself, as I was in a daze after that. I quickly activated the Human Saint’s god-powers and healed myself.

“Once again Kuro…” the former god reached out his hand to me, “I’m asking you to surrender the god-powers to me, the most qualified to use it.”

“Why don’t you kill me, then get it?”

“Are you a fool?” Gaius bellowed. “The god-powers work only if the previous holder gave it to the next! Haven’t you learned the concept behind the ‘Saint’s Kiss’? You ended up possessing that because the saints willingly trusted you! Now, I want this bloody affair to end; so, I’m imploring you to surrender it to me.”

I could only glare at him. He knew my answer would never change.

“Look, let’s talk,” Gaius formed a chair out of the miasma around him, and put his gladius back to its sheath. “You’ve been a good friend to me, Kuro, and even I—a former great god of this realm—will never want to lose someone acquainted to them. Surrender the god-powers, and I’ll let you back to Chersea. I think it’s a win for us both, deal?”

Well, honestly, his offer was tempting. I mean, once I gave my god-powers to Gaius, kill me or not, everything would be over. If he betrayed me, then my suffering would end quickly. If he honored his words, then I might see my loved ones again in Chersea.


However, Gaius was not the real threat. The one possessing him was the purpose why I volunteered to stay here in the first place.


My train of thoughts were interrupted when the miasma around Gaius suddenly went off and grabbed my neck, effectively pinning me on the desert floor. Then, it coalesced to form a body of a woman…a beautiful lady, but nonetheless, I could feel the unearthly aura around her.

The Seductress has shown herself.