Chapter 8:

F or F

Love Talks

The first thing I saw after I opened my eyes was Johan's neck and chest. For a while, I couldn't believe that I had fallen asleep in his arms.

I don't know if it's because I've been tired from my work lately or the violence of our recent sexes, but whenever I meet Johan I find myself falling asleep next to him. I was starting to worry that he would find it boring, and that's why I'm surprised that he's sleeping by hugging me right now. When he came to me, he had never spent the night in my house.

After meeting me, he was talking about a party he had to go to with his colleagues. As far as I can see just over his shoulder, the clock on the wall is past 10pm. I stare at his sleeping face as I vacillate whether to wake him or not. It would be nice if we stayed like this until morning.

I don't know if a person should wake up their sex partner with a kiss. So, I decided to go a little closer and rub my nose lightly on his nose.

With the first contact of my nose, he began to open his eyes. How does he manage to smile as soon as he wakes up?

“I think I slept after you,” he said later. He realized he was sleeping hugging me, but he didn't pull his arms.

"You want me to go home?" he asked. I laughed so as not to show that I wasn't expecting such a question.

“I told you before that you could spend the night here. You said you had a program in the evening. You're probably late, but I thought I'd wake you up anyway.” I replied.

“Is that so…” he said in a calm tone. I don't know why, but he was looking deep into my eyes somewhere. And I, too, embarrassed without knowing why, lowered my gaze a little.

There were his neck, shoulders and chest in front of me now… God, what could a person do to have such a hot body? It will be better if I close my eyes.

He hugged me even tighter and rested his chin on my head. At the same time, he was saying, "Forget it..."

"It's better to sleep in a warm bed cuddling something warm and soft than sitting at an unnecessarily crowded party and then going to the cold bed at home." he muttered.

Lost in his arms, I closed my eyes and muttered, “Is that so…” He would always find someone to warm his bed at a large party. But even if he had thought of it, he didn't even bring it up. Why did this make me happy?