Chapter 9:

He Knows Only One Person

Love Talks

“Where is your grandmother?” asked Sam's grandfather. He had asked this question fifth time since I came to their house.

“She had a doctor's appointment today, grandpa,” Sam said patiently. He wasn’t looking at his grandfather, who was barely standing at the door of his room. He was completely focused on the game.

Then the worried voice asked for the fifth time, “Did she get sick?”

“She went for her checkup and her meds,” Sam said in a calm tone again.

Because I didn't pay attention to the game, I couldn't save him from the zombie that caught Sam's character with his tongue and Sam's character died.

“Dude, I hate getting killed by Smoker,” Sam cried. Yes, if he was going to die, he would like to be killed by the zombie named Witch. This friend of mine had such a fantasy.

Sam must have noticed that he was raising his voice while he was complaining, he glanced at his grandfather. It was obvious that he was startled by Sam’s loud voice.

“Do you want to go to the bathroom, grandpa?” ' asked Sam. “I can go myself…” his grandfather muttered. He turned to his left and started walking, holding on to the wall.

“I think you can go too if you remember where the toilet is,” Sam muttered quietly. Once his grandfather stumbled, he quickened his pace.

“Would you like to watch the game we played?” Sam asked and sat his grandfather down on one of the seats. While they were on the toilet, in the kitchen, I took out another plate, slicing the cake that Sam's mother had baked for us. Sam put a small blanket over his grandfather's knees and came to the kitchen and prepared the teacups.

"I beg your pardon for interrupting. I must take care of him," he muttered. I chuckled. “What a shame, you're definitely the man to marry. If I were a girl, I would have already fallen in love.” I replied.

He lightly stepped on my toe and said, “Instead of thinking like that, you better tell the girl I like about my good qualities.” He sighed and “If you ask my grandfather who I am, he won't remember, but he realizes that his wife is my grandmother.” he continued. Then he turned and laughed, “Doesn't it seem strange to you too?” he asked.

"I don't know. I've never had an Alzheimer patient in my house before." I replied. He laughed and said, "I hope there won't be.” We took the plates and glasses and went inside. His grandfather once again asked where his grandmother was.

About half an hour later, Sam asked for a break to get his grandfather to bed, whose hip was starting to hurt in his seat. We had opened some kind of football game in case he would like it too, but it didn't work.

At that moment, the sound of a key came from the outside door. Someone was coming home. When Sam's grandfather saw the person coming through the door, he stood up with Sam's support and walked towards the door. He was also crying like a child.

“Where did you go?” he asked with a trembling voice. Sam's grandmother hurried over to support her husband. She hadn't put his bag down yet. She held her husband's hands with both hands. “Didn't the kids say? I had a doctor's appointment today. He checked my meds.” she replied.

Grandfather closed his eyes happily. A few more tears rolled down his cheeks. "That's right… That's what they said." he muttered.

“Mary…” he cried out. "Don't die before me, okay?" he added. Grandma hugged him. "Aw, I am not going anywhere," she replied.

"They take good care of me here, but I don't know who they are." said grandpa. Sam's mother went to the kitchen to wipe her tears.