Chapter 7:

The Thistle

Love Talks



"What kind of "hey" is that?"

Emily looked at the owner of the question, who was leaning on the wall next to her closet. She sighed once and "I told you to not come here whenever you want. This is not the resting room of your section," she said.

"If I came here whenever I wanted, I would be here all the time," the man replied without waiting. This time he was smiling brightly.

"Look. This place is so small that people sometimes have not any work except gossiping. You don't want people to badmouth about you, do you?" Emily asked because she decided to be honest.

The man was still leaning on the wall. He seemed like he was thinking, his hands in his pockets of his hoodie. "No, I think they will talk about my real intent," he replied.

Emily looked at him again and tried to understand if he was serious or not. But she couldn't figure. She gave up nagging and turned to her chair.

The man sat on the couch, which was suppose to be a resting place for a doctor after a surgery. Patting his laps, "Then what about taking a nap?" he asked.

"Oh, come on!" Emily said and held her temples with her fingers.

The man thought he crossed the line this time. He was aware that Emily was uncomfortable with him and she was not going to able to rest in the same room with him. He was about to get up to leave the room, he heard Emily's sigh one more time.

"Please understand that your intent is temporary," Emily began to talk. "This place is a desert. You are seeing only a flower here. And that flower is a thistle. If this place was a garden or a forest, there would be a lot of beautiful flowers. You wouldn't even realize this thistle then. Understand?"

The man looked at the ground for a while. "A thistle... Her lack of self-confidence is beyond my guess," he thought. Then he lifted his head and smiled at her.

"Seriously... How can you express your thoughts in a romantic way like that?" he said. Then he got up to let her rest.

"I'm a selfish man. I don't know why you see yourself as a thistle but I'm glad if people see you as a thistle. If they could see the beauties I saw in you, probably you would not be single when I met you." While he was saying these, he headed to the door.

Before he opened the door, he turned to her with a smile.

"I am going to come here until I make you believe that you are the most beautiful flower in my life," he said and left the room.