Chapter 25:

sCene 25 - ꜰiʀꜱᴛ ɪɴᴛiᴍaCʏ ᴘaʀᴛ 2

ᴋraCᴋeᴅ ᴍooN / Kracked Moon

“Is it okay if I get myself off?”

She asked me this while we were in the middle of making out. We were already drenched in each other's sweat, but she didn’t want me to take my top off. Did she really mean to say she wanted to do it herself?

I moved my hands closer to her waist and pulled her closer.

“You know I can help you with that.”

Her face was already flush, but her cheeks became a little rosier. She brought my hands back up to her chest, then put her own hand between her legs.

“Just keep kissing and touching me. That’s more than enough help.” Her words were breathy, adding to the warmth.

Our lips met once again and I returned to caressing her body. I tried to keep my attention on my hands and where I was with her body, trying my best to not take my face far from hers. With her mouth to kiss, and even her lips to bite, I wasn’t as drawn to biting into her flesh. If I did, there’s no telling if I’d resist breaking skin.

Even if she wouldn’t let me undress, she still chose to stroke my chest under my shirt. When I went to do the same, working my fingers from her ribs, around her chest, and toward her shoulders, she somehow grabbed both my wrists with her one hand, and brought them above my head on the couch’s armrest. My muscles twitched, with plenty of resistance.

She brought her mouth to my ear and whispered. “Naughty girls can’t use their hands like that.”

I was caught off guard, but tried to wriggle out of her grip. I went to nibble on her ear, but she moved and my lips met her neck. I gently dragged my jagged teeth across her neck, trying not to close my jaw enough to cut or pinch her. Within seconds I could hear Nai-bu moaning softly in my ear. She let go of my arms, and was moving her hand faster. I turned her over so I could hold her from behind, and tried to slip my hand down by hers, but she grabbed my arm with her other hand before I could.

“I-I got this. I’m almost there.” She said, panting.

She turned herself back around and reunited our lips, reaching for my waist with her free hand, and nearly stroking my groin with how close her hand was. Resisting her hand’s influence, I chose to tease her chin with my finger and play with her hair until she started convulsing. She took her mouth off of mine and bit her lip, thrusting over me a few times before collapsing on my chest, nearly the same position we were in before we started making out.

After a few minutes of both of us catching our breath, and me stroking her back, Nai-bu sat up a little.

“I can…take care of you if you want…” She said this quietly, before resting her head on my chest again.

“I think you’ve had enough for one night.” I checked the time, and it was getting late. Well, late for her. “You’re probably exhausted.”

As I propped her up, she didn’t even open her eyes, but insisted she was fine. I did my best to get her to the bathroom at least, but she resisted by playing dead. By the time I told her that I would change her clothes myself if I had to, she seemed to wake up and walk herself to the bathroom. Every night before going to bed she’d change in the bathroom and clean herself up. She would probably be there longer than usual.

Most nights that she chose to stay over she would go to bed earlier than me, and I would stream in my living room. It wasn’t the most convenient way to do things, but it worked. Otherwise she would stay up while I was streaming and sometimes pass out on the couch. Choosing to end my stream early and surprise her definitely caught her off guard, but I didn’t exactly plan for more than just cuddling her while she dozed off. I guess she’s the one who surprised me.

While waiting for her to finish up in the bathroom, I went to the kitchen and chewed on some jerky. Every bite would take me back to holding Nai-bu in my arms and the temptation to start biting into her. Thoughts of ripping her apart with my own teeth and claws began to overwhelm me. She was right there, and definitely seemed like I could get rough with her. Would she care if I took a bite?

But I didn’t. I managed to hold back these unpleasant desires, and think about the consequences. No matter how savory the encounter could have been, I never want to risk losing her.

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