Chapter 3:

The Good Morbning

The Morbin Time

“Ah… So finally! I have won the battle.” Carl screamed out over the dead Angels.

After hours of fierce fighting, Carl Morb had successfully defeated the wave of Angels. His body had finally returned to its human form.

Morblings had begun a search party for their Grand Morb. They discovered his body laying on top of the dead Angels. A victorious pose like this was well deserved. They quickly recovered him back to base, where they left Carl in the medical ward.

Hours had passed, and Carl had still failed to wake up.




Days had passed, and Carl still has yet to wake up.




Finally, after three weeks of Carl being in what they decided to call a coma, had woke up.

“Grand Morb, are you feeling alright?” The Morbtor asked.

Although he had sat up, he didn’t respond. Blankly looking straight ahead, paying no attention to anyone around him.

“We shall get you some food immediately, Sir.” The Morbtor added.

Morburses quickly prepared food and drinks. After, such a long time, they expect Carl to be dehydrated and starving.

They left the food on the counter next to the bed and everyone left so that Carl could recover without interference.

Another week had passed. Carl hasn’t moved since he woke up. The food prepared has gone bad after being left for so long.

The Morbtor had finally decided to check on the Grand Morb. As soon as he touched Carl on the shoulder, it began to crumble.

Oh no… Please no… Grand Morb… We cannot let anyone find out about this. We need to lock this room and act as if he’s still recovering… If this gets out, chaos will arise.

“Morburses! Make sure that no one enters this room. Throw out the food from the room and cover up the door window. No one shall be allowed to enter the room under any circumstances.”

“Yes, Sir!”

I wonder, what was the cause of this? Was he in his Morb form too long? We need to find out how much strain on the body the Morb form causes. Seems like no one is invincible even with the powers granted by Satan… wait… that's right. We need to find out from the scripts we have from Satan about the satanic powers.

A new rule got imposed to make sure that Carl Morb can remain as a leader without presenting himself to the people anymore. This granted the Morbtor power over the entire clan without being the one in power directly.

Since Carl was a very open and caring leader, people began to be suspicious of the lack of direct interactions. With this rising unrest, people began to create their own groups within the clan in order to take over. Others wanted to reveal the truth.

Two months had passed after the Morbtor had finally gained the control he needed over the clan. The people had finally gained the information they needed. It has been now revealed that the Grand Morb is dead.

As a surprise, people managed to remain under control and they decided to form a new leadership system. They had started projects expanding further underground. They had finally created a new world for them to live in, the underground city of Morblood.

People continued to live as Carl had told them to. They made the laws based on how Carl Morb wanted everyone to be. The era of a new world has begun.