Chapter 1:

Chapter 1. Acquaintance


Lenya came out of the wardrobe after changing into light white sneakers. He was a guy 170 feet tall and weighing 60 kg with brown hair and dark green eyes. His clothes were dark blue denim trousers, his body was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, and under it a white T-shirt, because today the second lesson should be physical education. 

"Well, here's another year of torment." thought Lenya.-"They'll start forcing us to do fucking homework again and even Artem will constantly bother me, not with life, but with a real nightmare."

 After passing two stairs, the guy went up to the second floor and entered the literary hall. The entire 10b was busy with its own affairs: the son of rich parents, Max Samarin, who was always dressed in fashion, boasted to the girls of new Rolexes, blonde Masha with a fourth-size breast and green eyes sat and took selfies, lazy Kostya Zhivko as always slept on the desk, Lenya sat down at the nearest one, He sat down at the desk without hesitation and began to take a textbook out of the bag, but before he could reach his notebooks, a sarcastic voice immediately rang out nearby.

" Look who we have here? Hehe!"

 From this voice, Lenуа got goosebumps on his back and shivered, he raised his head and saw three guys who were already standing near his desk.

The first of the trio was named Artyom, a blond guy who was two centimeters taller than Leni, had beryuzovye eyes, the second guy was called Dima, this kid was skinny and tall, always cut a half-box, his hair was light, his eyes were brown, the third guy was Yarik, who wore a hedgehog hairstyle, was blond and yellow-eyed, his physique was average and he was one centimeter shorter than Artyom in height.

"What the idiot was staring at,You saw the second coming!"-Artyom smiled maliciously.

" Guys leave me alone, please!"- Lenya answered fearfully.

Artyom grabbed Lenya by the collar , then shouted a few times and maliciously blurted out:

"And then what? Will you tell your mom or anyone else? Come on, complain, girl!"

Lenya, not knowing what to answer, so that he does not speak, will turn against him anyway, this will only increase the mockery on the part of Artyom and his gang, say something bold, they will beat you, if you keep silent, they will beat the secret out of you, the guy's soul is gone, but then the voice of a young girl interrupted the humiliation.

"Good afternoon class, I hope everyone is in a good mood!"

It was Ekaterina Alekseevna, a teacher of Russian language and literature and a class teacher of 10b, who had graduated only recently from university, so she was very young, even more beautiful: brown hair to the middle of her back, blue eyes, a light face with light makeup, she was dressed elegantly: a white short-sleeve shirt was on her like a glove, piquantly emphasizing her figure and size three breasts in a white bra, and a dark blue skirt and white high-heeled shoes gave her grace and beauty.

Seeing the teacher, Artyom was taken aback and, afraid of getting scolded, rudely said hitting Lenya in the shoulder:

"We'll talk to you later, loser!"

He trudged to his place at the back desk until the teacher got to them. Meanwhile, Ekaterina Alekseevna chalked the number "02.09.14" and the topic of the lesson "The Origins of the Russian language" on the blackboard, then she turned on a projector that depicted computer slides, there was a minimum of text and more beautiful pictures on each slide, Ekaterina Alekseevna told all the material herself, while delivering her phrase with interesting comments while communicating in parallel with the class.

"The word sausage used to be called not thick short sausages, but fish. A sausage fish is the same as a sardine."-Ekaterina Alekseevna walked back and forth, pointing with her pointer at the slide from the blackboard.-"The words dead and deceased in Russian are animate nouns, and a corpse is inanimate. Because the category of animateness-inanimateness reflects not the scientific, but the everyday opposition of the living and the inanimate. And in all our fairy tales, the dead behave like the living. But a corpse is just a dead body."

 Even Kostya came to life during such a lesson, although he always slept in all classes. The lesson lasted forty minutes, when it ended, Lenya left the classroom heading to the gym, he passed a bulletin board that was covered with all sorts of papers like school newspapers, memos for teachers, posters with the phrases "patience and work will grind everything" or "Your future does not depend on the lines on your hands, because even those who don't have hands still have a future. Indian wisdom", as well as announcements about sets in circles such as: journalism, drawing, technology, programming, music, cooking, but there was also an inconspicuous announcement about a set in a circle of detectives, only one phrase was written in it "come, it will be interesting" and below was indicated the office "43" such a feeling as if the author was too lazy to write information.

"I wonder at the expense of what? Where are the facts and their description of what will be interesting?"- A guy with black hair and a stone face yawned as Lenya passed by - "One phrase, this is not an argument for attracting people."

Almost no one was impressed by these words on Lenya, and because they were phlegmatically and indifferently pronounced, the only thing that struck him was the logical reasoning of those words. These words did not give Lena peace of mind because he was struck by the iron logic of that guy at the blackboard, there seems to be nothing unusual in that inscription, there is no ad like an ad, but that dude was able to figure out the inscription, so he thought until a volleyball hit his head.

"Mirov, no one will pay you for sleeping!"-Ilya Alexandrovich, the physical education teacher, laughed.

Artyom and his two sycophants picked up this joke and laughed softly, whispering among themselves.

"s-s-sorry"-Lenya shrank-"It won't happen again."

The volleyball game continued, Lenya could not hit the ball properly, missing, and sometimes even falling, which forced jokes from the physical education teacher and laughter from Artem and his gang. And when the guy changed his clothes and left the locker room, Artem and his friends came out to his meeting.

"Hey, how are you, buddy?"-Artyom smiled maliciously-"Let's go have fun?"

"No, please, guys, don't"-Lenya got nervous. 

"Come on! It's going to be fun!"-Artyom grabbed Lenya by the collar and pressed her against the wall-"You'll like it!"

And then a sharp punch to the stomach made Lenya twist, then two strong blows to the face made the guy fall, Lenya tried to get up, but the trio began to kick him with loud laughter, not giving him such an opportunity. It would have lasted another ten minutes if not for the scream of Ekaterina Alekseevna.

" Stop it! What are you doing?"

"After lessons, I will send you to the derektor and you will be punished"- Ekaterina Alekseevna sighed angrily-"And now quickly go to class!"

 Ekaterina Alekseevna took a wet napkin out of her bag and gave it to Lena, whose nose was slowly bleeding, who took it and slowly applied it to her nose. 

"Lenya, are you okay?"-the girl asked, - Does it hurt much?"

"Everything is fine, thank you"-Lenya wiped the blood. 

 "Are they constantly bullying you?"-Ekaterina Alekseevna hugged Lenya to somehow comfort him, pressing her chest against him-"Everything will be fine, don't worry, in a year everything will change, maybe you will even find a common language and be friends."

"Ekaterina Alekseevna, can I go?"- with a sigh, Lenya interrupted from the fact that the teacher's chest was pressed tightly against him.

 "Yes, you can go"-the teacher replied.