Lеnуа, a 16-year-old teenager, was doing much worse. At school, his is regularly taken out by three hooligans, and because of the attacks, the guy has withdrawn into himself and cannot communicate normally with anyone, and his classmates do not pay attention to him. The homeroom teacher Ekaterina Alekseevna decides to help him by offering to join the club of amateur detectives, where he meets one of the popular beauties of the school, Vika, who is very curious, but polite and kind, with lazy, unsociable, but intellectually developed Sergei, who came because his parents forced him, as well as his friend Nikita being the complete opposite of his friend as an active and cheerful person with a positive outlook on life. Later, Anya joins them, who is in love with Nikita, but is not ready to admit it and cannot tolerate Serezha because of his apathy and envying his abilities. Together they try to open a detective agency and investigate various cases.

UpdatedJul 05, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,321
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