Chapter 10:

Give It a Shot - 3

Love Talks

"I hate group studies!"

After he woke up to his alarm, that became his first thought. He checked his phone while still lying on the bunk.

Professor of his weakest class had given this group study three days ago. Completing the tags was impossible in a week so his group had decided to stay an empty dormitory for two days to complete the homework.

For catching the timeline, the group was splitted up and working in turns. Now, his resting time was ended.

While he was getting up, the door was knucked slowly. His troublemaker classmate, who could never confess her feelings properly entered in slowly.

"I'm glad you're awake. Waking you up was the last thing that I wanted," she said with a smile. She put her bag on the table and checked her stuffs.

The boy thought something was off about her. Since he was in the same group with her for this homework, he thought he would be exposed to a lot of funny flirting attempts. But she hadn't said or done anything since they started working.

After he took his charger, he planned to left the room. While he was heading to the door, he saw the girl was lying on the bunk. He was about to say good night but the girl's whining stopped him.

"Geez, I didn't mean it when I prayed to head to the same pillow with him," she muttered. When the boy turned to him by surprise, she closed her mouth then her eyes with her hands .

"Oops, I was going to hold back since this class was very important for him," she muttered again. Then she turned her back and "Please do not mind me," she said louder.

"I heard already," he replied and left the room. When he realized that he was smiling, he stopped in the middle of the corridor. At the same time he realized that he had thought she had given up about him. He was happy that she was still into him.

"Seriously, I think I should give a proper reply to her," he muttered and headed to the study room.