Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Meeting Through a Chat

Another long day at school is finally over. I am quite good at my academic studies, but I'm more interested in art.


"Whoa Shun. It's surprising to hear you yawn like that."

"Ahaha, I guess I am Katsu."

My best friend Katsuro Akiyama or just Katsu for short. He's quite an athlete at our school and many of the girls here are smitten by his looks and his sportmanship with football. Though he already has a girlfriend who also is a student here.

"You should go straight home today, though if you intend to go draw something, you shouldn't stay late."

"I won't. Luckily I don't have work this week at the mall so I'm basically free this week."

"Sweet. Well anyway I'll have to go to practice now."

"Intending to impress the girls again?"

"Hardy har, you know I only have feelings for Airi."

"Haha, I was just joking dude. Well anyway good luck with practice."

I stand up and take my bag. I then do a fist bumb with Katsu and say goodbyes to each other. He also playfully noogies my blue hair making it a mess and in front of my yellow eyes. We've known each other since childhood and we've been friends ever since.

I sometimes even go watch his practise when I have free time and do some sketches and hand them over to him and Airi. Their rooms are practically filled with my sketches. Though I post my official and complete works to social media.

Hmm, should I draw today? I think for a while and then decide to head to the towns brigde.

As I arrive to to my destination, the sun is already setting. It is autumn after all. I sit on the downward hill and place my bag next to me. I open it and grab my sketch book and pen. The lake is really sparkly today, I'm glad I decided to come here.

Twenty minutes pass and I'm done with the scenery. I'm quite pleased of the result. Now then, I sh-.


Huh? A message from someone. I wonder from who.

[Hey Kaede, I need help with this one question. If you have the time, could you help out?]

Who's this? Well I should tell them this is a wrong number otherwise they'll think I'm a creep.

[I'm sorry but you seem to have the wrong number.]

[Wh-What?! Oh no! I am so sorry to have messaged you!]

[It's alright, these things happen sometimes.]

[So um, I hope you don't find me rude but I hope you're not a creep.]

Hmm, the messager seems to be a girl. Should I send a voice message? I think I should do so.

["No need to worry, I'm a high schooler and I assume you're one too."]

[That's- wait.]

["That's a relief."]

[Ah so you were a girl.]

[Yeah, um sooo, can you help me with this question instead?]

"I don't mind at all. What do you need help with?]

[Physics. I'm not good with this. Same goes with math.]

[Let's hear the question then.]

I then help her out with the question with a detailed answer.

[Thank you so much stranger.]

[Don't mention it. Glad I was able to help out. Bye then.]

[Wait! If you don't mind, maybe we could, you know, exchange contact info?]

[I don't mind. Any reason?]

[You seem like a great and kind person.]

"Ah, thank you for the compliment. Anyway, the names Shun."

[And my name is Jewel. It's a pleasure to be aquinted Shun.]


[Out of curiosity, what were you doing before I messaged you?]

[I'm at my town river. I decided to draw the scenery.]

[Ooh, an artist I see. Can I see?]

[I don't mind at all.]

_Photo sent_

[I am so speechless. That's amazing! You're really talented!"

[Ah ha ha. Thank you, I'm glad you like it.]

[I'm more of a gaming type of girl, though I'm still outdoorsy as well.]


[Yeah, the conflict, story and the relationships are all so interesting to witness.]

[I can understand that.]

[Well anyway if you have any type of social media account where you post your artwork, I would really like to follow you there.]

[You can find me with the name Snowman Artworks. Reason is because of my birthday is during the winter season.]

[Ok got it. And I'm Sweet Strawberry Gaming. I mostly post screenshots of games though. Not as interesting as your art.]

[Nonsense, you post what you're passionate about and that's already interesting.]

[Aw thank you. Well anyway, I should stop bugging you for now. Let's talk later again okay?]

[Got it. I actually should get home already. See you."

After that I place my phone back to my bag and pick it and head home.

When I get back home, my mom is welcoming me back.

"How was school today Shun?"

"It was great. Not very eventful."

"Hmhm, that's nice to know. Did you head somewhere to draw?"

"I went to the bridge to draw this."

"Beautiful work dear, but usually you have colored it a bit as well. Why isn't this one?"

"Ah! An unknown number messaged me and it turned out to be an high school girl."

"Oh dear! How did that happen?"

"She probably wrote the wrong number. She needed help with a physics question so I decided to help her."

"Hmhm, I see. Did you become friends with her?"

"Yes actually. We decided to follow each other on social media as well. She seemed to like my art that I've posted."

"I see. Well anyway, you should go finish your homework until dinners ready."


I then head upstairs and walk to my own room and also walk past my older sisters room.

The walls of my room are covered with my drawings, and refrences of the human anatomy. I mostly draw my human characters in manga style. My bookcase is filled with my sketchbooks, but of course there are normal books and manga as well. My bed is at the left corner and my table is in front of my windows, but they're mostly covered with my computer. My drawing tablet is next to it.

"(Well I better start doing my homework.)"

I then start doing my homework, luckily there's not that much so I finish them up in 30 minutes. Hm, I guess I could draw something with my tablet now.


Hm? A new message. Ah, it's from Jewel.

[I hope I'm not bothering you Shun.]

[Not at all. I just did my homework and thought of drawing digitally. Do you need help with another question?]

[Y-Yeah. It's a few math questions. My friend is bad at it as well when I asked her.]

[Let me see them.]

[Thank you again, I appriciate it.]

She then sends me a few pics of the questions and I solve them for her.

[Ooh, I see. So that's how you solve them. You seem really smart Shun.]

[I get that alot. I've had to tutor some students here at my own school.]

[That's admirable.]

I then hear my mother telling that dinner is ready.

[I have to go now. Let's talk tomorrow?]


I then head downstairs to eat. After that I head back to my room to prepare for tomorrow.