Chapter 10:


Power of Fear

In Jin's room.

Two individuals were sleeping on the bed naked.

"Jin...... will we... stay like this forever?" Akane asked while holding Jin's hand.

"Yeah...." Jin replied.

"You promise?"

Jin squeezed her hand tight.

"Yeah... Hermes , we will stay together forever and ever."

"DING DING DING DING. FBI OPEN UP!" Shouted Shika outside the mansion.

"Let's get dressed before anyone sees us." Jin said.

Akane nodded.


After a few minutes Akane opened up the door.

"Welcome back from your adventure!" Akane replied while floating in the air with messy hair.

"You didn't get hurt anywhere did you miss Shika?" Kajra asked while drinking wine.

"As if!"

Shika ran into the mansion and started searching for Ken.

"Ketsuki are you alright? You didn't get hurt anywhere did you?" Emi said looking tired and concerned.

"Y-Yeah..." Ketsuki blushed realizing how concerned she was.

"It was ALL good! Aina arrived in time." Kumojoshi then leaned over and whispered in Emi's ears. "I even gave him a loooooong kiss~"

Kumojoshi left whistling.


Emi pulled Ketsuki towards herself and proceeded to drag him towards their room.

"Emi wait, I need to talk to Douji." Ken arrived out of nowhere.

"HUH?" Emi's eyes were burning with rage.

"KEN WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!!" Shika yelled from somewhere far away.

"Maybe you should meet-" 

"Shut up Kajra...(she then looks at Emi) I need to know his thoughts."

After a minute of deep thinking, Emi left without saying a word.

"Soooooo what's up?" Ketsuki asked.

"Did you feel anything strange during your mission with Kumojoshi?" 

"Strange? What the hell was normal about it! Kumojoshi defeated an 'true infected' and then a member of the Cycle of Months comes and attacks us and then my mom comes and saves us and then I meet the main antagonist face to face! What the actual-" 


Ketsuki kept on rambling.


He continued.


Ketsuki shuts up.

"Ahem. As I was saying... do you know why I sent you on a mission even though have no fear powers?" Ken asked gently.

"Hmm....why did you send me even though I have no powers?"


"I HEAR YOU! TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE KEN!" Shika was still searching.

"Miss Ken, you seem to be losing your composure rather quickly nowadays." 

"SHUT UP KAJRA!" Shika shouted from somewhere.

"How did she even hear that...." Kajra mumbled to himself.

"Getting back to the topic." Ken sat down on a chair. "You didn't even feel the slightest sensation?"

"Nope." Ketsuki answered immediately.

"Meet me outside in 10 minutes."

"Huh? Well ok."

Ken leaves.

"How about you get acquainted with the Glass and Wine division Ketsuki?" Jin suggested.

"Good idea Mister Jin! Mister Ketsuki I am Kajra the leader of the division.. though i don't get much respect around here."

"Hi nice to-" Ketsuki suddenly falls down with his face hitting the ground.

"I am Shika, The cutest girl in the group!" Shika was sitting on Ketsuki's back.

"Didn't you.....already......introduce yourself?..." Ketsuki asked in pain.

"Oh! Did I? Sorry im such a clutz Tee-hee~"

"Shika! You are being rude." Akane scolded.

"Ah! I have to find Ken." Shika gets off Ketsuki and runs away.

Akane extends her hand towards Ketsuki.

"I am Akane, nice to meet you!"

Ketsuki takes her hand and gets up to his feet.

"I am Ketsuki.(finally someone normal)"

"Cute." Kiara said, who was sitting in a corner(still reading).

"Who are yo-" Ketsuki saw the cover of the magazine she was reading.

"What?" Kiara asked.

"Can I... have a look at what you are reading?

"Perv." She replied.

"But you are the one reading-"



"My name... Kiara Rosselet." She replied.


"We have one more person we haven't introduced yet." Kajra said.

"Ketsuki..." Yowa suddenly called out.

"Hmm? Whats wrong?"

"Ken told you to meet her in 10 minutes... times up."

"That sounds....unlike you." Ketsuki said.


"A minute or two extra is fine! Im very interested to see the final member."

"I wouldn't ....recommend it.....he said he is training so it wouldn't be a good idea to-"

"Oh its fine Akane... I will be gone in a minute."

"Don't open tha-"

Ketsuki proceeded to open the door.

What he saw there horrified him.... 

The walls in the room were pink with hentai posters.... the television had anime girls dancing in maid uniforms...and what was the most terrifying thing was a grown 17 year old boy, dressed in a pink maid outfit, dancing and screaming moe moe kyun.

Ketsuki closed the door and headed outside.