Chapter 9:

Glass and Wine

Power of Fear

"Ahhhhh~ That felt good!" Kumojoshi stretched with satisfaction.

"Y-Yes I am glad" Ketsuki realizing what he did was beet red.

"By the way what was that about?" Kumojoshi looked at Ketsuki with slight irritation.

"I-I felt bad s-so I-I wanted to c-c-c-comfort you-" Ketsuki looked away.

"I am not talking about the hug, I am talking about how you shot the infected with no hesitation." Kumojoshi said with a serious tone.

"Hmm? Why should I think twice about killing an enemy?" Ketsuki said with a blank face.

"How can you say that? That enemy used to have a life, parents, children or even a lover! How can you not think twice?" Kumojoshi said with slight anger.

"I don't see how any of that matters. I will kill any person that's even slightly evil or ever hurts my friends."

"I see.. Remember Ketsuki everyone has reasons for why they are doing what they are doing, that doesn't mean they are bad or you should kill that person."

Ketsuki stays silent.

"Answer me one thing, have you ever killed someone before?" Kumojoshi asked.

"No..." Ketsuki looked down.

"(Sigh)Talking all big....You really are a kid you know that? You don't know what it means to kill yet." Kumojoshi gave a comforting head pat to Ketsuki.

"Didn't I just-"

"Shhhh~" Kumojoshi puts a finger on Ketsuki's lip. "Once you grow older you will know the value of ones life, besides you didn't actually kill a human exactly. Though killing an infected without hesitation is still concerning..."

Kumojoshi stroked his hair.

"Promise me you will try to change that mindset." Kumojoshi looked at Ketsuki calmly.

"Sure..." Ketsuki looked away blushing.

"Good boy!" Kumojoshi smiled and gave him a big hug.

After a few seconds Kumojoshi suddenly pulled Ketsuki behind a telephone poll.

"Woah what's wrong?" Ketsuki asked.

"Look Demons." Kumojoshi whispered.

Ketsuki peeked and saw two cloaked and two naked individuals. The cloaked individuals were holding a leash which was connected to the naked individuals necks.

"Help! Help! SOMEONE HELP!" One of the naked individuals cried out.

"What are those?" Ketsuki asked.

"Those naked people right there are humans with the 'Fear For Death.' There are many variations but the most abundant and scariest  one is the 'aura' type."

"Variations? Hmm I see."

"The aura fear for death variations ability is if you get close to them you die. There range is very short though." Kumojoshi looked disgusted.

"What's wrong? You seem a bit disappointed and disgusted."

"Hmm? O-Oh its nothing...." Kumojoshi blushed a bit.

"Their dicks are tiny that's what's disappointing!" A green haired teenage girl said with no hesitation.

"Woahhh who are you? (That dick is bigger than mine though..)" 

"That's definitely not what I was thinking Shika..." Kumojoshi said with a disgusted expression.

"(Gasp) A boy!" Shika's expression changed into a cute girl's.

"Save me from these demons handsome boy! (He looks very average actually)" Shika hugs Ketsuki.

"Shika... its bad manners to not introduce yourself first." Kumojoshi said with a bored expression.

"SHUT UP YOU HAG!" Shika then looked at Ketsuki again. "Sorry its bad manners to not introduce myself first~"

"Thats what I just said..."

"My name is Shika and I am from the Glass and Wine Team." Shika smiled.

"I-I am Ketsuki Douji and I am from the... wait what is our team name?"

"Ehehehe about that... we haven't decided on that yet." Kumojoshi looked embarrassed.

"About time you all decided on that.. HAG!"

"That HAG was unnecessary!"

"I don't want to interrupt but, we have demons here remember." Ketsuki said while slowly getting away from Shika's hug.

"Ah- I totally forgot. I am such a klutz tee-hee~" Shika sticks her tongue out.

"She is more demonic than the demons.." Kumojoshi said quietly.

"Here goes!" Shika made a finger gun and pointed at the cloaked figures.

"HOLE IN ONE!" The ground near the demons and the humans vibrated intensely and they were not able to stand upright.

"What is that power?" Ketsuki asked.

"Trypophobia, fear of holes. She has the 'for' type of power of that."

"Shouldn't we go help her?"

"The Glass and Wine team focuses on Demons whereas we focus on Angels."

The demons fell towards the ground and their face could be seen properly.

"Humans!?" Ketsuki shouted.

"They are demons.. atleast a type of them. Who said that demons could not also look like humans?" Kumojoshi said.

Shika then shot the humans and demons with circular air bullets resembling a hole from her finger gun.

"She killed them?"

"No she just killed the demons, the humans are just unconscious." Kumojoshi stared at Ketsuki.

"Let's go." 

"Where?" Ketsuki asked.

"To your mansion of course!"

"Huh? Why are you coming to our base?" Kumojoshi asked.

"The Vatican city found out our location and attacked us... we need a temporary place to stay." Shika said.

"Vatican city? As like the Pope?!" Ketsuki was confused.

"A copy of it. They think that god has descended and is asking for help to defeat the demons. No need to worry though their golden age is long gone. Last time they were a threat was during the age of Pope Gilgamesh The First." Kumojoshi laughed.

"This God is Julius right? That ordinary looking man?" Ketsuki asked.

"Yup now let's go quickly!" Shika took Ketsuki's hand and ran off.

"Geez that perverted girl." Kumojoshi followed them.

(Back in the mansion just before they were coming back) 


"Tch that Aina.... Get the door Emi." Ken hit the desk in anger.

Emi went and opened the door.


"TOO LOUD." Ken kicked a sword at Aina but she deflected it easily.

"Oh.. Someone got their asses handed too... right, Glass and Wine?" Yowa smiled.

"Now Now, that's very rude Mister Yowa!" A tall brown haired middle aged man with a wine glass said.

"Kajra, the leader of Glass and Wine. We welcome you!" Jin said.

"Ahahaha sorry for having us." Kajra puts a hand behind his head apologetically.

Behind him were three more individuals. One boy and two girls.

"I don't see Shika? Don't telk me she-" Emi was cut in between.

"She is with your friends right now." Said a black haired boy around 17 years of age with a black suit and a sheathed sword.

"Tch. Got my hopes up..." Emi looked angrily.

"Akashi, did you find any trick to use your ability more efficiently? I can still help you." Jin said.

"No need." Akashi said while adjusting his suit.

"Akashi! Its fine to take someones help once in a while." Said a girl smiling and floating in the air. She had black clothes and long light brown hair. She looked around twenty years of age.

"Shut up, I am trying to read here Akane." Said a  short heighted girl with long white hair. She is around 17 years of age, same as Akashi.

"I don't think reading a porn magazine counts as actual 'reading' kid." Yowa said with disgust.

"Keep those away Miss Kiara!" Kajra said.

"Shut up." Kiara said while still 'reading.'

"STOP EVERYONE! Ken show them their rooms, but let Ketsu and Emi be alone!" Aina said.

"Wait wha-"

"Give me my own room. I have to....... train." Akashi said while looking down.

"I'll stay with Jin!" Said Akane.

"I'm satisfied with any room." Said Kajra while drinking wine.

"I'll have the living room then." Kiara said (still reading)

"Shut up or you will be living outside." Ken said angrily.