Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:

Saishuu-tekina Mirai

“Today is your final day at ZX4’s Mage Academy, we’re so proud to have raised a new generation of amazing students and-“

 Yasuho tuned the principal out, having had enough of his graduation speech “I’m fifteen, I should be out slaying dragons or something.” She thought, absently gazing at her fellow students.

 Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone who seemed to be signalling to her. She moved her head over to see Kaizaru, her twin brother, pointing at the board in front of them. She refocused her attention to the principal.

 “-As we call down the graduating students, we ask that you stay quiet so the students can hear their names being called.” Yasuho sighed, the students weren’t going to listen to him and everyone knew it. 

Immediately after the principal started reading names, the class exploded into conversation. Yasuho took this time to read her textbook for the last time. 

“There are 3 types of magic in this world, Augmentation, Creation and Special. Augmentation edits the user’s body, allowing increased punching power, speed and durability. Creation creates ‘things’ out of magic including elements and physical objects. And Special is a type that can’t be fit within the others categories, allowing increased creativity.”

Yasuho heard her name called and nearly sprinted to the principal office, eager to be out of the Academy. As she ran, she wondered what she would do after graduating. “Uh, become a great adventurer and maybe save the world a few times.” She reminded herself.

Finally after arriving at the principal’s office, she took a quick breath and opened the door, prepared for her new adventuring life.

Chiba Ritsu