Chapter 2:

Chapter 2:

Saishuu-tekina Mirai

Yasuho entered the principals office, “Small, cramped and dusty.” She thought “Seriously, how does one guy get this much stuff in here?” Suddenly, she saw the seat turn around in front of her.

“Hello Yasuho, I trust you found our school as a respectable learning institution over your 6 years here?” The principal wore an icy glare.

“Uh- Yeah, something like that.” Yasuho replied nervously. She had never seen the principal like this ever before.

“I’m glad you have Yasuho!” That icy glare had almost instantaneously been overwritten with a beaming smile. “I wish you the best of luck on your travels!”

“Th-Thank you sir.” Yasuho couldn’t seem to forget that face. She made haste for the door.

“Oh yeah, Yasuho. Don’t forget to get your diploma from the front desk”

“Thank you for reminding me sir”

Yasuho took a quick detour to get her diploma, before leaving the school for the last time.

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