Chapter 3:

Chapter 3:

Saishuu-tekina Mirai

Yasuho exited the school and examined the scenery, the bright blue sky, the lush green trees and grass, the modest dirt path towards the school. “Right out of those Earthling paintings.” She muttered.

Standing patiently for her brother, Yasuho waited for him to get out of the school. After a few minutes, he exited.

“Hey Yas! Thought you’d get lost without me?” Yasuho suppressed the urge to give him a facial reconstruction surgery, with her fist.

“Nah, figured it’d be the other way around. And I didn’t feel like getting yelled at.” She replied, it had happened before. Kaizaru came home crying and Yasuho got the yelling of a lifetime.

“Will you let that go? It was 6 years ago.” Kaizaru pouted,