Chapter 3:

A Lily by Any Other Name Would Be Just as Rotten

A Reaper's Fate

"No." Russ coldly stated as he glared at Lily. "Why would I teach a mindless girl like her!" Russ seemed upset and not just because Grim beat him to his job.

"Hey! I'm not that mindless, I was home schooled, so statistically speaking I'm quite mindful!" Lily scowled at Russ, giving him the evil eye. "And I don't think I want this sleazebag being my mentor either if this is his attitude!"

Grim slowly lifted skeletal hands up to his temples and rubbed them. "You two are giving me a migraine, and my brain has been gone since my incident with an Egyptian witch doctor". Grim grimaced. "Just stop complaining the decision has already been made, no take backs".

"But Grim, she's a girl..." Russ shouted.

"Uh, nice observation Sherlock". Lily jabbed

"No, listen." Russ moves towards Grim and leans in to where his ear should be and quietly speaks. "What about Sara, if she got out, or found out that I was with another girl she would go on a rampage."

"Who's Sara? I she your girlfriend? Tch, I doubt it, not with that nasty personality!" Lily exclaimed after overhearing the semi-private conversation. Russ gives Lily a menacing look, which causes Lily to squeak and look away in fear.

"Oh, you're such a royal pain in my ass and I haven't even known you for five minutes." Russ clenches his fist in absolute anger. "Grim, could you please reconsider your decision!"

As Russ turned to ask Grim to reconsider, he notices the lack of Grim. In fact, Grim was gone completely after scanning the room for his present. All that was left to indicate that Grim even existed, was a note. "I Got Bored of Your Banter, and Left. Love Grim".

"Grim you God damn cop out! Leaving me with a total greenhorn!" Russ shook his fist to the heavens in frustration

"What! A greenhorn? That's rude, I don't even have horns!" Lily protests right in the ear of Russ.

"Stop yelling, jeez you're literally the worst thing to happen to me!" Before Russ could continue giving Lily a piece of his mind, a pixelated ringtone begins to play over his cellphone. "One sec, I'll continue my rant after I read this."

Russ pulls out his cell phone and flips it open and begins to read. His expression goes from annoyed to absolutely shocked. Shock, however, quickly turns to rage. Russ begins to curse under his breath.

"What with the cell phone and why is it making you so mad?" Lily asked quizzically. "And why do you have a flip phone? I mean that's really lame."

Totally ignoring Lily's questions, Russ begins to mutter under his breath. "God damn summoners, stupid rules, stupid humans, stupid, stupid, stupid!" Russ begins to pace frantically in circles. "Of course I get stuck with a greenhorn when someone demands a summon! I mean really, a summon? In this day and age? Ugh!" Russ is becoming erratic with his movements.

"Um, like, could that message be really that bad?" Lily asks cautiously from a safe distance.

Russ turns immediately and faces Lily and stomps towards and passes Lily, grabbing her collar and dragged her towards the door.

"Fine, fine if you want me to train her fine! Here's a crash course, lucky you, we're going to a summoning! Get ready for the most fun thing in your life, oh I just love them to bits!" Russ spoke with vinegar and lots of it.

"Wait, wait, wait, hold up one second!" Lily squirmed out of Russ's death grip on her collar. "What's crawled up your ass?"

Russ stopped, as soon as Lily escaped his grip, and still staring towards the exit.

"I'll let you know, one thing," Russ spoke in a quiet voice, which still sounded fiery. "There's only two things I hate. One, Exorcists; two, summoning rituals".