Chapter 4:

Exorcists Ritually Did This To Me

A Reaper's Fate

It's only been twenty minutes since Russ has departed from Sara. Not much has happened, except for the impending doom, known as the Exorcists. They come every week to check on Sara to make sure she doesn't do anything shifty. Today's visit has a sinister vibe to it compared to their regular visits.

"Hello, Sara how has life been?" The old lady asked as she approached Sara. "I do surely hope it's been hell for you." She carried a braided picnic basket, with her right arm, and carried a stack of papers in the other. She wore the attire of a nun, however, she was far from one.

"Juliet, don't be rude to her she's been through a lot". A grizzled male voice called out from behind her. "Even if she is the harlot, who unintentionally put a wrench in our plans." He wore more casual wear, a floral shirt, with cargo shorts and dollar store sandals. He carried what looked like a book in one of his pockets.

"My, my, Gregory choose your words wisely, you don't want this demon getting any ideas that we were doing wrong".

Sara simply stared into space, showing no signs of paying attention to the two. Hoping that the two will leave if she just ignores them long enough. There was no sign of that.

Juliet expecting a response out of Sara comes forward towards her and with one motion, reaches into her basket, and pulled out a ball peen hammer, and struck it across Sara's face. Sara lets an audible screech.

"I know you're not brain dead you slimy, little, demi-demon! If you don't start showing respect to your saviors, I'll beat you until show some obedience to us! " All though Juliet was around seventy she had an arm like Randy Johnson.

"Juliet, calm down if she doesn't want to talk, that's fine". Gregory calmed Juliet down.

Sara looked at Juliet with a look of betrayal, whilst blood spilled out of her cheek. Sara wheezed erratically, while her wound began to close itself up . Just seeing this made Juliet jolt forward with the hammer, before Gregory held her back. So Juliet had to settle with spitting on Sara's face.

Gregory grabbed Juliet's shoulders and looked into her eyes and spoke with consoling voice. "It's fine Juliet if she doesn't want to talk she doesn't have to". The look of disappointment fell over Juliet's face as Gregory said this. "However, if she doesn't talk that just means, no dinner for her, and she goes without until next week". Juliet's sadistic grin formed again across her sly face.

"Ooh, that sounds good to me," she turned to look at Sara. "The one things bastards like you can't live without is that, oh so sweet plasma." She shook her basket as saying this. "You may be immortal, but without that red life juice, you might as well be mortal".

Sara stares intently at the basket, before adverting her gaze away, with a look of disgust. Sara always felt mortified when she drank blood, it sickened her, it made her feel less than human. Which was true, she was turned into a vampire after making a deal with the devil, via Undertaker.

"W-what do you want w-with m-me?" Sara muttered under her breath. Hoping that this amount of communication would suffice.

Juliet heard the faint voice and smirked victoriously. "See was that so hard? I could've even spared you from being bludgeoned if you were to only do that when we asked." Juliet spun the hammer around in her hand and slid it back into the basket. In the same movement, she pulled out the transfusion bag and tossed onto the empty seat, on the love seat.

Sara watched the parabola of the bag leaving Juliet's hand before it hit the love seat and bounced a little. Sara was having a hard time breaking sight with the bag. She could feel her body tense up a little ever second she stared at the bag. However, Sara knew the one rule that Gregory and Juliet set for her. "You can't eat in front of us", constantly played in Sara's head. Sara made the mistake of breaking this one rule, after doing so, Russ said he couldn't recognize her due to how bad she was beaten.

"One more thing", Gregory interjected, breaking Sara's trance on the bag. "What's your relationship with that Undertaker? The one who has been keeping your sanity after all these years? Is he the one from eleven years ago? Eh, doesn't matter, anyway, the way I look at it, he'll be annihilated." He stared at Sara with hard eyes.

Sara staggered in her seat, showing a shocked expression with widening eyes.

Gregory smirked, "too easy". He turned towards the door and gestured for Juliet to follow. They both were about to leave when Gregory turned again to face Sara from the door. "Sara, I'll make sure to describe to you, in detail, how I kill your little friend. Ciao." He turns and leaves the room promptly.

Sara alone again, in a sanitary, white room, with a lone love seat, and a bag of blood, begins to bawl silent tears.