Chapter 55:

Need Some Help

Royal Princess of Blood

Currently I am back at the library all alone. Once again, my parents got rid of everyone that should be stationed in the library. I felt thankful since I wouldn’t want people always looking at me while I am training.

Come on, with my appearance who would put all girls to shame, I sure am to invite a lot of attention.

I am back at the place I was yesterday.

I have given a read of some of the contents of the book. Mostly, I gave my attention to healing magic.

Before that, I realized that healing magic couldn’t restore severed body parts from the time when the knights returned from battle. Then when I read the book, I finally understood the rule of healing magic.

Healing magic in general cannot regenerate severed body parts. Reason being was because healing magic itself doesn’t conjure flesh in injuries. So in my own terms, it doesn’t produce cells and so on.

Healing magic only further supports the body. Meaning, it gives, you could say, energy to the body to significantly enhance the body’s own healing functions. Normally, without magic, wounds and injuries heal with time, and the duration of it depends on how bad it is.

But when casted with magic, it considerably increases the speed of healing. Even when you are dying, if it can be healed normally by the body, healing magic can be used. Even stab wounds can be healed.

However, if the damage is so severe that healing would be impossible, like cutting off the finger, hand, or any body part, healing magic couldn’t restore it back, but most it could do was stop the bleeding. The human body couldn’t normally regrow a body part, after all.

It also explicitly gave some examples like if your eyes got gouged out or damaged severely, or if a big hole was blasted through your body.

With all those I learned, I decided to be especially careful not to be dismembered. Come on, with magic involved, I can easily imagine being dismembered. I would rather die than lose a leg.

More than that, I also discovered some offensive spells. Aaaah, the candies of my eyes.

The thought alone of using them was exhilarating.

At the moment I was standing straight in the middle of the lobby trying to call out the mana inside me.

I have also been doing breathing exercises since it felt more serene than really trying to physically move.

As time went on, I started to feel something, something unpointable, something strange. I presumed this would be it. That said, this tingling feeling had not much changed before. Therefore, I might not be making a lot of progress than I initially wanted.

Eventually, I decided to have at least someone mentor me in this part.

My mother came to mind first since she apparently has experience in casting magic. Even if she wasn’t all that adept, as she said she was, mana manipulation was still the very beginning of learning to use magic.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t ask her. She was extremely busy it seems. I tried asking her again on the way to the library. However, she didn’t give me a straight answer.

“Something very important.”

That was just what she said. By her phrasing, I understood that she didn’t want to tell me about it. What could be something so important that I, her daughter, was not allowed to learn about?

I have discovered what room she was using, I could sneak in to know. However, that wasn’t greatly important, to be honest. Most likely it was just some top secret something.

In addition, I am sure it will not bring me any harm. So I have no need to force myself to figure it out.

Plus, sneaking in would be difficult and if caught, it will only bring me trouble. First, mother always stays there until lunch, then comes back. Of course I could not sneak in during lunch since we are to eat together. I imagine it would also be the same for the days that will follow.

Also, I have attendants that always follow me. It will be hard. Sure they were just standing nearby, but they will realize that I have disappeared.

That operation would be too risky with a high chance of failure. Besides, this was not a high priority thing. Mostly, this was just my curiosity. No need to get in trouble.

Can’t ask Estevan and my father either. So, the only one I can ask was Vernon.

He may be a martial artist, not a mage, but he was still using mana.

Therefore, I was on my way to him.

I had a tired expression on my face when they saw me. Which I deliberately formed.

“Milady,” Mera was the one to immediately rush towards me. “Milady, do you need water?”

She had been a bit normal compared to yesterday. But she was still a bit more behaved. She must still be trying to be careful of something.

“No, I am fine. Things are just not working out as I imagined.”

I said to her with a faint smile.

“I see, I never thought you would be having difficulties on mana manipulation.”

Hell, I can’t even manipulate it yet. She then continued.

“I didn’t get to experience such difficulties.”

Wait, what did she just say?

“Mera, you know magic?”

“No, I didn’t get the time to learn spells. But, as a daughter of a noble, my family made me learn to at least control my mana. Nobles are required to at least practice mana manipulation.”

I realized, nobles learn to manipulate mana, as they should be. Then why the hell was Estelia not doing anything?!

Was it because I was a high ranking aristocrat compared to Mera’s family who was basically at the bottom?

My family didn’t even suggest such a thing.

Ladies have no need to obtain magical power, but they could if they wanted. Therefore, ladies have no need to learn spells. However, it appears that nobles should learn mana control.

However, if that was the case, then could noble ladies secretly cast spells? Just like mother? Then does Eleanore, my teacher in Etiquettes can cast spells? Lanivia also?


But there was something I couldn’t understand. My parents at first didn’t want me to learn magic. If they wanted, they should have done so long before I asked them.

So, why?

Was it because they wanted to project the perfect image of a lady to me? Because I truly have no need to learn it? I’m sure they know that even noble ladies know the basics of magic.

Shouldn’t I, as a princess, should have learned even the bare minimum of it?

Also, why were they too protective of me? I am beginning to feel it was just not my appearance at all.

There could be some other reason. Something I have no idea of.

My thoughts then led me to the term that the stranger called me.

Princess of Blood.

Could they… but how would they know? Even my brother didn’t know. “Princess of Blood” doesn’t seem to be well known. The stranger was too unknown, so I don’t feel that my parents would know who he was.

However, what if they have a faint idea?

Not the stranger, but the term he used to call me.

Hm, I don’t know how to take this, let me put it aside for the time being.

I must focus on the task at hand first before I start speculating. As I was not entirely in danger, there was no need to be all scared and rush forward. Besides, that was just mere speculation.

But I am curious. Since it involves me after all. But if they have not told me yet, and in the many years of my existence, there was a high possibility they wouldn’t tell me anything still. Of course, if there was indeed something going on.

“I see. Well, as I was struggling, I sought aid.”

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