Chapter 4:

School Finals Final Part

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist [Part 2]

It’s time. The long wait has now ended. It's the worst that's happening now. School finals have begun. The dreadfully horrid week of none stop exams is forcing its way into my life, as well as other classmates, but that’s beyond my area to care. I have ensured my own safety from any existing distractions. I stared at pictures of Lei Mei for hours between my study time so that I didn't feel the need to look over at her during the exams.

Though it may seem a bit weird, it has actually been very effective. I’ve seen so much of her that I have no desire for more currently. I should have thought of this sooner because this is probably the smartest thing I have ever done.

Now that my never-ending thirst for Lei Mei is being quenched, I have been much more productive. I was able to sit through the entire week of exams and destroy them all as if I was Carl Morb, destroying angels. That was a great quick read. I should probably get Kingo to read it as well.

Since nothing interesting was happening other than exams, I haven't been able to do anything fun. Whatever, the week has ended, and we have completed all the exams. I am extremely uncertain if I have passed, though. Despite all the effort, I put into my studying and preparations for the exams, I severely underestimated how difficult these exams would be.

All I can do now is hope that I am able to pass all of them with at least a decent grade, otherwise this might be the end of my future with Lei Mei.

I waited and waited and waited. Each day I waited for the results became harder to cope with. Until the final day. They finally displayed the results. I did not hesitate to run and check my score. I checked at the top and sure enough, Lei Mei took the first place. I expected no less from her. As for myself, though. I had to keep going down and down.

I was starting to sweat. This is not good. Not in the top 10 nor the top 20 nor the top 30 nor the top 40, however, I did make it into the top 50, which without a doubt is better than what I had scored previously. I usually ranged in the top 110.

Well, I definitely managed to surpass my previous records, but I hoped for something better. I hope this will be enough to help me get into the university Lei Mei wants to attend.

“Hey Taji, I don’t see you anywhere near the bottom. I am rather impressed that you managed to get out of there.” Lei Mei called out from behind me.

“Thanks… Though I’m not sure if my score is enough to get me a spot at the university.”

“Don’t worry Taji. Although, you are right and this isn’t enough. There’s an entrance exam which you can take which will assess you based on what you score there, so that’s like a second chance. Since you managed to study this much already, I believe that you will make it in after the second exam.”

She hugged me as she said that. I felt comfort and relief. I’m glad that she’s here for me. It makes my life much more meaningful to it, instead of endlessly going forward without knowing where hopelessly hoping that I will figure something out.

Well, although I didn’t achieve what I normally wanted to achieve, I did shock everyone else with my score increasing by quite a significant amount.

My teachers at school all congratulated me for my fantastic performance and tremendous improvement. My homeroom teacher even rewarded me with a chocolate bar, a bit random, but I won't decline.

Arrived home, and my mother greeted me with open arms at the door. Really, everyone is going insane over this. Never knew I was this much of a disappointment. It gave me much more freedom from my parents for the day. I should do this more often. Who would have thought that my parents would be nicer to me if I tried harder?

Even Kingo sent me a message congratulating me on the improvements I have achieved in the exams. I need to go out with him again sometime, it’s been a while since we spent some time together.

Minding my own business and enjoying the new Supernatural Creatures of War: Bangarock my grandparents decided to call me! They haven’t bothered to talk to me since Christmas four years ago. Without a surprise, it was about my results. This really spread like a wildfire.

It’s been getting a bit annoying with all this pestering about my grades. Seriously, why can’t I live the way I want to, for something I want? They had all been acting as if I had been stupid this entire time, insulting me or treating me like trash. I'm so tired of it all, now suddenly everyone is respecting me because I had found my own motivation to achieve things. If only they had helped me get motivation, a reason to achieve these things instead of earlier.

Lei Mei has been the only one who actually cared. It makes me feel rather pathetic as well since I couldn’t find my own goal or motivation earlier but having her made me realise that my priorities weren’t right, to begin with, and I needed someone to guide me towards the left path of the world.

Well, not like I will have to deal with them much longer. Soon my 18th birthday and the end of school. Once both happen, I will be fully free from the human cage I have been living in all my life. Cannot wait till I… till I… till I am… away from my parents…