Chapter 3:

School Finals part 2

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist [Part 2]

After spending a night at Lei Mei’s house, I feel fully rejuvenated. Never have I felt so refreshed. Seeing Lei Mei wearing that Chinese Military uniform going over me… really made me feel different. Damn, that was a fantastic night… Now, I need to make sure that I concentrate on my studies; she said if I pass we will be able to do more stuff like that. Fully motivated. This is all I need now in life. Actual quality time with each other, being able to embrace each other.

I got distracted again. I need to just silently do my classwork now. The more I keep diverting from the work, the less chance I’ll have of that repeating. I have exams soon so I should now pay full attention. One by one, I shall dominate each class. Will make my teacher and even Lei Mei surprised.

Math class. Simple, easily done.

English class. I speako very goodo inglisho.

Chemistry class. I made blue crystals.

PE class. I destroyed everyone's kneecaps and won the match.

Literature class. I read manga daily, don’t need to try hard on this one.

Last but not least, geography class. Rock is rock. Class finished.

This was the easiest day of my life. I should do this more often. Who would have thought that school was actually easy when you paid attention? HAHA. I love it. Everyone is going to see how academically advanced I really am.

“Hey, Lei Mei. No need to do library learning today. I got it all covered myself for today.”

“Oh. OK. See you tomorrow at school.” She replied and left instantly.

That was a little odd, seems like she’s just busy today, probably made more space in her schedule today by cancelling our little session. Well, good for her.

So now that I am home. I need to seriously study. I have been messing around way too much.

“Mum! Don’t disturb me. I need to concentrate on my studies today.”

“Don’t need to tell me that twice. Do your work now.”

Great, glad she's very understanding.

After a few hours of studying, I finally managed it. It is currently 4 am, though I managed to study every subject I had since I got home around 4 pm. I went down to go get some quick food since I had avoided eating due to my studying.

I heard the front door closing while I was walking down the stairs. Did mother not lock the doors? I grabbed whatever I could to defend myself with and slowly went down. Someone switched the lights on and I could hear clear movement in the living room.

Sneaking my way down into the living room, avoiding getting noticed, it turned out to just be my dad.

“Why are you getting home so late?” I asked him while putting my armed pen away.

“Oh! Taji. It’s a bit late isn’t it, haha, shouldn’t you be asleep?” he replied while fidgeting around with his hands.

“I was studying till now… About to go to sleep. I just need some snacks. Why are you awake still?”

“Oh, I only just got home. Had a long day at work today.”

“Oh, alright. Enjoy your sleep, dad.”

Hmm… he’s been acting a little weird recently. I can’t remember exactly when I would need to check my diary. I most likely noted it down. His working so late recently has been becoming a bit unhealthy. I wonder what his workplace is making him do.

Well, either way, I got more crucial things to be concentrating on as of now. No time to worry about other people. Need to concentrate on getting the best grades possible.

Anyway, time for sleep. Another day awaits me.


Morning once again. I managed to sleep a good 4 hours. I will most likely not feel the best, but I had a cup of coffee before leaving the house. Now It’s just walking to school and completing the full school day.

“Hi, Taji.” Lei Mei’s angelic voice came from behind me.

“Hey Lei Mei. How are you doing?”

“I’m good, thank you. How is your studying going?”

“Good. Though I was up late studying, didn’t get much chance to sleep.”

“Taji! I told you this before, mass studying things like that doesn’t help that much. You will most likely forget everything after today. You should get a good sleep in order to help you remember everything you studied.”

“Sorry… I just really want to do well. I don’t want to end up disappointing you.”

“I get it. I can see you’re trying, but it won't work if you aren’t doing it properly. I understand that time is running low and you want to get as much studying done. Just control yourself more and it will help you more.”

“Okay. Thanks. I’ll do that.”

“Good Taji.”

She patted me on the head and we headed to school while holding hands. Honestly, this is nice. I think this is exactly what I needed in life.

I paid full attention in my classes today. I may have been domesticated by Lei Mei.