Chapter 21:

Chapter 21: Mrs. A's Office

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

When Mrs. A sat in her desk, she placed her hands together underneath her chin and put her head down for a moment. "Now you two"-then she opened her eyes, lifted her head up and glared at Sam and Zac-"have a lot of explaining to do."

Zac and Sam just stood there in silence when they gazed at Mrs. A. Zac frowned at her while Sam just gave her his serious look on her face. Zac's eyes twitched and moved sideways at a bit.

-Oh, man. This is it, Zac buddy. I'm gonna be in so much trouble.

Then his memories of tying Kayleb up in the bag and locking him up in the storage room haunted him through and through.

-I jus' can't believe that I failed to return here jus' in time, y'know. If only that bus arrived at my stop earlier, none of this shit would've even happened in the first place. Goddammit!

Mrs. A turned to Zac and glared at him with her eyes nearly closed. "Starting with you…so answer this, Zac: why did you tie Kayleb and lock him up in the storage room this morning?! In fact, what were you even doing in the storage room anyway?!"

"Well, um…uh…" Zac looked up at the ceiling when he tried to think of a response for Mrs. A. Yet his sweat poured down from his forehead when he had a hard time coming up with an answer, frowning harder than ever before.

-Oh, c'mon, Zac buddy! Come up with an answer already! Think, dammit, think! We don't have time for this bullshit now!

"Well, Zac?!" Mrs. A impatiently said while Sam viciously grinned at Zac, without Mrs. A noticing it. "I'm waiting…"

-C'mon now, man! Hurry the hell up already! Geez…

He thought of an answer harder than ever before. He fearfully kept staring at the ceiling for a while until something finally popped up inside his heart.

-Ah! Finally!

Then he turned to Mrs. A with a smile on his face.

"Well, you see, Mrs. A…" Zac swallowed his saliva and began to speak, placing his hands together while he slowly walked up to Mrs. A's desk. "We were jus' playing Bein' Silent while Bein' Tied Up in a Bag…"

Sam quietly chuckled and turned his head left with his hand in front of his mouth, while Mrs. A raised her eyebrow at Zac. "So you were, what I heard right…'playin' Bein' Silent while Bein' Tied Up in a Bag' with Kayleb, huh?"

"Yes, ma'am! We sure did!" Zac continued. "I mean, you have to remain tied up without anyone else except me untying him for a long period of time. Once that time's up, I would arrive back at that storage room.

"If anyone else untied him except me, he looses and remains bein' tied in the next round. If I untie him, then he wins and I get to be tied up for a long period of time in the next round. And that's how the game' bein' played."

Mrs. A closed her eyes and shook her head sideways, sighing out of disbelief. "Zac…"

Sam still managed to chuckle silently without Mrs. A noticing him, performing his same actions as before. Zac widened his eyes and twitched his eyes sideways, leaning back a bit, putting his hands out forward. He couldn't even believe what he'd saw from Mrs. A's reaction towards his answer.

-Oh, man…I can't believe it! I can't believe my lie didn't even work on her!

"Do you really expect me to believe that story?" Mrs. A asked when she glared at Zac. "'Cause what I've been hearing from Kayleb, I'm not really buying your story. At all."

-Alright, I better come up with another lie then, Zac buddy. Quick!

"But Mrs. A, I-" Zac tried to say something to her, yet he saw her close her eyes and put her head down, expressing her angry face.

"I believe you're done talkin'!" Mrs. A roared as she opened her eyes back up and continued her glare at Zac.

Zac backed down and didn't continue to speak further on this issue, frowning at Mrs. A.

-Oh, great! Jus'...great, Zac buddy…here we go…

"Now where was I?" Mrs. A questioned, placing her finger on her chin whenever she looked up at the ceiling. Then she widened her eyes whenever she turned her attention back to Zac. "Right! Ah-hem." She placed her hands together in front of her mouth before she put her hand down.

"From what Kayleb told me…" Mrs. A continued, "You were putting the gum back into one of the cabinets in the storage room, yes?"

"Yes, ma'am," Zac responded.

"So why did you steal the gum from the storage room?"

Zac sighed. The gig was up. He got caught red handed and he had to tell Mrs. A the truth. "I didn't."

Mrs. A broadened her eyes out of shock and leaned back a bit. "You didn't?"

"No, of course I didn't. I jus' pulled it out of my pocket and placed it there."

"So you placed your own gum in there, why exactly?"

"I wanted to prevent Kayleb from bein' suspicious of me, that's all."

"I see…and you tied him up, yes?"

"Why, of course I did."

"And why did you do it?"

"I didn't want that brat to bother me while I was takin' a break, and once I did that I got my gum back and left the storage room."

"Did you leave this community service?"

-Okay, that I'm not tellin' the truth 'bout that! No way, no how! I jus' simply refused to do it!

"I was standin' outside..." Zac finally responded.

"Which section though?"

"Well, I, uh, um…" Zac looked up at the ceiling as he thought about something. Sam chuckled a bit quietly, yet Mrs. A noticed it this time.

She angrily turned to Sam. "That's quite enough, Sam!"

Sam confusedly turned to Mrs. A. "Um, Mrs. A. I didn't do anything wrong."

"I saw you laughing at Zac earlier today, so don't play dumb with me," Mrs. A snapped when she glared at Sam. "I'll give you an extra punishment if you do it again. Do you understand me?!"

Sam sighed, frowned and looked down below him. "Yes…ma'am…"

"Good," Mrs. A said.

Zac viciously grinned at Sam.

-Well, well, well. Looks like this bitch has finally been put in his place. Finally, 'bout damn time too, while we're at it.

Then Mrs. A returned her attention to Zac and glared at him. "Now Zac, you may continue."

Zac quickly turned back to Mrs. A. "Huh? Oh, right!" He then relooked up at the ceiling and tried to think of something.

-Now hurry up and think of somethin', Zac buddy. Where the hell were you hidin' at?! Think, Zac, think!

"Zaaaac," Mrs. A impatiently said. "I'm waaaaiting. I don't have time for your nonsense, you know."

"Oh, don't worry, Mrs. A," Zac reassured, turning back to Mrs. A. "I'm thinkin' of somethin' right now."

"You're not lyin' to me, are you?"

"Well, of course not!"

-Damn, she's onto me already. Better hurry up and come up with a lie. Or she'll think I'm lyin' even more now than ever before.

Then something finally popped up in his head.

-Finally, Zac buddy. 'Bout damn time!

"I was standin' by the right side of the building, lookin' up at the clouds in the sky for a while before I returned for Kayleb."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well then, looks like I'll ask around about your whereabouts later," Mrs. A said.

Zac expanded his eyes when he heard that.

-Oh, goddammit! Here we freakin' go again! Jus' great…Jus' great, Zac buddy…

"And when you get back, that's when you reunite with not only Kayleb and Sam, but also pick a fight with Sam. Is that right?" Mrs. A continued.


Then Mrs. A moved her eyes sideways when she glared at both Sam and Zac. "So…what were you two fighting about?"

"Zac scammed me into buying his fake product four days ago," Sam finally got a chance to say something.

"Oh, really?" Mrs. A turned to Zac when she heard that.

Zac sighed when he put his head down.

-Oh, great. Here we go again….Ugh!

"Of course he did, Mrs. A!" Sam continued when he glared at Zac. "He claimed to provide me with a brand new dumbphone for double the price, and after all that time, he refused to give me a refund."

"Zac, is that true?" Mrs. A turned to Zac.

"O-Of course not!" Zac answered as he and Sam angrily turned to one another. "He's the one that's lyin' here. I did in fact provide him with the product that he actually wanted."

"No, you didn't, ya liar!" Sam argued, raising his fists up underneath his chin.

"Well, of course I did, ya liar!" Zac argued back.

When Mrs. A got tired of hearing the boys argue with one another, she stood up from her chair and slammed her hands on her desk. "That's quite enough, you two!"

Zac and Sam fearfully turned back to Mrs. A. Mrs. A turned back to the boys, glaring at them. "You two will not eat out for a week from here. You'll instead assist the janitors on cleaning this place up all day from now on. Is that understood?"

"But Mrs. A-" Sam cried with his sad face.

"Is that understood?!" Mrs. A repeated the question.

"Yes…ma'am…" Zac and Sam said with their heads down.

"Good," Mrs. A said in a relaxed tone, leading the boy's out of her office. "Now let's go."

"Yes…ma'am…" Zac and Sam said as they followed Mrs. A.