Chapter 22:

Chapter 22: Punishment Chores

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

When the janitor took Zac and Sam to the clothing room, he turned to them and handed them a broom, a mop and some cleaner wipes. "Okay, you two. You're going to work together to clean this room. I want this room clean, do you two understand me?"

Sam and Zac frowned at the janitor. "Yes, sir…"

"Good," the janitor said as he began to walk out the room. "Now if I hear you two fighting, I'll report you guys to Mrs. A. You got that?"

After the boys repeated their answers, the janitor opened the door wide. "Good."

Watching the janitor close the door and leave the room, the boys turned around and moved their eyes around sideways. The clothes were either hung up or inside the boxes. Several big boxes were standing still and watching the boys stare at them. There were a few items lying on the floor; some were trash and others were not so.

-Oh, man…I can't believe I have to work together with…

Zac turned to Sam and glared at him.

-That guy over there…

Then he returned his attention to his surroundings right in front of him.

-To clean this shit up…I mean, talk about today as literally the worst day ever…in my life…

Sighing, he turned to Sam with his no nonsense look on his face. "Look…"

"What?!" Sam snapped as he angrily turned to Zac and glared at him for a few moments.

-This bitch…

"We need to wipe everything in this room and pick up items on the floor, so that I can sweep the floor first. Then you mop it, got it?" Zac suggested, moving his hands up and down a couple times.

"Yea, yea, yea. Sure…" Sam nearly closed his eyes when he continuously stared at Zac. Then he sighed and took a deep, angry breath and looked away from Zac. "Whatever! Let's hurry the hell up and clean this freakin' place, so that I don't have to deal with you and your bullshit anymore. The sooner we get our chores done, the better."

Zac growled at Sam for a moment.

-Oooo, I can't wait to punch this bitch before I leave.

Then he realized that he didn't want anymore trouble with Mrs. A and later his own parents. It wasn't not worth it for him to remain separated from video games and his own money. He began to forget about what he ought to do with Sam earlier.

-Alright, Zac buddy. Forget about what I thought earlier and get to work. I don't wanna get caught again.

Once Zac and Sam wiped everything cleaned, they picked up a few items on the floor and placed them back the way they were. Sam turned to Zac, moving his thumb backwards. "Yo, Zac. You're up!"

"Got it," Zac responded as he grabbed the broom and the blue dustpan from both the wall and floor.

As soon as Zac dropped the dustpan in the middle of the floor, he began to sweep the glistened, tiled floor. For a long while, Zac sighed and frowned while he continued to sweep the floor. He was about twenty-five percent done with his duty.

He had to make sure the place was squeaky clean, so he won't be called for his mistakes in the long run. He didn't want to reclean the areas that he missed once he finished his chores. He most certainly didn't want that to happen.

-Man, tryin' to make sure this place is squeaky clean sure is a huge pain in the ass…This has got to be the most borin' thing that I've ever done…Quite possibly the worst punishment…EVER…Ugh!

Sam sighed impatiently as he watched Zac slowly clean the floor, glaring at him. He tapped on the floor and crossed his arms, glaring at him. "Uh, why the hell are ya sweepin' the floor so damn slow?! I don't got all day, y'know?!"

Zac growled at Sam while he continued sweeping the floor. But he didn't bother to say anything to Sam. Like, nothing at all. He just flat out ignored Sam.

"Uh, helloooo-uh?!" Sam's patience continued to deteriorate further and further, opening his mouth with his gritted teeth shown.

At that moment, Zac stopped what he was doing and angrily turned to Sam, growling and glaring back at Sam. "Bruh! I'm tryin' to keep this place clean as soon as possible, man! Like, chillax, will ya?!"

"Well, hurry up, slow poke! I don't need to wait for much longer for ya to finish sweepin' the floor, y'know!" Sam shouted angrily, clenching his fists, sticking them out backwards.

Zac growled at Sam even more, glaring at Sam for a brief moment. Sam glared and growled at Zac.

-This bitch!

Zac cautiously and slowly swept the floor over time until he finally finished his task. He even ignored Sam's complaints, sighs and grunts. He growled at Sam while he continuously swepted at the floor, glaring at Sam.

-Well, this impatient ass will have to wait. I'm tryin' to keep this freakin' room clean as soon as possible, y'know. And besides…

He turned his eyes away from Sam's face.

-I don't give a crap what this dude said or wants. It's better to do it this way or no way at all. So Sam can suck it!

After he banged on the trash can to drop some trash and dirt in there, he turned to Sam, pointing the dust pan backward. "Alright, you're up, impatient ass!"

Sam took his deep, hard breath, blinked his eyes and stood up away from the wall. "Finally, about damn time too while you're at it!" He pulled the bucket with wheels and held onto the mop stick, walking past Zac.

Zac stopped moving for a moment, then he turned his head to Sam, glaring at him constantly. "Hey, don't forget to check for missing spots, alright? Don't be a slow ass while you're at it."

"Hmph, please!" Sam turned his head to Zac and glared at Zac back, adjusting his oval-shaped glasses. "Oh, don't worry, Zac. I won't miss anything while I'm at it. And besides, I can clean faster than you can!"

"Hmph!" Zac leaned his back against the wall and crossed his arms, right after he placed the broom against the wall and the dust pan on the floor. "We'll see 'bout that."

Sam growled at Zac before he squeezed the water in the bucket and mopped the floor. Although he mopped the floor quickly, he did it so rapidly that he didn't even bother mopping underneath the tables. Zac noticed it and yelled, "Hey, you miss somethin'!"

"Shut up, Zac! I didn't miss anythin', slow ass! So hang tight, will ya?!" Sam snapped while he continued mopping the floor without even paying attention to Zac.

Yet Zac decided to remain calm and still glare at Sam instead, watching. "Well, if you didn't miss anythin', then why the hell didn't you even bother cleaning underneath the tables then?! Huh?! You clearly forgot to mop underneath the tables! "

Sam angrily turned to Zac. "Oh, my God, Zac! I said, 'Shut the hell up already!' I don't really need to mop underneath there anyway, okay?! Gheesh!"

Zac moved his back away from the wall. "Okay then, fine. I'll ask Mrs. A about that then." Then he turned to the door and opened it until his eyes widened and twitched, when he saw something to his surprise out of shock. "Ah!"

There he saw Mrs. A standing by the door.

-Oh, shit. It's Mrs. A! Don't panic and pretend everything's alright, Zac buddy. Trust me on this, broh.

He backed away from her as she entered the room, turning to Zac and Sam sideways back and forth.

"Alright, what are you two fighting about now?!" Mrs. A snapped, crossing her arms, tapping her foot on the floor, while she gave the young men a serious look on her face.

Fearfully recognizing her voice, Sam turned to Mrs. A and forced a smile with his widened eyes. "Oh, uh, hi, Mrs. A. I didn't notice that you were coming in here to check on us. He-he-he."

-Well, to be honest, I didn't notice that either.

"Well?" Mrs. A impatiently questioned, "I'm waaaaitiiiing!"

"Well, you see, Mrs. A," Zac responded. "I was reminding Sam here to mop underneath the tables, because he missed those spots yet he didn't take my constructive feedback for it."

"Oh?" Mrs. A turned to Sam. "Is that so?"

"Why, of course he did, ma'am," Zac added. "He thought he didn't have to mop that specific area of the floor."

"B-B-But Mrs. A. He was clearly lyin' here," Sam responded. From that moment on, Zac widened his eyes when he heard Sam's response.

-Eh?! No freakin' way, bruh! Sam did not jus' lie!

"I told Zac that I was clearly goin' to clean there as soon as I mop the entire floor," Sam continued.

"Well then, Sam. Since you lied to me, you'll be doin' more chores around here. Now mop the floor underneath those tables. Is that understood?" Mrs. A demanded when her angry eyes stared right into Sam's.

"Ah!" Sam broadened his eyes when he heard that, then leaned forward like a hunchback person. "Y-Y-Yes…ma'am…"

Mrs. A turned around and walked out of the room. "I already told your parents about you two fighting earlier today, and they will pick you up from my office, got it?"

"Ah!" Zac and Sam widened their twitchy eyes even more. "Yes…ma'am…"

After Mrs. A left the room, Zac watched Sam mopped his missing spots before he and Sam exited the room.

-Oh…great…looks like I'll face my parents like this…jus' great…ugh!