Chapter 59:


Royal Princess of Blood

I wrapped my arms around my mother’s neck as she carried me. The wonderful fragrance of flowers reached my nose. I smiled, pretty delighted. The warmth and softness of my mother, I felt it very clearly.

“Let’s take a look of the newly planted flowers.”

“Really? Newly planted? I want to see!”

“Hehehe, be calm, my daughter.”

I snuggled more into her embrace as she brought me further within the garden. Several colors of flower petals passed us by. Then wisteria flowers surrounded us, gently dancing in the breeze on this sunny day.

“Mother, wisteria flowers are much more beautiful at night, the way they glow is so amazing. Why do they glow?”

“It was said that it absorbs the light of the moon and stars.”


They were truly beautiful. The first time I saw them, I was mystified. The gentle glow of the countless petals of wisteria was so captivating that it felt magical. What a wonderful sight it was to behold.

I then heard rushed footsteps coming at us. I looked behind us and saw my brother, Estevan. A smile formed on my lips.

“It’s big brother!”

He was younger and shorter.

“Estel! Where are you going?”

He stopped beside us and looked up at me.

“Mother said she has newly planted flowers.”

“I’m coming with you then!”

“Estevan, where is Eleden?”

“He’s doing some stuff as always. That aside, let’s go mother!”

“Hehehe, don’t rush Estevan.”

Estevan led the way with excitement. Though I’m sure he wasn’t sure where exactly our destination was. But, I was happy only seeing him here.

“Mother, I want to get down.”

“... Okay.”

With a giggle she put me down, I then rushed towards my brother.


“Little sister, look at that, a red bug.”

He pulled my hand and headed towards amongst the flowers. We crouched down, I smiled upon seeing a tiny red bug on the flower petal.

“So cute,” I said as I intently looked at the little thing.

My brother then suddenly plucked a flower before putting it on my ear.

“Hm, looks good! My sister is even cuter now!”

I touched the flower he suddenly placed on my ear. I giggled with a bright smile before speaking with joy.

“Really? T-Then, thank you.”

My surroundings changed again.

“Father! Is there something I can help you with?”

Father was at his desk working on some papers as usual along with some other servants. The servants smiled in amusement as they saw me asking my father what I can help with.

“Dear daughter... ” he smiled. “Alright, you can help.”

I sat on a chair by his desk, he placed a clean paper in front of me and gave me a quill. Then beside it he placed another paper with written words on it.

“Write this down.”


With a pat on my head, he returned to his work. I wrote the letters that were written on the paper into the clean sheet.

“Um.... Mm.”

I was struggling on copying the letters. I have yet to memorize how letters and numbers were written. Therefore, it took a very long time to finish this work given to me. Although, as time went by, I was slowly getting used to it.

“You're doing a good job, Estelia.”


I smiled at my father’s praise.

“You’ll master how to write in no time!”

I giggled at his wonderful words as he caressed my head.

Then with a blink, I was now lying down on my bed in a dim room covered in sheets. My eyes moved to the side to see my mother.

She was smiling while caressing my head.

“Tell me a story, please,” I said with pleading eyes.

“... Alright,” she took the book beside her. “But have you read this yet?”

I shook my head.

“I like it if you read it to me.”

I was not fond of reading books, it hurts my head. It was more convenient if it were read to me after all.

“Very well…”

She read the story to me. Her voice was soothing as always that it immediately made me relax. I love moments like this. Just having the presence of my family close to me... brings me peace.

Before the story was even over, my eyes were already getting heavier. My mother noticed this and she slowly closed the book.

“Let’s continue this tomorrow evening, okay?”

I weakly nodded my head with half closed eyes.

“Goodnight, Estelia.”

“Goodnight… mother… I love you.”

My mother smiled.

“I love you too.”

Everything darkened. Then, like I just dreamed, I slowly opened my eyes, awakening from my slumber. What greeted my eyes was a familiar ceiling. This was my room.

Were those dreams?

They felt like one but... They were so clear. And why was everything mixed up?

And it had to be during my education, just remembering those irks me. But that wasn’t the greater issue, the issue was, why was I dreaming of those now? I rarely have dreams. And if it does happen, definitely not about the past.

Furthermore, my dream this time seemed more intensive. Was it because I was about to die?

Now ain’t that something, I sure am not going to die.


Beside me I heard my mother’s voice of surprise. I turned my head, she immediately set aside the book she was reading and immediately extended her hand towards my cheek. She was smiling but I see concern in her eyes.

“My baby, finally you’re awake. Do you feel alright?”

I stared at her for a moment. Only then I recalled that I have also dreamed memories with my family. No… Estelia’s family.

I slowly raised my body.

I wondered why I also have dreamed Estelia’s memories. Was I having flashbacks or something? Damn. And for what fucking reason would that be?

“Slowly now…”

“I’m feeling fine now mother.”

To be honest, my body felt a bit heavy. Perhaps because I have just laid down for a time, or maybe because of what happened.

“How long was I unconscious?” I asked.

“Two days.”

Two days?!!

The fuck? How much damage did I receive? Of course I vividly remember the amount of pain I experienced. But I still had no idea exactly what happened. All I knew was that my mana went out of control. Ultimately, when I have to force my way forward to hide my weapons.


I formed a shocked expression.

“I’m glad you are awake. We were sure that you’re going to wake up eventually. But it is still frightening to see you unconscious for two days.”

She caressed my head as her other hand held mine.

“Is everyone alright? I… I remember harming...”

Everyone struggled to get to me, only to be blown away. It was only natural that I would be worried about them, especially my family.

“They’re completely fine. We’re fine.”

“I see… Mother…” I looked at her eyes. “What exactly happened to me?”

“Let me first call your father and brother. They are really worried about you.”


I nodded my head, then she left the room.

I was alone. My personal maid was not around. I first expected that she would be here being my maid and all. But then I remembered that there were risks of betrayal. Knowing my family. They wouldn’t let anyone here when I am unconscious and defenseless.

Therefore, my family themselves must have been the ones to watch over me.

In addition, I didn’t expect to be out for two days.

And I just had to dream those times.

I clicked my tongue in annoyance.

There are just some things that you wish to never remember.

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