Chapter 60:

This Sucks

Royal Princess of Blood

The door of my room slammed open, I acted surprised, frantically turning to look at the door. There I saw my brother with wide eyes as he smiled widely.

“My sister!”

He walked towards me with impatient steps then snatched my hand. While I was still half up on the bed, I stared at him as he grasped my hand with both hands while leaning towards me.

“How are you? You’re fine, right? Thank goodness!”

“B-Brother… I’m sorry if I worried you so much.”

“Doesn’t matter, the important thing is you are awake. You’re still adorable as ever, so there is nothing to worry about.”

I smiled wryly at my brother. I have noticed this but, the way he spoke to me, I took it as a family thing, but now it now felt more like he was almost flirting. Hehe, oh my sweet brother.

… How sweet indeed.

Now that I thought about it, he didn’t even have any suitress, nor did he openly show any interest in other noble ladies. He was already an adult, so it was quite strange that he has yet to have a fiance, especially as a royalty.

Oh come on, let's just admit here that he definitely gives that sister complex vibe!

“Big brother… Seeing you smile brings me great relief. Now I am less worried about what happened to me.”

“Sorry I didn’t get to reach you during the library, your power is much greater than I thought.”

“My power is greater than you thought? May I ask what you mean?”


There was a delay before he got to speak again.

“I mean nothing. Let’s wait for Father and the physician, okay?”

In his delay, it almost appeared like he was thinking of something. Debating? Or Hesitation? I wondered what caused them.

Perhaps, well, I am royalty, so it was only to be expected that I have a great amount of mana. So perhaps they didn’t expect that amount I could exert. However, why did he use the word power?

But when you think about it, there wasn’t much of a difference between mana and power. Mana is used to cast magic. And magic is power.

Just then, footsteps came from the door.

My Father had an expression of relief the moment he laid eyes on me.

“I’m glad you’re alright, dear daughter.”

He said as I gave him a gentle smile. My mother then sat on the bed.

Another man came closer, it was the physician.

“May I check your condition for a moment, your highness?”

He asked me, I immediately nodded my head.

He checked for the rise of temperature of my body by placing his palm on my forehead, like checking on someone with a fever. He then proceeded to ask me if I was feeling anything weird. Uncomfortable, pain, but I said there was nothing. My body was a bit heavy, that was all.

He nodded.

“Everything seems fine. I’m sure you are wondering what happened.”


“Your mana went out of control.”

I could tell that was what happened. My mana that time was just kept going out that time, and it was sure hard to hold it in. Maybe I made a mistake?

“However, it was not due to the reason of failing to control it. It was because you cannot control it. The amount was too great for you to control safely.”

“But… why?”

“It must be your innate amount of mana. Like any other nobles that naturally have a great amount of mana. But, for yours, the moment there was a way out, your mana burst out.”

What? Like when you untie a balloon and all the air just blows out of it? It seems so.

“You must have a considerable amount of mana, begging to be released, so the moment when you allowed their exit, they all tried to go out.”

“Did it have to be so painful?”

I said with a frightened expression.

“Normally, no… You are now familiar with the Mystic Medium, yes?”

“Yes, I know of it.”

“The Mystic Medium is the passageway of mana, you could say. However, with that amount of mana going out all at once, your medium is not at the size that could handle that much amount. Therefore, you can imagine the medium stretches as the vast amount of mana passes through it, hence the intense pain you felt.”

“Do I have to go through that every time I control mana?”

I mean, come on, that would be annoying as fuck. I don't want to have to endure that pain every now and then.

“You are feeling no pain, so the medium has stabilized for now. However, it is still too early to be complacent and careless. I strongly suggest that you limit your release of mana to the utmost minimum. If you release more than necessary, you might go through that pain again.”

“... I see.”

Aaaah, how annoying.

“However, with time and practice, your medium will adapt in time. But please be careful, your highness.”

“... I will.”

This only made things more difficult for me. I imagine this will make my progress slower. However, I do remember the basic spells consume a low amount of mana. I am starting from the bottom anyway, so I guess this wasn’t that bad.

That said, not only will I work in learning to cast spells, but also do something so my Mystic medium would adapt at a normal pace. I may have to exert a subtle amount of mana all the time.

Training. I’m used to such a thing anyway, so I’m fine about it. Besides, this may improve my control in mana. In time perhaps I can control mana and be more precise, like easily putting a thread through a needle.

But why do I even have such a great amount of mana that even made Father and brother struggle?

Am I actually special? Wow.

Well, having a vast amount of mana wasn’t so bad. I mean, I can be powerful! Who wouldn’t want that?

Heh, but of course I have to be limited by my Mystic Medium so that sucks. I have to be careful so I won’t die.

“If it happens again, is there a chance of me… dying?”

Hey, just asking to make sure.

Of course my question made my family flabbergasted, then instantly followed by scared looks.

“... There is a chance…” the physician said with reluctance.

I resisted the urge to sigh. This really sucks.

But again, I had to have patience. In time, surely this will bring me great merit. Right…?

“That said, I did hear you managed to reel back your mana. Which was… an amazing feat. So, everything might be better than we initially thought. But of course, we have to act carefully.”

“I understand.”

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