Chapter 6:


Haruki- はるき [Volume.1]

"You actually came" Sakura said in her sweet voice.

It was a windy day. The air was blowing and on the front most table in cafeteria sat me and Sakura about to begin our conversation.

"Yes, because you told me too" 

"You could have ignored me like others and enjoyed your time alone in some other place rather than coming here but you still chose to come here, i appreciate that"

I could do that. Why I didn't ? What was the thing that attracted me towards her. I found her strange from the beginning but all I could do for now is to have a talk with her to find out more about her. 

"I just don't say no to anyone"

She gazed at me with her bewitching eyes, after approximately five seconds she smiled.

"Is that all? You called me here to ask me a stupid question and randomly smile. You know that its annoying for anyone."  

"Yes thats all, i wanted to know. Thanks for your time" she said in a different tone than before."

I was freaked out inside my mind. Why would she call me if she didnt even want to talk about anything useful.

"I see, well i'll see you later than" i said trying to keep my calm.

She walked past me than suddenly turned around.

"Becareful! the road ahead is ............           a little bumpy" before i could i say something she walked away.           

I was so confused rather pissed. It was obvious waste of my time. All of my curiosity died now as i started making my way outside of the cafeteria. 

The next lecture of 3D - Arts was still 30 minutes later. I reached the class earlier than anyone and starting thinking about all that happened till now. I never expected my first day in University to be like this. Thinking about all of this situation i somehow fell to sleep on my chair.

"Wake up! The class have started" i heard a very familiar voice.

As i tried to opened my eyes i could see a blur picture of some girl waking me up. It was Sakura.

I quickly got up and looked around.     

Professor Tomioka along with the rest of the students was starring at me. 

"Miss Sakura have been trying to wake you up for the last ten minutes"

I looked at Sakura and she was sitting just beside me. I quickly got up apologized, the Professor was kind enough to forgive me and the class started.

"The next 90 minutes are going to be awkaward" i whispered to myself.

"Thats it for the class today, don't be late to submit your assignments on the web portal" saying that Professor left the class. There was a lot of hustle the moment he left. I packed my stuff and started making my way outside of the classroom.

"Well, Goodbye"

"Haruki San" the same familiar voice from last time. It was Sakura. Saying that she quickly ran away.

She is very interesting, either she is mentally ill or she got something going i said to myself as i went outside the classroom.

4 : 00 AM

I was going back to my appartment on my bicycle. Something was really messing with me. It was not Sakura neither the stress of assignments. It was the artifact on my back. The Aerated Sword. As the artifact was connected to my soul, it was constantly sending weird and un-explainable feeling inside my body. I ignored it and continued my way towards home.

I was just a 3 kilometers away from my house. The road was quite as i could not see anyone on the road as far as my eye could see.

The air was thin and i was super uneasy. 


A metal surface striked my bicycle. It hit it so hard that i went flying down the road and hit the parapet alongside the road. 

My bones rattled and my entire body was in great pain. I tried to get a hold of myself and got up on one of my legs. I saw my bicycle with its back completely separated from the front. I couldn't see anything that hit me as if it didn't exist.

I tried moving towards my bicycle. 

Another attack striked me. This time i could hear the sound. It was the sound of the gush of air. It threw me flying 100 m back. I fell, this time my eyes towards the road. I used my hands to flip side. My vision was blur.  I could see a figure approaching near and near me.

Pink long hairs flowing down her entire body. 

"Goodbye"  THIS VOICE


Why this familiar voice again?

The figure approached me and  sat right on my chest, facing right at me"


"Such an angelic laugh, yet a devilish mind" i blurted out mindlessly.

"Dont worry, you won't be hearing it ever again" she whispered in my ears.

I could not forget this laugh neither the voice.

It was the angelic devil.

It was Sakura Yui.

誇らし / hokorashi_