Chapter 5:

Another Journey Begins

Haruki- はるき [Volume.1]

April 23rd my first day in University. I was quite nervous. I had my first lecture at 9 of Sculpting. i opted for the Arts field as i want to become a future manga artist or an anime figure sculptor  , so i woke up at 8 got ready and went out. 

I was rushing my way through corridor as only a minute was left. I entered the classroom while being completely out of breath. 

"Ah, you are the one that came all the way from Kyoto right?"

"Heh! yeah, I am"

"Ah i remember you" the teacher said while keeping his voice low for now.

"Class please, Welcome Haruki. He is one of the best student from Kyoto High School. He came all the way from the outskirts of Kyoto to study here." the professor spoke as I stood there with a shy face as i was embarrassed  knowing I am not that good.

"Hello everyone. My name is Haruki and I am from the outskirts of Kyoto. I came here to fulfill my dream of mastering in Arts and I hope we all have a quality time together. Arigatou gozaimasu! ( Thank you ) 

"Well go sit with Miss Sakura in the 4th row" 

There was no other free chair for me to sit except with the girl in the 4th row. As I walked pass to reach my seat. I saw Akira in the second row who gave me a smirk than looked forward. 

I went towards my seat.

"こんにちは(Greeting in Japanese) Its nice to meet you." 



"You do not have to give fake smile to show gratitude. Its fine. You can just greet anyone with a normal face"

"It was not a fake smile you jerk!!!!!!"

"Another Lie" i politely whispered in her ears. 

"Keep satisfying yourself with it but inside you also know the reality."

As I sat down. The class was pretty boring, maybe because i was taking a class after a long break.

Finally it ended at around 11 A.M. I was relieved to find that finally I can go to the cafeteria to eat until the beginning of next lecture of 3D - Arts. All the students had already left the class room. I packed my things and started to make my way towards the door.

"Hey Stop!" a voice of someone came from behind which felt more like a whisper in my ears."

I looked back it was that girl who sat right next to me, Sakura.

"Hmm? You are the girl that was sitting besides me, want something ?"

"I want to talk to you?" Sakura said in her soft voice.

"Go on, I am all ears"

"Not here" she whispered silently as if afraid someone would listen to our talk.

"Meet me in the cafeteria in 5 minutes" 

"Hey wait! waaaii!"

But by the time i tried to stop her she had already ran away. 

I was going to the cafeteria myself to get something to eat. I had no problem in talking to her, but the real problem for me were the people that will be there seeing us. I didn't want people to have any weird thoughts about me and her.

"Well, its fine, who cares anyways. It's just going to be a 2 minute talk." i said to myself as i was forced to go there.

From afar I could already see Sakura in the sitting on one of the table and sipping her coffee which she had already ordered. 

"hey hey! wait"

A voice came some where from behind as i was walking towards the cafeteria. I stopped myself and looked backwards. It was a small pale looking guy wearing some weird hat and some 90's fashioned clothes.

"May i help you" i asked in a polite voice.

"If you want no trouble, than stay away from that girl"

"Which girl?" i enquired of him.

"Sakura Yui"

"oh, I see, ill be careful" i said her and quickly started to move towards Sakura and completely ignoring the stranger.

The small guy rushed towards me held my hand and i quickly gave him a sudden jerk to let his hand off me.

"Do whatever you want but never touch me again" i said in the most serious tone.

"I won't let you see her"

"I see, you must be her boyfriend, if that's the case than don't worry, iam not your enemy. She just wanted to talk about somethin..." 

"Idiot! why would i be her boyfriend?"

"Huh?" I was a little shocked too. No, more like i was curious why this guy is stopping me even though he is not related to her.

"No, one wants to be with her, don't you realize that she is so beautiful and yet no one was sitting with her."

Now that i think about it no one was actually sitting with her although the entire 4th row was full. The only seat empty was the one with Sakura.

"Could this be a coincidence ? It must have been one" i whispered to myself.

"Look, that girl is a monster, anyone who is friends with her dies, in the next few months. You look like a nice guy that's why i thought i should  tell you to stop messing around if you really care about your dreams but seems like you don't than go on iam not stopping you." saying this the short guy rushed away from there.

Things have taken such a strange turn, i was curious what could possibly be the problem with the girl, on the other hand I was worried about myself too, i wanted to avenge Ken and his family at all costs I cant risk my life even though the idea of being friends with a person ending up killing you is so dumb and senseless. 

I have to go, I firmed myself up. I was super curious now. I want to know everything about her. I cant just leave her helpless. I'll help her in a way she wont even notice. From the first moment i saw her, she was faking everything, I had a doubt of something is fishy from the start although I was not sure.

"Its fine, nothing is going to happen to me" I solaced myself and went towards where Sakura was sitting while thinking in my mind,

"What could possibly be the secrets that the awfully innocent face lies behind it"

誇らし / hokorashi_