Chapter 51:

Letter From The Author

66 Hours

Dear Readers,

As if the book itself didn’t have enough chapters, I decided to also make this “letter”.

The reason is none other than to say Thank you! If you’re reading this it means you’ve reached the end of the story! A year ago, I probably would have never thought I could reach people with my stories. I’ve always had either a single reader, or at times none at all. This Honeyfeed community really is a blessing…

66 Hours was originally a book I wrote during the 2020 pandemic, but decided to rewrite, and change the plot significantly. Truth be told I made MANY changes midway, resulting in a whole new story. Truth be told, the number of chapters turned out twice what I had planned for initially, and it also took me twice as much time to write!

As you might have guessed through the teaser in the epilogue, 66 Hours coexists in the same universe as the next story I’ll be writing, the project of Tokyo Exorcist. Though I’ll take some time off writing for now, in order to refill some batteries, read some books and come back stronger…

Thus, it will probably be a while since we meet again my friends!

Special thanks go out to this perfect team of five:

IceDonut, Bikergirlhacker, Koyomi, Tomoyuki and last but not least, Kyoshiro, our guest star!

Without y’all this story wouldn't have been the same so I thank you for making it so worthwhile to write! 

Thank you everyone for reading, I wish you good luck on your future writing endeavors!

Till next time!