Chapter 61:

Simple Talk with Mera

Royal Princess of Blood

The physician had left the room and it was now only me and my family. I slowly got out of the bed. Estevan held out his hand as though preparing to catch me in case I collapsed or something.

I gave him a sweet smile.

“I can stand just fine, brother.”

“Hm. Great!”

I sort of wanted to resume my training. Time is essential after all. That said, I imagine my family would have me rest for a while.

“Estelia, you should rest for the time being. Do not exert yourself,” my mother said.

“Indeed, you can resume your mana control and magic training tomorrow. But, I suppose we need to be extra careful now that this happened.”

Ah, I think I can guess what he was already planning on doing. What should one do so the same thing wouldn’t happen to me again? And what should be done so I wouldn’t overdo it?

Simple, have someone watch over me.

I doubt that my family themselves will be the ones to oversee me. But I think I have an idea who he was about to choose.

“Yes, father…”

I said meekly to him while I combed my hair with my fingers. It was a bit tangled. No way I would let my so beautiful hair be like this.

“Let’s have lunch together later,” my mother said as she grasped my other hand. It seems it was currently around before noon. “But, I suppose you need to tidy up beforehand, I’ll call Mera.”

“Thank you.”

“She has been terribly worried ever since, so this should alleviate her worry.”

My mother said with a smile before making her way out of the room.

“See you at the dining room, dear sister.”

“My beautiful daughter, I’ll have the kitchen make the most delicious dishes for you.”

I smiled happily at them as I saw them off.

With the sound of the door closing, I was now alone in the room. However, for some reason, my gaze remained at the door, unconsciously. I cannot explain why.

The moment I realized it, I instantly pulled my eyes away and returned to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Haaaah, how bothersome.”

You know, when you feel frustrated, you just want to express it verbally. Venting out your emotions helps a lot. If you must scream or shout, go ahead, it’s good for your mental health, relieves you of negative emotions or some shit like that.

But of course, at the moment, I have no need to shout, heh. Letting the frustrations out through my breath was enough.

Now that I am at rest like this though, I’m not feeling like working. Unlike in my past life, I now have the freedom to choose if I were to do something that I want to do.

… But it felt like there was another reason why I feel like not doing anything.

The moment I was about to sigh, knocks gently rang out from the door.

It must be Mera.

“Come in.”

The door opened and entered the maid. Mera’s eyes went wide the moment she laid eyes on me. I smiled at her, causing relief to come to her eyes.

After closing the door, she walked towards me with a closed hand by her chest.

“Milady… I’m glad you’re alright.”

“Mera… the other day, I must have hurt you. I’m sorry.”

She was surely hit by my mana, no doubt about it. She was nearby after all. I decided to apologize, as befitting the action of Estelia.

Mera shook her head.

“You have no need to apologize, milady. Nothing happened to me.”

“... I see… We didn’t get to see each other for a couple of days, huh.”

“Yes, your family wouldn’t allow me to take care of you… It seems they don’t have much trust in me.”

“Is that so… I’m sure they are just being more careful. You know how they are.”

“... I suppose…”

There was a moment of silence between us, I was observing her of course. Her eyes darted around but mostly landing on me. Embarrassment? Wasn’t this how a lot of people tend to act when facing someone they like, admired, or something like that?

I’m already amused that I held myself back from grinning.

“Mera, is the bath ready?”

She straightened her posture before speaking.

“Yes, milady.”

“Splendid. I will have a short bath.”


After that, we went to the bath. I only took a short time since I will be having lunch with my family shortly. Of course I made sure to thoroughly clean my beautiful, perfect and flawless body.

Good thing that terrible event didn’t damage my body. My snow white skin was still smooth as ever. But of course, it was only expected that my body wouldn’t be damaged. I’m not sure about my insides though, the pain I felt that time felt like it was coming from the inside my body.

If there were indeed damages within, that would be worrisome. However, I am feeling fine, so they must have immediately used healing magic on me immediately.

After that, I then went to the bathroom wardrobe and changed my clothes with Mera helping me.

I then sat on the chair as Mera fixed my hair. Returning my bearing O so fair.

I felt a positive vibe from Mera which was interesting. She must indeed be glad.

I hope it’s genuine.

“Mera, what happened to me after I fainted?”

She stopped for a moment.

“You were in a terrible state…” she said as she straightened my hair.

“How exactly?”

“The out of control mana completely vanished the moment you lost consciousness by your room. But, the damage to your body was already done.”

She paused, as though remembering it made her shudder.

“Milady bled from the nose, then blood came out of your eyes, like tears.”

Holy shit! Blood came out of my eyes?! So that’s why it was sticky!

“... That’s… I’m at a loss for words.”

“I… I didn’t know what to do at first. If the mana was able to cause that much damage to milady, I can only imagine how much pain you must have felt.”

“... I never thought things would end up that way.”

“... Milady, your mana… I think it is much more than… your father…”

Really now?

“You think so?”

“... Yes, I never saw something like this happen to anyone. Of course I never heard it happening to his majesty the King, so I might be mistaken. Although, it may be highly likely that you have a greater amount of mana than his highness, Prince Estevan.”

“I see.”

That was good to hear. The more power I have, the better.

After tidying me up, I then went straight to the dining room.

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