Chapter 12:

Chapter 9 “The Cutest Child”

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Odrian found himself lost in a pair of amber gold eyes gazing at him, they glistened like honey. Her beauty was captivating, but the sweet lull of her humming, although alluring, revealed a tinge of sadness within. He snapped himself from his trance as his curiosity was piqued, but before she could continue, he asked her a simple question.Bookmark here

“What's your name?”Bookmark here

Her wings loosens their grasps and fall away to her sides. She gave him a quizzical look, she couldn't fathom why he would even care to learn her name. Odrian seemed different. This was the second thing he had done which no other man has.Bookmark here

“It's Verona.” she answered beguilingly.Bookmark here

“That's a cute name.” His eyes were averted, for he couldn't remain focused on her for too long. “You can go ahead now.”Bookmark here

Verona began to recall memories of her childhood; from when her troubling past began. Her Mother and Father were a siren and incubus of normal stature respectively; they weren't particularly strong, but had great magical training and a decent Forux. Her Mother Shelea, had prepared breakfast with toast, eggs and pham (A ham-like meat). Her Father Charles had just arrived back home.Bookmark here

“Are you ready to go shopping?” He asked as he stepped into the room.Bookmark here

Verona's eyes beamed as she jumped out of her chair and ran to her Father with her arms outstretched and her teeth, a pearly white peeking through the Cheshire like grin across her face. He hooked his hands under arms and picked her up, tossing her into the air lightly before giving her a big hug. Verona laughed and giggled in delight.Bookmark here

“I'm ready. I'm ready.” She giggled between breaths.Bookmark here

Shelea walked over to Charles and leaned in to plant a kiss. She traced her finger along his chin and smiled warmly.Bookmark here

“Off you go now. I'll handle things here.”Bookmark here

As Charles and Verona made their way into the city to shop for dinner ingredients, Verona had undergone a change, unbeknownst to her, her golden irises had changed to an amber gold and her hair gained a two toned shade, going from black to a silver white. The people around them began to behave strangely. Their eyes locked on Verona, mesmerized by her. Charles began to notice the oddity of the people around him and tracked their gaze to his daughter.Bookmark here

“Daddy, why is everyone staring at me?” She asked uncomfortably, gripping his hand tighter and stepping closer to him.Bookmark here

He glimpsed down at her face and immediately he was overcome with lustful thoughts. He let go of her hand as he recoiled from the thoughts that invaded his mind. He quickly snatched his jacket off threw it over her, covering her body.Bookmark here

“What is this?” He asked repulsed with himself. “Is this her Forux? Did it awaken just now?!” His hand began to shake involuntarily. “What should I do? This urge I have, I want her-” He quickly interrupts any further thoughts by slapping himself on the face. The pulsing pain, radiating across his face drove him back to his senses for the time being. He picked her up and runs back towards their home, but those that already saw her could no longer control themselves and began following them.Bookmark here

“It'll be ok Verona, I promise I'll protect.” He whispered assuredly. Verona was uncertain as to what was transpiring, but she trusted her Father and his words. He hurriedly opened the door and slammed it shut behind him. His wife was startled by the sudden noise and rushed toward the front door.Bookmark here

“Charles...?” A wave of panic washed over her as her eyes met his.Bookmark here

He lowered Verona down to the floor. “Honey, don't take my jacket off of you, do you understand?”Bookmark here

Verona nodded silently. She was too confused and afraid to speak.Bookmark here

“What is going on? You're worrying me.” Shelea embraced Verona and pulled her close to her chest.Bookmark here

“I'll explain later...” His ears perked as he heard multiple footsteps approaching the house.Bookmark here

Shelea was beginning to get scared. She has never seen Charles look so desperate before, and it scared her even more because she didn't know what the cause of it could be.Bookmark here

“You need to explain now! You're scaring me and your daughter!” She snapped.Bookmark here

Charles stepped towards their door and placed his hand onto the knob. “Her Forux... it awakened. Don't- don't look at her... I have to deal with them.”Bookmark here

“Them?” She asked anxiously.Bookmark here

Charles didn't respond. He glanced down at his hand as it began to tremor involuntarily once again. He clenched his hand into a fist, digging his finger nails into his palm, drawing blood, but the brief pain regained some control. He quickly opened the door and shut it behind him. The only thing Shelea could hear was the sound of multiple footsteps, grunts, yells, blunt blows and gasps. It seemed like hours before eventually, everything went quiet and only a single pair of staggered footsteps could be heard approaching the door. Shelea gripped Verona tightly as the door opened.Bookmark here

“They're all gone.” he said with labored breath.Bookmark here

Shelea's eyes widened with horror as she looked him over, while he stood in the door way. He was covered in blood and his left arm was missing. The sight of him caused her to tremble as her eyes began to well up with tears. Verona could feel something was wrong. She wanted to pull the jacket off of her and run to her Father, but she heeded his word.Bookmark here

“Daddy, what's happening? I'm scared.” Her voice quivered.Bookmark here

He approached them and placed his hand upon Verona's head. He gently pulled away the jacket to reveal her face. He could immediately feel his self control dwindling by the second.Bookmark here

“Daddy, loves you sweetheart, more than anything.”Bookmark here

“Daddy, you're hurt!” Verona interjected. “Daddy please tell me what's going on!”Bookmark here

He looked at his wife, his eyes filled with languish. “I wanted to spend eternity with you, I love you so much it hurts, but I can no longer control myself, even now I just want to-” He looked back at his daughter, her frightened eyes staring back at him. “I love you Shelea!” He turned away and walked toward the front door. Shelea reached out to him, trying to tell him to come back as he stepped outside, but she had a lump in her throat and before she could manage to say a word, he took his own life. His lifeless body fell limply to the ground. She could feel a sharp pain pierce her chest and her eyes now bereft of light has turned cold.Bookmark here

Verona shrieked at the sight of her father's death. Grief stricken, she broke down in tears and could think of nothing else, but to turn and run to her mother, but Shelea quickly faced her back towards her.Bookmark here

“Don't look at me Vee... it's not safe...” She muttered. “Please be strong.” Shelea tore a piece of cloth from her shirts waist and blindfolded herself before turning to Verona. “I- I will have to teach you what it means to exist as a succubus and siren.” She grabbed hold of Verona and carried her up the stairs to her room. She then summoned shackles which were virtually indestructible and latched it to Verona's left ankle and bound them to the house.Bookmark here

“You may never leave this house...”Bookmark here

She spent the next few years luring men and women alike to the home to teach Verona how to consume the souls of her victims. By the age of 14, Verona, was an expert and only needed one person's soul to survive a month. Her relationship with her Mother had become distant and cold. She never got used to the isolation, but she learned to tolerate it, but one day her Mother entered the room and removed her blindfold before giving Verona a hug.Bookmark here

“I'm sorry...” she whispered in her ear, leaving a sealed letter on her dresser and left the room without another word. Till this day the letter remains on her dresser unopened.Bookmark here

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