Chapter 0:

Chapter 0 Prologue The Beginning of World

Content of the Magic Box

In a world where magic exists, only a select few are able to harness its power. The beasts in this world are so strong that even elite royal knights and paladins cannot match their strength. These monsters possess unbelievable power, and their legends live on through the ages.

One man, however, had a dream that many said was impossible. Despite being seen as a madman by those around him, he dedicated himself to growing in power and mastering the art of magic. With time, he gained vast knowledge in magic arts, even creating a society dedicated to investigating magic. By the age of 64, he had become the most respected and renowned mage of his time.

He who they call, Melwyn Farvind.

Melvyn was a name known to all. As the years went by, people began to see the great accomplishments he had achieved. They put their faith in him, and finally, the time had come for Melvyn's dream to become a reality. His dream was to rid the world of the monsters and beasts that had been terrorizing and killing people, destroying towns, villages, and everything else in their path.

For many years, Melvyn searched for a way to eliminate these monsters in one fell swoop. With the help of his magic investigation society, he finally found a solution: the creation of a philosopher's stone. However, this solution required the sacrifice of an enormous number of lives as a catalyst.

Melvyn devised a plan to create a philosopher's stone that would not require the sacrifice of human lives. The plan consisted of three main parts. The first was a ceremony to extract life energy from all creatures within a 3-kilometer radius, and then contain that energy in a vessel suitable for the creation of a philosopher's stone. The second part was to obtain the highest-quality materials for the stone, which would be able to withstand the pressure created by the magic and life energy. The third part was to find a way to lure all the creatures to a single location within the 3-kilometer radius of the magic circle for energy extraction. To do this, Melvyn sought the help of the eight kingdoms and the Magic Investigation Society (MIS), which had 2540 members at the time.

MIS found a way for Melvyn to lure the creatures to one place by conducting experiments on monsters. They discovered that most creatures react to a specific magic pulse. All that was needed was a common blue crystal called "Blue Howlite," which could be easily found in caves. By infusing the correct amount of magic in it, the crystal starts to emit magic waves to attract monsters.

The most effective container for magic and life energy was a transparent crystal called "Phantom Quartz." As it was a rare find at the time, all eight kingdoms jointly funded an expedition to locate and bring back the largest Phantom Quartz crystal they could find. After a couple of months, only a third of the expedition returned with success. They had found a crystal the size of a carriage, at great cost of lives. By the time news of the crystal reached Melvyn, he had already identified the perfect location for the ritual and procured a large Blue Howlite crystal, sufficient to generate enough magical energy.

With all the necessary preparations in place, Melvyn led two thousand mages from the Magic Investigation Society to the chosen location, a mountain cave. The mages formed a circle around the mountain and placed the yellow quartz crystals on the ground. They used it to boost their magic power so they could make a magic shield. They protected the process of the ritual.

"My fellow mages," Melvyn began as they prepared to begin the ceremony. "We stand before monsters that threaten our very existence. But today, we take the fight to them. Today, we will rid our lands of these beasts once and for all. No longer will fear of monsters hold us back from living our lives in freedom. Today, we set in motion a better future for us all."

The signal was given to begin luring the monsters. Mages stationed at the top of the mountain infused Blue Howlite stones with magic, and within a few hours, the first wave of monsters began to appear. Melvyn ordered the activation of shields to prevent the monsters from entering and waited until they had all arrived. Since the estimated number of monsters was unknown, the plan was to begin the ritual when the valleys around the mountain were filled within a three-kilometer radius. After seven days, the monsters stopped coming. Upon seeing the valley and plains filled with monsters as far as the eye could see, Melvyn decided to begin the ritual of life extraction.

Melvyn commanded all the mages to gather at their designated positions for the ritual. After 30 minutes of preparation, a magic circle appeared in the sky and descended to the ground, encasing an area of three kilometers in radius. The weaker monsters fell first and within ten hours, nearly half of the monsters had been killed. It took three more days to eliminate all of the remaining monsters and convert their life energy.

As Melvyn believed all the monsters had been eradicated, he began to relax, exhausted from the ceremony that had harnessed so much life energy in the Phantom crystal. The mages let out victorious shouts, but their joy was short-lived. The Phantom crystal rapidly heated up and began to crack. At that moment, Melvyn realized his failure. The crystal was too small to contain such a vast amount of life energy.

As the crystal approached its critical melting point, it became clear that it would soon explode. Melvyn ordered a small group of mages to retreat and take all the research data with them so that the world would know what had happened. He and the other mages tried to delay the explosion for as long as possible, but they were only able to prolong it for two hours.

When the crystal finally exploded, it released an incredible amount of energy, magic, and life energy. This resulted in huge amounts of corrupted magic that would mutate all living organisms worldwide into beasts. With time running out, Melvyn made the decision to give the future a fighting chance against the monsters that would soon emerge. He channeled everyone's magic into himself and performed his last spell of creation. He fused his spell with a phantom crystal so that when it exploded, it would create "Magic Boxes" containing a powerful element of magic.

In his quest to rid the world of monsters, Melvyn sacrificed himself. He burned his body, his magic, and his life energy to create the ultimate weapon: the Magic Box. At the moment of his death, the Phantom Crystal exploded, unleashing a force so great that it leveled a one-kilometer-tall mountain to the ground, killing all the mages that were on it. The explosion was so massive that it was visible in all eight kingdoms.

A month after the incident, an alliance of the eight kingdoms sent out a rescue party to search for the dead mages who had been sent by Melvyn to share the news of what had happened. Upon delivering the data to the Magic Investigation Society (MIS), it was clear what had occurred. However, the magic boxes that had been scattered all over the continent remained a mystery. The MIS took on the task of investigating the current state of the world after the failed attempt to create the Philosopher's Stone. After two months of investigation, the MIS confirmed that Melvyn's plan had successfully eliminated eighty percent of the land monsters.

As Melvyn feared, the corruption of magic was not as dire as he had imagined. Some animals grew in size and developed body mutations, and the flora and fauna around the epicenter of the explosion became aggressive. But the greatest revelation was that all humans began to feel the presence of mana within them, a power that was previously only attainable by a select few. Within a few years, the Magic Investigation Society (MIS) discovered the true purpose of the magic box - it was a gift from Melvyn, a powerful weapon to battle the monsters. However, accessing the power within the box was no easy feat. It required meeting certain requirements in order to wield its strength.

As the teacher stood at the front of the classroom, talking about the history from the book, she couldn't help but notice Suzuka, who was dozing off at her desk, as it was typical for her. 

The teacher sighed, feeling a sense of frustration and disappointment. She knew that Suzuka had the potential to be a great student, but her constant lack of focus and attention in class was holding her back.  

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