Chapter 7:



Katie’s knees buckled as she stepped off the ride, grasping onto her sister’s arm as the two assertively made their way out of the exit. Frankie felt like she was going to die. Her neck burned like the bones inside of it had jumbled up. Needless to say, things were bad enough already, so she had hoped to god that he wouldn't follow them, but deep down she knew it was pointless as the shaking footsteps caught up to her in seconds.

“Y-you… didn’t scream…? Not even… a little…?”

Frankie turned to Drew and gave him another look she figured would hurt like hell- total disgust, like she was staring at human garbage. But by the time she looked at him, he was already crying.

“What’s the point… why? Why can’t… people like you just SEE…? Parks, they… they aren’t just the fuel that runs the economy, they’re- they’re so much more… they’re memories… sights and sounds you can play over and over again… it’s art, goddammit…”

Frankie grimaced. “You are a spineless jerk. And you’re damn annoying. I told you to leave me alone. You know how bad I had it even before you showed? I’m losing my mind here.”

“You don’t get it… you don’t get theme parks… you don’t get life… people like you… they- they don’t deserve to live.”

Suddenly Frankie looked down to notice that Katie was no longer snuggled up to her arm. And as she directed her gaze back upward, she saw Katie’s hand at the apex of its arc, ready to go shoot across Drew’s face.


“My sister’s life is precious! And very much worth existing!” Katie explained in a manner somehow both unnatural and completely fitting to follow up a physical assault. “You are a jerk! And even if they don’t make any sense, Frankie is entitled to hold whatever opinions she wants!”

Drew wasn’t crying anymore. He was just looking at his shoes as he felt sorry for himself.

But then he saw another pair of shoes come up in front of his.

“You can’t be acting like this, son.”

Red and white, large like a clown’s.

“It’s unbecoming of a Parker.”

As his eyes drifted upward he saw the girls were already looking at the man. They clearly recognized him, almost as much as he did. His sight climbed up his dotted pants and buttoned shirt all the way up to this frowning painted face and golden hair styled in the shape of a crown. This man scratched the back of his head, then, and only then, did he continue his statement.

“Lots of nice customers calling in today… just about made my day. But you- I am very disappointed in you.”

“K-Kiddie Parker?!” Katie exclaimed.

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