Chapter 5:

Chapter 5:

Saishuu-tekina Mirai

Keice was an adventurer, and a damn good one at that. He had finished countless high priority quests and had killed so many monsters that he almost seemed inhuman.

“Who are you?” He asked in a cold, calm demeanour.

“My name is Yasuho Mizah, and I am planning on contending for my Adventurer’s license.” Yasuho replied, equally as calm as Keice.

Keice brightened at her response “Well, welcome to the guild!” He said ecstatically “I am actually the examiner for the Adventurer’s license this year, so I guess we should get to it then?”

“Sure, but I doubt fighting in here would be good.” Said Yasuho

“Haha, of course we don’t fight in here, we have a field for that!” He exclaimed “I’ll lead you there.”

Yasuho followed behind Keice until they went through a set of double doors to a huge arena, which was filled with bleachers packed with guild members and townsfolk who wanted to see the new guild members. The bleachers roared with excitement as Keice walked out.

“Come on Yasuho, let’s give these people a show, eh?”