Chapter 2:

10 Years Ago (Part 2)


Freshers’ Party

“That’s what you’re wearing?” Emi asked glancing at my reflection in the mirror as she applied a layer of lip gloss.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked.

I looked down at my beige-coloured jumper paired with a pair of black jeggings, my hair was up in a messy bun held together by a hair stick, in the shape of a sword might I add, and a layer of lip balm on my lips.

“Oh honey,” She chuckled while shaking her head slightly.

She quickly got up, walked up to her wardrobe, quickly rummaged through, and threw what looked like a black dress at me. I have to admit it was a pretty dress, it was short and black with glitter, or shimmer, or whatever you call it.

“Right. We have 10 minutes to get there, go put the dress on and leave your hair and makeup to me.” She ordered, pointing towards the door.

I nodded and quickly went to the bathroom to change, once I came out, I realised just how short the dress was. It reached just above my thighs so I had to be careful if I bent over the last thing I needed was to accidentally flash someone. It also had just one sleeve so my left arm was covered, I looked at the mirror and was surprised to see I did have curves, well rather small ones but still, they were curves.

“Perfect,” Emi smiled as she motioned for me to sit in front of the mirror.

“Now close your eyes, and just trust me.” She smiled, sweetly.

I couldn’t help but trust her, I nodded reciprocating the smile and closed my eyes. A few minutes later she told me to open them and when I did, I could barely recognise myself.

Black smoky eyeshadow and, winged eyeliner to give my orange eyes a bold look, burgundy lipstick, blush, contour and God knows what else. My chestnut hair was straight from the top but going down it was slightly curled. She took everything I was insecure about and morphed it into something beautiful, for the first time I looked beautiful, and I felt beautiful.

“You look hot!” Emi complimented with a wolf-whistle

“Do you like it?”

I turned around clasping her hands.

“I love it! I look so different.” I told her.

I turned back to the mirror and couldn’t help but smile wide at my reflection.

“Good, because now we are officially late. Come on, Daisuke would be waiting for us, and there’s someone else I’d like you to meet.” She told me with a wink.

I nodded and wore the heels Emi so kindly lent me and we both walked together, mainly because I was tripping everywhere.

“You look like a drunk penguin,” Emi laughed.

“Sorry, first time wearing heels,” I told her.

“Yeah, I figured,” she shrugged.

“Don’t worry you’ll get used to them in no time, now come on!” Emi held my hand and we broke into a jog.

As we neared the bar people were seen outside drinking or smoking. All the things I avoided. Emi held the door as we stepped inside.

“Over here,” Emi waved someone over.

It was then I saw that it was Daisuke she was waving over, he was still wearing formals, but he left his blazer behind so he wearing a white shirt and black trousers. He still had his hair gelled back, but that stoic expression never left his face.

“Where is he?” Emi asked.

Daisuke nodded towards the bar where another guy was standing mixing drinks, I saw he tossed what looked like a mixing cup around behind him and caught it in his other hand. He kept doing these tricks until he poured the colourful liquid into a glass and slid it to someone.

It was only then did I see his face; he was gorgeous with his bright blue eyes and midnight black hair it was slightly messy as it fell in his face, he looked around about the same height as Daisuke, maybe a little taller, and he wore a black shirt that hugged his muscles perfectly along with black trousers. His face was sculpted perfectly with a sharp jawline and nose.

“Kaz-Kaz!” Emi yelled before running up to the guy once he was free.

I could hear them laugh and talk indistinctly. I heard a deep chuckle beside me and looked towards Daisuke who took a cigarette packet out of his pocket and popped one in his mouth before getting a lighter out. He didn’t look bothered by their interaction at all! I wonder why. But what I was surprised about was the fact that he laughed a little, I’ve never seen the man smile!

He looked at me and offered the packet to which I held my hand up and shook my head with a slight smile.

“I don’t smoke,” I told him, politely.

“Well, that’s your choice,” he shrugged.

“Umm Hashimoto-san…”

“Call me Daisuke,” he cut me off.

I was a little surprised but decided to regard his wishes.

“Okay, Daisuke. Who is that guy?” I asked.

He inhaled the cigarette before releasing a cloud of smoke from his nose as he exhaled slowly, a few minutes go by and Emi comes back.

“You’re about to find out,” he told me.

“Reiko, come I want to introduce you to someone!” she smiled while attempting to pull me by the arm, but she turned around quickly.

“And Daisuke don’t use all of them, save some for us too” she gestured towards the packet sticking out of his pocket.

She then proceeded to carry on pulling me towards the bar.

“This is who I was talking about,” she told the bartender.

The guy laughed while holding his hand out.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he winked making heat rise to my face.

“I’m Kazama Kazuki, but call me Kazuki.”

“Or Kaz-Kaz!” Emi jumped in between us.

“Alright, Emiru,” Kazuki smirked as Emi pouted.

She swatted his arm as he laughed, before his gaze set on me.

“H-hi I’m… err… um… I’m…” I fumbled.

I turned towards Emi to ask ‘What’s my name?’

“Tachibana Reiko,” she told him and reminded me of my own name.

“But call me, Reiko” I smiled.

“Okay, Reiko” he smiled back.

“You know, the three of us were in Primary School together and we’ve been inseparable since, but this guy almost broke the group when he decided to go to another University,” Emi pouted.

“But I came here didn’t I?” He smiled making Emi nod.

“Besides now I’ve got two reasons to stay,” he winked at me, making me blush.

“Coming!” Emi yelled, making me flinch and snap back to reality before she ran back to Daisuke leaving both of me and Kazuki alone.

I kept my gaze down to avoid looking up at him, just hearing his voice makes butterflies erupt in my stomach, just gazing into those ocean eyes of his made me feel things I never did before. He’s put such a strong spell over me that not even Merlin would be able to help me snap out of it.

“What would you like to drink?” he asks, finally making me look up at him.

“Oh, just water would be fine, I don’t drink,” I smiled.

But embarrassment quickly washed over me, I was the only young adult I knew who didn’t drink. I heard laughter and looked up at Kazuki

“Cheer up, Buttercup. Not everyone drinks, and it’s an admirable quality that you’re taking care of yourself. I would love to stop but unfortunately, alcohol is hard to resist sometimes. But like I said I admire that quality of yours.” He winks quickly easing my nerves.

He thought for a minute before telling me to sit on the stool in front of him, he rummaged through a couple of bottles before he found what he was looking for, and bada bing bada boom he whipped me up… or maybe I should say mixed me up a drink.

“Lemon drop Martini Mocktail” he announced before sliding the glass towards me.

I looked at it, really taking it all in before I brought it up to my lips, I took a sip allowing the liquid to run down my throat. I have to admit it was really nice, it had a sharp but sweet taste.

“Well?” he asked.

“It’s so good, thank you.” I smiled.

“No worries,” He grinned.

I watched as he slid the tablecloth down from his shoulder and start wiping the table with it, his sleeves were rolled up to his forearms showing his veins running up his hands and arms making me drool slightly.

“Um, I’m going to go look for Emi,” I told him.

“Alright,” he smiled.

I got up and got nudged forward and I accidentally spilt my drink all over someone.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” I apologised profusely and grabbed a tissue, trying to help the guy.

The next incident happened so quickly that it felt like a blur, the guy grabbed my wrist pulling me forward so our noses were almost touching.

“Next time, watch where you’re walking bitch!” he spat.

I pulled my hand back before kneeing him in the stomach, he stumbled back before raising his hand to punch me, I covered my face and closed my eyes as a reflex but felt nothing, I opened my eyes to see that Kazuki had grabbed his fist, his eyes flashed anger as he wouldn’t stop glaring at the guy, he gently pushed me back so he was in front of me, before putting two fingers in his mouth and whistling loudly. In an instant, Daisuke was also shielding me whereas Emi was standing next to me. Kazuki pushed the guy back so he fell on his back.

“Stay out of this, Kazuki. It’s between me and her,” the guy nodded towards me once he got up.

“Try and touch her, Sora, I dare you. And I swear you’ll be on the floor picking up your teeth” Daisuke warned, already rolling his sleeves exposing his forearms.

“We’ve already told you, mess with one of us, and you mess with all of us, and she’s one of us now,” Emi came forward.

He smirked before sending a wink my way.

“Hey Sora, one more thing,” Kazuki called out.

The guy, Sora, turned around only to be greeted by Kazuki punching him in the jaw.

“Consider that a warning before you decide to raise your hand on her, or ANY girl for that matter.” He told him before swiftly stuffing his hands in his pockets again.

“You won’t get away with this.” He warned while wiping the blood from his cut lip.

“Fuck off!” Emi yelled as he walked away.

“Thank you,” I told them all as they turned to face me.

“Don’t sweat it, Reiko. As I told him you’re one of us,” Emi wrapped her arm around my shoulder.

“Yeah, don’t worry, you’re with us now,” Daisuke added placing a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“But you guys should’ve seen the way Reiko kneed Sora in the stomach like that was powerful” Kazuki cheered making me chuckle.

“Thank you” I smiled.

Little did we know that was only the beginning of the tragedy that would occur much later.