Chapter 11:

11: Barrasks

I was Born the Unloved Twin

"Papa is it really necessary to take the girls out there?"Bookmark here

Today Grampa wants to take Lilyanne and I out to play! The furthest we've ever been allowed is the garden at most. Though I've definitely made it to the horse stables once or twice, don't tell Ms. Gerda of course.Bookmark here

While my time is quite busy in the library, roaming about or playing with Lilyanne I'm all for the change of pace. Bookmark here

Mother doesn't agree as much with Grampa's choice of outing locations. Too crass, dirty and violent. While she's not wrong I'm feeling a lot of resentment here. Personal experience maybe?Bookmark here

I don't see a problem, it's like a take your grandchild to work day. Except Grampa doesn't really need to work so he's set up his own private training grounds. It houses a rotation of trained forces, warriors, and military men and women. No gender discrimination in Grampa's forces! Bookmark here

"Why not a nice stroll? Perhaps the beach, oh they would love the sea." mother tries.Bookmark here

"Great idea Maria, we'll take them to the beach next time!"Bookmark here

"That's not what I meant papa"Bookmark here

"It will be fine Maria, my camps are much closer in distance than the ocean or town or anywhere else really. There's no safer place in my territory."Bookmark here

There really isn't, every soldier and staff that passes through the gates of those training grounds have to fight for their place. Fighters and admirers from various lands journey to train there. Bookmark here

I believe he even takes in talented children for educational programs and training. It's not strange to see classes of brats as young as elementary, though it is much rarer. There's no way to buy your way in, you have to prove yourself in some capacity. Though I, and practically everyone else in the world, have no idea what those standards are.Bookmark here

Be a monster? Bookmark here

Wait... is grampa's workplace essentially a popular musclebound school? Oh god it is, isn't it?! It's a school, there's no cute uniforms and everyone's ages all range differently but my point stands. It goes from late elementary to college! Maybe a guild is more practical to compare it to. Bookmark here

Do they have fight battles? Do they have tournaments? A bar?Bookmark here

Man, I have to go check this place out.Bookmark here

I don't think about my original self or world much, it hurts too much still.Bookmark here

But it's getting better with time here. I was no one special over there, just another regular office worker in the 21st century. But in that world, even the most common citizen enjoyed the wonders that are our entertainment. On the internet, you could stream nearly everything imaginable from live sports matches, cooking programs, and binge-worthy television shows. While I watched a bit of everything with my family I was really into anime too. Bookmark here

The allure of the fighting and training that must go on in Grampa's barracks gives me flashbacks of all my favorite shounen series! Even if the fight scene dragged on it was still really cool to watch!Bookmark here

There are no cartoons here for children to watch. In fact, there's not much of anything entertaining here outside of books. It may be fine for the people of this world but I'm a modern girl who loves(ed) my phone!Bookmark here

Thank goodness for the library in our home or I may have gone mad and wrecked absolute havoc for our poor maids. Wait, I still do that.Bookmark here

Well they deserve it so whatever. Bookmark here

To save the rest of our staff from further stress, from me, I must go see the training grounds!Bookmark here

"I wanna go I wanna go!" I cry out, grabbing everyone's attention instantly. At once year old my speech is getting much better. Bookmark here

"See even the girls agree."Bookmark here

"Papa....Rosalia is a child....that likes to sneak out and trick the maids for fun."Bookmark here

Is that tired disappointment I hear? Well it can't be helped, I was never going to be mother's favorite anyways. But luckily for me, her favorite does speak up to echo my words. Good Lilyanne! Bookmark here

"Mama! go! go!"Bookmark here

"Motter- we wanna go see."Bookmark here

By our pleading combined, please break and let us go. I think we're big enough to finally escape this place, even just for a bit. There's not much to do as a baby, even though I can already walk just fine. The lockdown has been understandably but especially harsh since the attempted kidnapping incident. Bookmark here

"Both of them want to go, Maria really it's fine. I'll have them back by dinner time."Bookmark here

"I don't know."Bookmark here

"Is there really anywhere safer for them?"Bookmark here

"Oh I know you're right papa, it's they've never been out before."Bookmark here

"I know Maria, I know."Bookmark here

It's official, we get to visit grampa's training barracks today! I've seen it before in my past life but only from the halls, towers or the waiting rooms. It's not proper for a young miss to be around such dangerous blah blah blah I'm the grandchild of the hero what kind of crap are people talking about. Bookmark here

When we younger, or well a bit older than now I suppose, the past Rosalia and Lilyanne would get carried around by grampa as he showed us off to everyone. But after that we never came by to visit unless it was absolutely necessary. What a waste!Bookmark here

Mother will not be accompanying us even though she worried. The training grounds are obviously not her cup of tea from the black face she makes at gramps offer. Oh yeah, she's the main reason we didn't go much.Bookmark here

For her own peace of mind, we're being taken in a carriage. Two maids and two manservants will be accompanying us to take care of our needs, solders aren't exactly babysitters after all. This is the first time I've ever personally seen a carriage let alone sit in one.Bookmark here

Whatever fairy tale dream I may have previously imagined about carriages is smashed like Cinderella's pumpkin. It's absolutely awful. Is this really a top of the line vehicle? Bookmark here

The wide wooden wheels or fine horses go at a moderate pace yet the ride is still horribly bumpy. It's worse than the hayride trucks I rode in as a child on school field trips to the farm. How could anyone act refined in these things?Bookmark here

I can't take it.Bookmark here

The carriage stops partway for the normally healthy twin Rosalia to relieve herself of her breakfast. I can sense Lilyanne watching me with concern from inside the carriage. Of all the things to come with me to this world, it has to be my motion sickness. Bookmark here

The Goddess or whatever here must hate me.Bookmark here

In order not to spoil the rest of the ride I demand to sit outside with the coachman and grampa. Outside is fine, fresh air is fine.Bookmark here

Despite my maids' protests if Grampa allows it then it's all ok. It's a much more pleasant time riding outside in the fresh air and the hour-long ride passes without any further incidents.Bookmark here

The grounds are just as large as I remembered it. A giant imposing gate greets us and I gasp at the structure and all it's security features. It's a very impenetrable looking structure full of tricks and turns. I know there's much more beyond this first gate. While everything is made primarily or wood or stone there are some suspiciously modern looking structures and devices. Rigs and pully systems, rails to transport materials, and smoothly paved or tiled flooring.Bookmark here

The guards are all stylishly dressed, their armor practical and wasted nothing with a smart ratio of sturdy beast leather and refined graded metal. Everyone is fearsome-looking but what's even more impressive are the archers standing up top, all of them equipped with sleek looking semi-automatic crossbows. Deeper into the grounds I see various troops running drills, tinkering with various weapons and generally going about their day. It looks more like hardcore martial arts or sports school rather than a military camp. I can see the cafeteria hall right over there! Bookmark here

It smells pretty nice, I wonder what's for lunch here?Bookmark here

Foreigners are indistinguishable here in the melting pot of various people. Some are instructors, some are weapons makers and much much more. There are even young children here going through lessons and PE!Bookmark here

This was grampa's true domain. Where his history of work, current inventions and practices continue to be appreciated practically. If there was anywhere one could see the land's most advanced weapons, most desired martial art techniques, the strongest of the strong then it was here. This was their mecca, where they journeyed, gathered and basked in their arts. And while he laughs it off, Grampa just may be regarded as their God.Bookmark here

How terrifying.Bookmark here

"Attention everyone! I have a special announcement to make!"Bookmark here

Cheered the supposedly fearsome man in charge of this place, waving at the crowd forming. God, he even has a working PA system set up in this place. Okay if gramps isn't also a transmitigator here I'll marry that stupid tard of a prince right now! Just end me!Bookmark here

"Today my precious little baby granddaughters are here to visit! They're sooooo cute, don't worry you'll all get a chance to meet them soon! So everyone be on your best behavior and don't throw around anything too dangerous. No smashing, crashing, death, death threats or fart jokes allowed today. Also anyone who doesn't make me look cool today runs laps in the forest of death before dinner, with nooooo equipment. I'll kill you or hand you over to Geoff if you seriously make my baby girls cry! Thank you~"Bookmark here

Truly the most terrifying man.Bookmark here

-----Bookmark here

Author: How does one afford their own forest of death?Bookmark here

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