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Hey guys, Olly Wesley here. Yes, that's a pseudonym. Why? You ask. 'Cause all the kwl kids r doing it :p

Some things about me. I live in Africa [yes, the entire continent is my literal backyard]. If you didn't realize it, I was joking you smol beans. But seriously, I do live in Africa.

I'm a medical student and I write in my free time [that's also a lie, I study medicine in my free time and write all day long]. Seriously though, don't be like me kids [I call you kid out of affection].

You're all probably older than me. . . And that's O-K. [i'm smiling so weirdly right now].

Forget about this, go read my books :')

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    Pink Walls

    Pink Walls

    Olive Marks had never been considered part of the "male species" by anyone he met. His soft green eyes, long blonde hair and genetics all worked in favor of his feminine attributes and none of his masculine ones; to make things worse, he had no interest in sports or anything related to the word "...

    Updated: Sep 26, 2020
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